Rouse and Young Uniting Moments Over History

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Rouse and Young Uniting Moments Over History:

Prehistoric Times:

Jonathan Young = Centrosaurus


Courtney Rouse = Young Styracosaurus


Mackenna = Small Triceratops


Robert = Triceratops


Ms. Rouse = Styracosaurus  


Eddy Young = Chasmosaurus


Winnie = Torosaurus


Piglet = Baby Torosaurus


Humphrey the Owl = Helieratops


Coach Sugnet = T-Rex


Scott Ginther = Albertosaurus


Jed Hop = Spinosaurus

Ancient Greece:

Jonathan Young = Joncules


Courtney Rouse = Courtnysseus


Mackenna = Megkenna


Robert = Jasbert


Ms. Rouse = Leethena


Eddy Young = Jues


Winnie = Winnie the Muse


Piglet = Baby Joncules


Humphrey the Owl = Humphreia


Coach Sugnet = Sugdusa


Scott Ginther = Scott Otiles


Jed Hop = Hade Hopes

Jesus Days:

Jonathan Young = Disciple Joseph


Courtney Rouse = Joanna


Mackenna = Susanna


Robert = Disciple Follower


Ms. Rouse = Redeemed ex-wife of DF


Eddy Young = Shepard John


Winnie = Blessed Virgin Winnie


Piglet = Baby Disciple of Jesus


Humphrey the Owl = Mary Magdalene


Coach Sugnet = Roman Soldier


Scott Ginther = Longinus the Blind


Jed Hop = Judas Follower

King Arthur Reign:

Jonathan Young = King Arthur


Courtney Rouse = Gwenhwyfar


Mackenna = Guinevere


Robert = Sir Ector


Ms. Rouse = Lady of the Lake


Eddy Young = Merlin


Winnie = Cute, Chubby Cow


Piglet = Baby Arthur, Jr.


Humphrey the Owl = Kay Mim


Coach Sugnet = Kilgharrah the Misunderstood Dragon


Scott Ginther = Sir Percival


Jed Hop = The Green Knight Lancelot

Medievil France:

Jonathan Young = Pierre Gringoire 


Courtney Rouse = Esmerrousa


Mackenna = Fleur De Rouse


Robert = Roblin King of Gypsies


Ms. Rouse = Madame De Deanes Rouse


Eddy Young = Hugo Gargoyle


Winnie = Cute, Chubby Gypsy


Piglet = Baby Bird


Humphrey The Owl = Humphreytora, Queen of Beggars


Coach Sugnet = Laverne Gargoyle


Scott Ginther = Quasimodo


Jed Hop = Judge Jed Frollo

Tranyslvania Late 1800s:

Jonathan Young = The Monster


Courtney Rouse = The Bride


Mackenna = Little Girl 


Robert = Robin Von Frankenstein


Ms. Rouse = Lee Leanes Frankenstein


Eddy Young = Professor Young


Winnie = Cute, Chubby Maid


Piglet = Blind Hermit


Humphrey the Owl = Maid


Coach Sugnet = Screaming Maid


Scott Ginther = Ygor


Jed Hop = Dr. Jed Pretorious


Jonathan Young = Jonny Potter

Magical "Illusion":

Courtney Rouse = Courtney Weasley


Mackenna = Luna Mackenna


Robert = Albus Roustabouts


Ms. Rouse = Lee Leanes Snape


Eddy Young = Eddy Hagrid


Winnie = Courtney’s Cat


Piglet = Piglet the Elf


Humphrey the Owl = Humphreia Pettigrew


Coach Sugnet = Molly Diannet Weasley


Scott Ginther = Draco Peter Ginther


Jed Hop = Jedemort



Possible Future:

Jonathan Young = Soldier with a Futuristic Sword


Courtney Rouse = Close Leader of Sword Wielder


Mackenna = Sister of Sword Wielder


Robert = Ex-Husband of Once Purely Good Evil Ruler


Ms. Rouse = Almost Pure Evil Ruler


Eddy Young = Old, Retired Mentor of Primary Hero


Winnie = Teddy Bear-like Warrior


Piglet = Baby Teddy Bear-like Warrior


Humphrey the Owl = Pilot in Good Guy Army


Coach Sugnet = Commander in Space


Scott Ginther = Near Equal in Skill with Sword Wielder


Jed Hop = Pure Evil Head Ruler of the Galaxy.

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