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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is the story after the vol1,it is about a man explaining how he got powers and how he became special and how he has explored another world called the infiniverse,




After the first case of my adventure, I had to go into solitary mode, the callers told me to do this, I don't even know the reason, many people would come from the infiniverse to visit me but they actually came through the dream portal "The callers" gave me and I felt like something was wrong, ever since I confronted the leader of alboze,I had to end his tyranny on the infiniverse,I haven't had peace ,I have been thinking if he died from the fall on the cliff ,I thought to myself that what if he came back and attacked me like the other movies I have watched but I knew I had to find out if he was really dead and if the callers had to tell me to go into a solitary state,They must have had a reason to make every thing looked like I had died,Chris and Steve were very sad,but they knew it wasn't supposed to end like this.


Now,I live in New York,I only make few contacts with my parents,I contacted them through video calls mostly,I just wanted them to know I am still alive after the incident,they really didn't want me to know about the infiniverse and can do anything to make sure I stay out of it's business,that's what they did in the start, I guess they will still continue.


If I were to go back into the infiniverse ,what would cause it,I wanted to know, My powers have not Been working well since I have lost much contact with the infiniverse and I wish to recharge them , But I found out, The callers leader blocked it so the enemies won't be able to track my power usage which is abnormal because I am the chosen one, We still don't have a clue about who is the spy in the callers city but we are near to discovering it,I couldn't contact Nitrotech or even visit fantasy town,I would have loved to attend their commemorative festivals,but I would have loved to return to Domino's kingdom , This thoughts were just moving in my mind,I had to shake it off.


But to be candid,let's move to the beginning of the beginning,In the beginning I had to go back into the infiniverse in a pretty interesting way.Remember I told you the callers chose their jobs as callers even though they are powerful and you know there are three classes of powerful people in the infiniverse, the callers was the third and the veritans were the first, I have only heard of them and I have not even seen them, the Christophers were the second which Chris happens to be, you can identify any of them by their surnames, so now that you can recall, let's move.












Easter was one of my favourite beginnings, let's forget about the events that always take place,(Easter egg ) ,I loved Easter because of my high sales and I loved to make Easter bunny sculptures, pretty cool right?


But every Easter I get to spend time with my family as usual ,But this year seems like not ordinary, so I have to stay away from them as soon as possible ,But it looks impossible to me, I don't even attend the family reunion but the Easter is the only way to connect with them, so on Easter I had to call my parents with video call as usual and the first thing on my screen was my dad crying that my mum has gone into a deep sleep, I was like maybe the April fool has just started, I felt trepid as first, I was like is it a joke, I was shocked when my dad said it wasn't a joke.


One thing about my dad is his ability to say the truth like purely the truth and this one is so real like the truth, I told him immediately that I was coming, He was telling me not to come, I was like I must go at all cost, I had to use some of my last ability to do the power jump which costs me only 1 seconds, To my greatest surprise, I arrived at the doorstep and I went In to see my dad who was sitting on the chair and then when he looked up, he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at my back, I was trying to get his attention , He kept looking and th_is look kept me shocked, I had to look back and I saw a man wearing a white suit standing behind me, I drawed up my shield and I wanted to defend my father.


He walked closer to me and introduced himself to me and he said his name is Elvis veritan , I was just staring at him , it was my first time meeting a veritan, I defeated Chris during the curse of the pope but will I be able to defeat a veritan, they are also powerful that was the question in my mind until he talked to me



Elvis:Hello, Peter, I have heard about you and your Adventures, I thought you died in the fight andwhy can't you even see me when you came in,I thought you had super eyes , you couldn't even see an invisible veritan, all this while


Peter:What do you want from me ?


Elvis:Nothing much but before I start let's have a little fight, then I will tell you why your mother is a sleeping beauty right now.


