The Jester Cries

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I pity them, and us

There once was jester in the court of a king
Said king was unable to laugh at literally anything,
not at himself especially; so the jester struggled,
he tried everything, he joked and he juggled,
but the king sat stone-faced with an angry glare
and an un-moving smirk that matched his hair
The jester had tried to entertain a dick such as he,
and, because the king didn't pay his debts, knew it was for free
So the more he tried, the madder the jester became,
and the impatient king did exactly the same
The jester got fed up with trying and grabbed his crotch,
which sent the king's anger into the stratosphere as he watched
The last we heard, that jester was stuck in prison,
with nothing but gruel to eat, and a bucket for wizzen!

Submitted: June 25, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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Derina Peng

Ohhh! That King is such a dick!

Thu, June 25th, 2020 5:44pm


Thanks, Derina, couldn't agree more!

Thu, June 25th, 2020 10:50am


Well said, Mike. Seems we're both writing about kings today - just different ones.

Thu, June 25th, 2020 6:52pm


Yep, thanks, Hull!

Thu, June 25th, 2020 11:59am

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