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How can one turns someone to be voiceless?

It was 2:00 am when I found myself staring at the ceiling. Walking through the memories that we’ve been together. All the laughter we shared, the places we traveled, and conversations we once had. It’s like a sudden rain without a warning. I want to revisit to the days I can hold your hands and hug you tight. I want to go back to the days I can freely express how dear you are to me. But those vivid memories slowly become so vague that I can hardly remember. I want to paint all those memories with yellow to stop the darkness from swallowing it whole. I built defenses. I want to save the US. But what can I do if you don’t want to? What can I do if you choose to be just a memory? I want to scream but you made me voiceless. The time you pointed the dagger on me became my turning point to contain everything into my head and bury it deep inside my soul.

I’m not gonna lie, I want my voice again. I want to express how I need the familiarity of you being near me even if it causes a lot of pain. But silence is my new clatter. Just like when the time that you left without saying goodbye as if I don’t matter. You were so quiet but left me a beautiful scar. A scar that reminds me to be voiceless again.

Submitted: June 25, 2020

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