Peter:Even if you don't, you might die before you do


Elvis:(He laughed)ohhh! ,My young hero has gotten himself charged up, don't worry dear, I will take it easy on you


Peter:don't bother(I was angry)


He came so close to me and he threw a portion of his power which I counteracted with my shield, He was amazed




Elvis: Amazing, I thought that would end the fight easily, even with the little powers you have left, you can still counteract my shadow flame, that's amazing but let me show you what I have got


(He came. Again trying to fight me with his sword and I wasn't a fan of sword fighting but I was dodging his sword, the fight continued for long and I thought to myself that if I was to continue, I would be wasting my time, so I allowed him to hit me and I fell to my father's surprise.)


Elvis:I know you are tired already and you allowed me to win but next time I won't allow that.


Peter:I need the info that's all


Elvis: This is actually a long story, It is almost midnight , I will have to settle here, I will have to tell you tomorrow morning


Peter:Tell me now!


Elvis:just calm down,I will tell you tomorrow or your mum dies


Peter:Trust me,you don't want to!


Elvis:Trust me,I can 


My father came and he seperated us and then he told me to go inside and he escorted the veritan to his room,I was actually angry because I could do anything to get my mother back and I can do it immediately even if it requires my life

I had to go to sleep,while Elvis went outside to form a progon shield for defence,well I didn't learn how to do it and I guess my Easter won't go well this year,I might have to tune in for danger and not the normal type,perhaps the serious type.










I couldn't sleep,so I woke up pretty early and I wanted to go to Elvis room, On my way ,I saw him sitting on the stairs,he told me to sit with him,which I reluctantly complied with him,then He started the story.




Elvis:I am sorry about your mother,but all I can do is to call you,the callers are not calling this time,but I am,we have the same powers,I could have solved any problem,But there is something that makes you special,I am even jealous,I knew you would wake up early,Love is a true force,If you love your mother,what you are about to hear is the reason why you are special and you can solve the problem.


Peter:Go on ,but it better be good


Elvis:I am sure you can solve this,I start,In the infiniverse,as you know there are 3 most powerful families ,you know them right and it looks like you have met the remaining 2 but you have just met me ,I would assume you don't know much about us,because if you did,you would have been so scared at first.


Peter:I was scared but my mother's love pushes me to do anything drastic


Elvis:I meant you will be scared because our family is overhyped,I am telling you this,because you have the right to know and you are probably gonna know later,there is something that the other families have that ,A veritan does not have and that is courage,but don't be surprised if I tell you,you are a veritan


Peter:That can't be true,the callers told me,my powers didn't match any family ,my parents don't have powers ,so mine is a mystery


Elvis:(he laughed) and you believed them,how could you?,Actually your parents have powers before but somethings happened which is the reason you are still alive today.


Peter:I need a verified source


Elvis:I will tell you now, Your mother is a Veritan,Your father is a caller,they both met by accident while the three families had a commemorative dinner together, Unfortunately,the dinner stopped eversince you father and mother broke some rules


Peter:let me guess,they fell in love


Elvis:wow smart!,yeah that happened and it caused a lot of bad stuffs to happen,your mother happened to be A CLAVE ,Claves are people who support the king when he is weakened by an enemy ,that is one of the ability of a veritan,we can transfer our weakness,so instead of treating our king,when he passes it,We will treat the clave instead and the clave might even die,this Claves have a rotation period for the weakness transfer,your mother defied the Claves rule and ran away with your father,they sealed their powers ,to prevent them from being tracked and they hid your powers,if you didn't go to the abyss,the seal won't be broken and you would still be powerless 


Peter:That day,I had to find out what death felt like and Steve caused it,I trusted him,but I was happy, because the callers knew this would happen and they gave him a soul stone.


Elvis:Save all those stories for latter, let's move to the present,so your mom and dad became the runaways and that was how this whole movie started but let's just say that's part of the whole story.


Peter:So,you knew only part,how will that help the present situation


Elvis:The one I told you has broken the rules already ,but I am ready to pay the punishment,As long as you can see me as a trustworthy friend


Peter:It is still in my consideration,I don't know why this is happening right now,but I know we will find a solution to it.


