Come Out And Play ( A Childhood Rap)

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(Charlie at 1st house) Knock! Knock!

"Hey Mrs. Jones,

How's your day?

Can Peter come out

and with me play?

I got a new kite

that's really cool

and I promised to show him

right after school."


(Mrs. Jones)

"Well I'm sorry there Charlie,

but he's doing his chores,

scrubbing the dishes

and sweeping the floors.

Come back later,

before it gets dark,

and maybe you two

can hit the park."


(Charlie at 2nd house)

Knock! Knock!

"Well hello Mr. Reed,

I'm sorry to bother,

My name is Charlie 

and you know my father.

I was wondering if 

it would be okay

if your daughter Julie 

could come out and play."


(Mr. Reed)

"Well afraid not young boy

she's got to study.

She can't waste time

to be your buddy.

Tomorrow's a test

in U.S. history,

so please go away

and let her be!"


(Charlie at home calling on phone)

Ring! Ring!

"Afternoon Mrs. Rogers,

thought I'd give you a call,

to see if Curtis

could play some ball.

He's a real good thrower

and I've got a new mitt;

even have an extra

I think he might fit."


(Mrs. Rogers)

"Unfortunately sonny

he's playing the brass

at his band recital

right after class.

He might be free

at a quarter to seven

or on a Saturday

between ten and eleven."


(Charlie at home looking for dog)

"Sparky! Sparky!

Where'd you go boy?

You wanna play fetch 

with your favorite toy?

You wanna go for a run

around the street?

If you come out now

I'll give you a treat."


(Charlie's mother)

"I'm sorry Charlie,

but Sparky's not here.

He's got an infection

and they're treating his ears.

One day you'll learn,

when you are grown,

sometimes in life

you must play alone."

(Charlie throws down mitt and dog toy and slowly goes inside) 


Submitted: June 27, 2020

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One of life's harsh lessons.

Sun, June 28th, 2020 5:48pm

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