Elvis: Let's leave that for now,let's move to the present situation and let's look at the possibility of us solving the situation.


Peter:What happened to the veritan king that caused this?


Elvis:When you opened the bridge of the other worlds,Our King was recharging his energy during the process in a room,By the time the guards were meant to alert him of the bridge,the king blasted through the door ,the energy surge caused him to be in a minor sickness,but what made it worse was when the Sarcodas attacked us and the attack was because of a spy lover in our kingdom who told her husband who was deceiving her about the king,the king fought in the war and was wounded ,thereby leading to his coma like sickness,As a last approach he passes the sickness to the Claves in which the next was your mother ,And whether your mother was there or not,it would still be transferrable ,so when it was transferred,we were surprised that no Claves fell sick,that's why we were looking for your mother,because she was supposed to be next in line but we thought that she was missing a long time ago and it might not be transferrable but our doubts was gone when we heard about you ,After we discovered you were still alive ,we knew your mother would soon be found,this has been going on weeks before Easter and I have been posing as your mother,She has been partially sick but as her sickness worsen,She collapsed yesterday and with the looks of it might not survive very long ,but since the situation has gotten worse,You are going to have to save her.


Peter:You mean those video calls were you?


Elvis :yes of course!


I knew how to shape shift and I don't know anyone who knew how to ,but I heard only the royal veritans have the ability to shapeshift,so I think I am in front of a prince.


Elvis:I can hear your thoughts and they happen to amaze me,your mind interprets words like 1000 words in 300+ ways,making it to look more complex and that makes me to feel more jealous,well let's move


Suddenly,the force shield disintegrated into glass shrapnel's which almost impaled my father and mother,but I saved them with the drex stone,which can make things fall through you,they almost fell through the ground though.

Elvis:I think the Sarcodas are attacking us right now


Peter:You think!,We are under massive attack for them to destroy the shield ,so easy.


Elvis:Thats just one of the strong shield and they have their weakness,which is if the stream of souls is poured on it,Anyway we are about to move before ,but now it is more faster


Peter:Let's leave now


Elvis:The power I have with me ,can only teleport 3 people.


Peter:I knew that would happen,just like movies,but dont you have any tool you can give me,that i can use to outrun these guys.


Elvis:I will give you an hyperspeed,I heard about a myth that if you ran around for 2 minutes,you will teleport to the infiniverse and maybe it can be true, after all , Our world is infinite. 


Peter:Dont worry about me,just get my parents to safety and leave the rest to me.


Elvis:Alright but just be careful(he did his arm in an A-plus then a portal opened ,then as they entered it closed rapidly.


Peter:Wow,that was really heartbreaking,Now let's run.


I started running ,It was slow at first but when the hyperspeed took over,it became so fast that i was in China in 2 seconds,then I was in Egypt in just 4 seconds,I was running pretty fast until,I saw a blast near me,then i saw two Sarcodas running after me,I dont think the Sarcodas liked me that much because of our first encounter in the Alphet Alley feast competition which I think i won or maybe i didn't

Then I Almost had a terrible encounter with a blast from the Sarcodas,then I continued to run around the earth for over 1 minutes ,then the hyperspeed was waning, then in just the twinkle of an eye, I entered the multiverse, Then I blacked out.





It was a gloomy day as there was a fire fight been shown beyond the city walls,A man watched the show and he silently went into a secluded room,guarded by guards,And he is the king,He entered the chamber quietly and the guards blocked the way after he had entered the room.

Then suddenly a young man covered in black wearing a face mask and leather shoes to stop any noise from leg sounds,He entered the chamber,while the king body was in the Astro form.Then he worked towards the king ,then he started with a laugh.


The Man:Well,well,well,Look at the king of the most powerful family in the infiniverse


King:Who are you?,Guards come in


The Man:Oh sorry,i dealed with your guards,they are helpless.


King:Somebody help, please help me.


The Man:Nobody is going to help you,They are watching the fight between Peter and the reapers of Alboze,So now I will start from you and since you are powerful let start with the weakening effect


The Man took out an Orb,Then he inserted a dark smoke into the king's body ,then as the king screamed in horror,he opened his face mask,lo and behold It was Elvis.



Meanwhile,I was lost in the wastelands of new worlds,this is the place where new worlds are formed and it is pretty clashy,Each world will be come seperate into portals,in the outer edge of worlds ,I saw the world of the Stellaris, they don't have enough gravity and they are simply weird but the city is built with a lot of precious stuffs.but it is composed of all other multiple cities that were compounded together,I entered the city and the people looked at me like I was a foreign body.


Then I went into the city and lived there for few months,which can be a minute or an hour in the human world and infact,it depends , some other adventures took place in the cities ,A month in the infiniverse can be an hour and it defers,some are even in minutes ,some are even in days when coverted to time in the human world,depending on their closeness to the crashlands.

After I gained the trust of the king ,I was able to contact my guardian who is Steve,then we went to the city of the callers and we were able to see what really happened to their king and I was so amazed when I saw Elvis

One thing since the beginning of this story is that Elvis was meant to be a trusted veritan and why would he want to do something like that and why did he need me after all he had done.

I didn't want to call Chris,I knew I would be fine with Steve,he shares my power if I gave him the permission but he doesn't have his own ,except when he is with me ,but he has great fighting skills.

The callers told me that this is not my calling and they can't find out what will happen, That the time line is changing and they can't find out what will happen next,I think they told me this so I could stop being Over confident.

Right now,I feel betrayed and I feel like I got this adventure wrong ,the Angriest part is how I have been a fool to believe his stories and he seems like a good storyteller.

So as I was thinking he sent a text to me that he is in the temple of reality to use it to bring my mum back, and my dad was with him,then he asked me to come

In which I agreed ,then the letter flew back,I went into my armor room and packed all magical artifacts,the callers unsealed my power and I felt on top ,so I kind of stopped packing stuffs which would be obvious to Elvis.


The first question on my mind is why did Elvis do something like.that,And how can I save my self from him,he might be holding my parents hostage and what if he read my mind already.


And another thought in my mind is that what if I lose this upcoming battle ,what would he want to do,I had to pack some stuffs ,since I know I might be helping him for a few days to save my parent then,I went to meet him ,by using the tectraton,it is a teleporting stone that Elvis sent to me ,it works like this,it is actually a twin,the first stone is with me but the second stone is in where I want to go too,but if it doesn't have a twin,it can be dangerous,it can even drop you to the edge of the hill,where they extracted it,it is very rare to see it's twin and when it drops you there ,you can fall to your death ,so it is only recommended for people like me,that might be able to survive the fall through magic, So I finally entered the portal.



I arrived right where he was ,I saw him with his minions which are the zer Armies,They are Armies which can be hired for any purpose,they can come back from the dead if killed and they have excellent fighting skills,I saw Elvis near my parents and he was already holding my parents hostage


Peter:Leave them alone


Elvis:And if I don't


Peter:I will kill you and everything around you


Elvis:Is that a threat ?


Peter:Don't try it(I frowned)


Elvis:Just say your last wishes for your parents (he drew out his sword and stabbed my father)


Peter:I drew my energy sword

(and I wanted to attack him,I even broke the invisible shield that he placed between us and I was coming for him then he shouted)


Elvis:wait!,your parents are not dead yet,those are glyphic Holograms,(he laughed)Sorry about that,they look so real and fun to play with,Bring the hostages out


His minions drew my father out of the bush and beside him laid my mother almost lifeless as her skin is turning to white,


Elvis:That's a warning,Let me give you some time to speak to each other before we go on the mission




Peter:what mission!!,you can't force me to go,And I will decide whether or not(I went to him up close) remember if my parents die,you die too.


Elvis:You don't get to decide, I do and you will follow(he laughed)And about the killing part is that a threat.?


Peter:Just let me speak with them for a while


Elvis Alright,family stuffs(sarcastically)


(He left then I rushed to my parents and My dad was actually fine but he was crying beside my mum,holding her Almost cold.hands,then he said he wanted to talk to me,He told me that He will tell me the remaining part of the story that happened between him and my mother,I was like he could tell me later.But he insisted.)


Dad:What I am about to tell you can't be heard anywhere but I have to tell you how all this happened


Peter:what do I have to do with your story and now.


Dad:let me start(he sat down near a tree)


Peter:(I sat too),okay Dad please start


Dad:I was a caller and your mother was a Clave veritan who was one of the beautiful Jewel of the veritans.


Peter:I know that


Dad:Let me complete it from where Elvis stopped, As a caller ,we can see the future, past and present in a glass shield that only the administrator can see,I was the servant to the present administrator and i knew how to operate it.




Dad:So after the veritans and callers agreed to our marriage,I and your mother snuck in the callers city and we went to the glass shield and we checked your future


Peter:What!!, what happened in the future?


Dad:A lot of good and bad stuffs happenedThat's why we tried to protect you from the infiniverse


Peter:Dad you knew all this,through out this time


Dad:Yes I and your mother knew,We saw you being stabbed by a man who is a Veritan and he threw you off the cliff.We didn't know whether you died or not,that was because the guards were coming to check the glass shield,we escaped successfully


Peter:Then how does that deal with now


Dad:After we left,we went to each of our regions to pack everything ,then we use the Xavier stone to seal our powers ,and we use the xeraton to initiate a teleportation sequence to make it look like we went missing and then we left and we used the remaining stone to achieve a perfect human life


Peter:Perfect,you call it


Dad:We never knew it wouldn't be very perfect and that we can't stop your fate


Peter:I use to wonder why you don't read newspaper like other father's do and why you and Mom still look younger than some parents do,why mom's food get burnt all the time as if she doesn't know the basics of cooking and why you loved me so much and always make my life matter and for that reason I say thank you But (I faced my father) I know this is not my end.The callers said this adventure is not part of my calling but I know I will survive this fight.


Elvis:Is everything fine there?(he was coming near us)


Peter:yes(I went to meet him)


Elvis:All right.,let's move


I went to him up close,then I told him to let us end this ,that if i get him what he wants,he will let my parents go and he said yes.


Then we set out on the journey,Elvis said I shouldn't pack any weapons,he even wanted to seal my powers,then I told him we might meet deadly creatures on the way in which he agreed.

Well,he won't be able to seal it without my permission,and that's we started our journey.


Elvis:Do you know why we are on this journey




Elvis:Why did you follow me?


Peter:I followed you so I can save my parents


Elvis:(he laughed),Did you just say parents,you are one of the most powerful man in the infiniverse,so I can control with you with your parents


Peter:(I frowned),Just get to the point!


Elvis:I am asking because you don't know the dangers that lies ahead,we are about to initiate a theft


Peter:What!!!,what are we stealing,if it is going to help me,then no problem,I just want to save my parents that's all


Elvis:So you can put your life at risk,for those who also want to protect you,What kind of stupidity is that !(he laughed then he coughed violently)


Peter:You seem to have a sickness


Elvis:let's not talk about that


Peter:Ohhh(I laughed),don't tell me you will die soon


Elvis:I said stop the discussion now. 


We continued to walk till it was night,we covered a lot of distance,then when I noticed he was coughing,I asked him to setup the night shield so we can sleep in the area for the night,which he did and he settled down and was shapening his sword ,then he suddenly start to cry,I went to meet him


Peter:It Is your turn to open up


Elvis:Don't worry,I am not pathetic(he coughed blood)


Peter:Don't tell me cancer exists here too


Elvis:We suffer diseases like the human world but we have magic that can cure them


Peter:wow,that's cool


Elvis:You know what is not cool,Is when you have a different case that is incurable and you have been searching for it


Peter:I believe the cure will always exist somewhere


Elvis:Yes,it does and we will have to make a steal to get it,Now let me tell you the mission,In the deep forests lies a forgotten temple which lies in ruins,In the temple is a flower called the grepalous flower which has the ability to raise people back from the dead ,no matter the year they died or where they died as long as you can get an objects of the dead you want to raise.


Peter:But what do we need that for?


Elvis:Don't worry you will know when you get it,The flower is guarded by a lion looking monster which has been protecting it for thousands of years and only few people have managed to escape the creature but even if they escape it is always with severe wounds that can lead to death.


Peter:Wow that's horrific,but why does it have to be me.


Elvis:You have incredible abilities and with what you can do,more will soon come.


Elvis:Do you know what is horrific about my situation,it is When your father can't give you


Peter:What!!!,You mean your father has the flower


Elvis: Yes,We have it but it is always been kept by the king,


Peter:Why can't we just go back to the kingdom to get it. 


Elvis:Ever since the King incident happened,The room has been guarded by the Desert Guards,who you don't want to mess with,Looking at my plan, It might be successful on both side but the other side is not that successful,The first part is I become king and I will automatically know the location and the second plan is I threaten you and I get it, and I become king,so that's it but let's follow this plan because I might not become king due to my illness or I might not live long to become king as this sickness worsen.


Peter:You are really smart,but why won't the king give you.


Elvis:It is because I am the bastard he never wished to give birth to and he has always been torturing me and he loved the other princes than me,that's why I gave him a test of my pain.


Peter:I know how it feels but what will you do with the flower once you get it


Elvis:I am giving it out in exchange for the cure to this disease


Peter:To who?


Elvis:Don't worry,you will know soon


Peter:Alright,but my parents must get to safety.


I patted him on the back and went to sleep,I watched him sleep too and we woke up the next morning and continued the journey ,then we finally arrived at the front of the temple,then he told me to go in, before I went in the Temple's surroundings, A call came in for Elvis. 


Meanwhile, In the area where my parents are,Steve was there already due to the teraceton stone which can be used as a tracker too,then he shapeshifted into one of the guards and then he gave my parents the xeraton ,then my parents left safely. And the place was in chaos as the guards couldn't find my parents, The guards alerted Elvis through the Revit stone which can handle communication from anywhere.


Then he came to meet me and told me about the incident but I wish to help him and the king to recover so my mother can be well,though I felt free but I remembered my mother is a ticking deathwatch about to go off,At the exterior of the temple,I saw a lot of skeletons and they were holding flowers ,while some are not ,So I went in and inside the temple,I met an old man who was trepid when he saw me,but when I touched him,I felt a weird sensation,he asked if anyone came with me,but unknown to him ,he was talking with my clone,that's another if my new abilities after the seal was broken in the abyss,then I used it to distract him,then I sneaked in ,Then suddenly the man touched my skin and felt my clone 's cold skin ,then he sniffed around ,then he devoured my clone right In Front of me,though I was hiding ,I was like what the hell is that man,he heard me like he was reading my mind and in a second he was in my front. In His full form which Elvis called a Guan:


Guan:Hello there,I don't know what you are doing here and how you are able to do that,but I know you will be dangerous,(then he turned invisible)


Peter:(The look on my face,said I am dead)oh no,this is bad


Guan:hello, lunch


I switched on my super eyes and I could see him,his claws almost rip me neck off and he wanted to give me a blow which I dodged immediately then,he kicked me away.


Guan:What are you??,You don't seem like those I eat everyday and how did you manage to see me


Peter:Stay tuned


Guan:That Means I will have to use the tunnels


Peter:what tunnels?(I looked around and saw some tunnels above and below,but I was sure I didn't see any tunnel before ,but I was prepared)


Guan:Let's go for a run (he rolled into the tunnel)


Peter:Alright ,you want to play,common!!(I was playing brave but deep inside I was seriously scared)


As I was waiting,suddenly, The lion came from the top and tried to hurt me,luckily I dodged it, The tunnels made it incredibly fast and strong,I had to dodge some few claws ,though I was wounded by one of his claws but the cut was poisonous and I was weakened,but I still had some strength left,then he finally came out then,I pretended as if I was dead ,then as he planned to decapitate my head with it's mouth,I took my sword and stab through its head ,then the creature turned back into the old man and the man was severely wounded,he had a hole through his forehead


Guan:What have you done?


Peter:All I needed was the flower,I needed to bring back someone


Guan:You don't even know the person


Peter:How did you know I didn't


Guan:You want to release,a terror, Don't worry you will know soon,it is meant to fulfill the prophecy.


Peter:What about you ?


Guan:Don't worry about me,I will be fine,just drop me in the pool nearby and leave before I regenerate


Peter:(I went to the flower ,took two of it,then I took some of the water after laying the Man inside the water)Thank you


Guan:You are welcome,Now go.


I wanted to leave the place,immediately,when I saw the man's wound healing as if no much damage was done.


Guan:I know you are wondering why I am stuck here,don't worry,you can visit me sometimes,I need someone to talk too and you will be a great friend


Peter(I smiled),Alright,(Then I left the temple)


I ran through the bushes ,then I saw somethings near Elvis and they are not my friends,trust me ,they will never be.


Peter:Elvis,Run!!!(I drew up my sword)


Elvis:Don't worry,Peter it is fine(he waved his hands to stop me)


Peter:(I drew down my sword)what are you doing with the reapers of Alboze


Elvis:They are my dealers,They have the cure to my illness,They also have a flower that can be used to treat any kind of illness


Peter:But they are dangerous.


Elvis:let's forget about that,(he shifted to the reapers),Hand over the cure.


Peter:So you want them to wake back their master

(One of the reapers stepped forward and he came near Elvis and wanted to shake me but I refused) 


Reaper commander:My name is alsher,And I wish to raise back my master ,so as to restore peace to the land of Alboze.


Peter:You think I will let you!


Elvis:At least my life would be saved and you can still defeat him again.(he brought out his hand to collect the flower)


Peter:I handed over one of the flowers to Elvis


Elvis:(he collected the cure from the reapers and he drank it),wow ,that feels so awful,But I now feel fine.(he gave Alsher the flower,then he placed the cure in a safe place in his briefcase and he is the only one who can open it)


Then Elvis started to test his ability which has been affected by his sickness, Then he walked towards me.


Elvis:Peter I am sorry


Peter:What !!!

(He took a sword and stabbed me right through and threw me over the cliff,then he was also stabbed by the reaper commander (Alsher)And was also thrown over the cliff)




(I fell into the water,I was losing a lot of blood, I was so angry then i swam to the shore near me ,then I brought out the liquid I took from the temple and drank it and kept the rest,then the wound healed,then I flew back up with great speed ,only to see the reapers trying to open a portal,then I started to attack the reapers,I destroyed their portals and rained fire on them and I attacked the commander,then the reapers came to protect him,As he struggled to open the portal fast,I destroyed all the reapers with a blast ,then as he opened the portal to step in,I threw my sword at him,which impaled him at a greater speed,then the flower fell from the hands into the portal,I tried to run and pick the flower from the portal,but the portal closed immediately,then I was so angry,then I went back to the case and squeezed the water if the flower on the case and used the second flower to bring Elvis back to life since he knows where the cure to save my mother was ,When he woke up, I punched him in the face ,I was angry and I felt bad about what I did,(I faced him angrily) then I asked him for the remaining cure which he gave to me,then I opened a portal to the veritan kingdom and I gave it to the king,who drank the cure too and he became well,he asked for the person who poisoned him,but I said I didn't know ,I did this so as to protect Elvis from his father's wrath,Well The king will soon find out anyway,Then he asked Elvis what he wanted ,then Elvis told him,he wants to follow me,which the king gladly accepted without hesitation, I teleported myself and Elvis back to the human world in Frankfurt,Germany, where my parents were,Then I saw Steve with my parents,I was happy until I saw my dad crying beside my mother 's lifeless body ,then I cried and I was angry at Elvis because he caused it.but I withdrew my anger,then I held my mother's hands and I cried


Peter: Mom,Now I know why,You have always make sure my life mattered and thank you for that,but you are not supposed to leave right now, Now that I know how much you mean to me,this can't end like this, (As I cried,my tears entered my Mom's lifeless mouth and her body turned from white to normal and she gasped for Air and held my hands,I was surprised,and I wonder how she did it,Elvis was also surprised,then a butterfly flew near me,then I saw the old man and he smiled,Then he told me ,he knew when I took the water and he would have gotten well,even if I didn't put him in the water and that's the main test,then he told me the water can also bring back people from the dead and it is the reason why the flower has the ability too and that explains why the flower ability is a myth,because those who got the flowers removed the water which was not clean,I remembered I wanted to do the same but no time to do so ,which was the flowers source of power and that's how you saved your mother,but don't forget what you have now done to the Infiniverse.)


Old man: But don't worry about that,If you need my help,I am ready and You are free to visit me in the temple and I also appreciate your help(then the butterfly left)


Peter:I have mistakenly released the leader of the reapers (I faced Elvis angrily)


Steve:How did that happen,?


Peter:It is a long story but don't worry ,this time everyone is going to help


The callers arrived from a portal and Jones came near me with an happy look and I was surprised.


Jones:Congrats on what you have just done,this is to fully end the reapers ,as you didn't do that in your former mission and hey there(he waved at my dad)


Dad:I am sorry Jones that I had to do that


Jones:Don't worry it is fine,You can come back anytime. Or you might have to come back soon,Something bad is about to shake the whole world.


Peter:what is that?,


Jones:There is an evil sect about to release a viral pathogen from a future Hero blood and it will cause a zombie outbreak in fact we have called all our agents back from the human world to prevent us from having any problem.


Peter :You have agents like spies in this world and they have been watching us


Jones :Yes,And they have been here for a long time,they were even the reason why some important events took place in the human world,but lets not worry about that,the leaders of Alboze won't bother you for about a year and that is 6 months in fantasy town,so just keep your head low and enjoy the events in fantasy town.


Peter:Alright,What about Elvis


Jones:Don't worry,he is a changed man and he is also important but we are unsure yet


Elvis:Please let me be part of your team


Peter:I have a guardian and An Elder to guide me but don't worry there is room for everyone.


Elvis:Thank you for accepting me.


Peter:Thank you Jones,we will be back in the infiniverse after the Easter Monday and we will be in fantasy town soon.


Jones:Alright ,bye(Then he left with his guards in the portal)


After some few hours,The house was lively again, As we celebrated the Good Friday, remember I told you an Adventure in the infiniverse can be in a hour,minutes or even seconds,which seems weird but let's forget about that and let's remember how I enjoyed the rest of the night, I went out to check the stars,then I went to the water that serves as a bridge to the Infiniverse and smiled but I remembered on my way I crashed into a man who was running and he was in much of a hurry and he was screaming a girl's name in the midst of the crowd,he was also running towards a golf resort in the night,though that seems weird,what a trepid man,I laughed and continued my walk,then I reached the waters and looked up at the sky and I remembered how I felt when I was in the waters of Alboze prison ,then I remembered I have a new battle to fight,then I went back home.








Meanwhile,At the other end of the infiniverse,in Alboze,A reaper came forward with the flower to the vice commander of the reapers,then he uttered some stuffs and squeezed the fluid of the flower in a cup and poured it on the power ring of their leader and A loud noise was heard ,Then the screen blacked out.





































Submitted: June 26, 2020

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This was good although there were parts of it that I didn't know what was happening it was at times very confusing and it seemed to jump from one thing to another and I wasn't sure what was going on, it was like you had one idea and then you thought of another idea and you just jumped to that idea I don't know if that is what happened however that is how it seemed to me.

Fri, June 26th, 2020 10:54am


It has been corrected

Fri, June 26th, 2020 2:51pm

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