Betrayal's Price

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of the price of betrayal. every choice has a consequence. She chose to betray the wrong man. now he is on the hunt for her again. what will the outcome be when he finds her.

Submitted: July 01, 2020

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Submitted: July 01, 2020



"Dear the children look tired lets take a short break ok." jo said as she sat down her hiking bag. 

" I guess thats a good idea im getting tired myself " said Cae as he sat up againsta shade tree to rest " i never thought these mountains had such beautiful places in them. " he said as he leaned against the tall shade tree.

" The scenery may be beautiful but dont forget who this land belongs to, he already warned you he would kill you if he ever saw you again." jo reminded cae.

"yea but hes been dead for awhile now. " he said shrugging his shoulders

" i betrayed him when all he did was love me, sure it may have been a little much at times but i couldve handled it differently, i betrayed his trust and the love he gave me." jo said dropping her head. " im sorry Phil " she whispered under her breath.

" well if his ghost shows up ill take care of it i have the .22 mag on me so im not afraid of him." cae said touching the small pistol on his hip.

A gunshot rang out in the distance scaring the two of them back to their feet. " Maybe its just a hunter, it is deer season now so someone seems to of found some game to hunt." said cae shaking.

" Sure your probably right......Cae where are the children !?" jo said panicking.

they yelled and yelled but hte children never came back. jo began to cry " we have to find them cae." she said looking back at her husband.

"we will i promise." he said  placing his hand on her shoulder. 

"we never shouldve came here, not today of all days." she said terrified. 

"why what makes today so special ?" cae asked 

"it marks what would have been mine and phils ten year anniversy if i didnt cheat on him with you, if i didnt betray him and drive him to suicide. " jo said clasping her face in her hands.

" hey,. hey now its not your fault what happened dont blame yourself. besides hes dead so this has nothing to do with him ok babe." cae said trying to conmfort her

" yea your right im just being paranoid, sorry, we have to find the children before it gets dark. " she said standing up.

"You mean these children ?" an evil voice spoke from behind them, such malice in his voice , turning to look upon the figure who spoke they both trembeld in fear, he stood six foot tall in all black , a hood covered his face so they couldnt tell who it was, he carried a small sack which was dripping blood, maybe some of of game , he had a rifle slung over his back, it looked like an old mosin nagant from world war two. he tossed the bag on the ground at their feet. it was barely visible but it was no doubt the heads of her children in the bag. " NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MY BABIES !!!! " jo screamed in a histaricle panic but cae pulled her to run, they ran only looking back once , the man had not moved she could notice his eye, they were red, inhuman eyes. they had a hatred shed never seen before, why, why was this happening, she wondered. 

"jo we have to get back to the car and try to get out of thses mountains." cae said running for his life.

" our children are dead and the killer was right there , why didnt you use the gun your so proud of you bastard ?!!" she said full of sorrow and anger

"did you see that guy, whats a .22 going to do other than piss him off, he didnt even look human. " he said with fear in his voice.

"what else could he have been then?!  you know ghost dont exist and all that supernatural mumbo jumbo is just stupid. " she said with irritation in her voice. 

" idont know but look, theres the car." cae said in relief. they reached the car and started to drive out of the mountains, after passing through the exit jo looked back,to see the figure standing there on the road behind them barely past the exit of the woods. he was just looking , then he put his hand out , as if to invite her back to him. did she know who this figure was? she looked to cae . 

" cae look !! " she said  , 

"what ?1 what am i suppose to see ? " he asked looking in his mirrors. jo turned back and the figure was gone, where was he ?

Jo and Cae decided to go to Jo's parent's house after they filed the police report , her younger sister was there as well as her two cousins. 

"Hey Amby, Corey. sorry i just dont feel very good right now. " jo said to the both of them as she sat down on the couch in the living room. 

"oh darlin now dont you worry we understand completly  , this useless piece of shit here did nothing to protect or even avenge ya'll's children i hear." Amby said in her normal harsh voice. she was a short woman barely four foot tall, fat and ugly in every way, her attitude needed a fix big time and she was the kind of woman who thought her shit didnt stink. Cae had no idea why his brother married her.

"Dont let my wife bug ya now little bro itll be alright in the end. " Corey said hugging his little brother cae. corey was a tall man about five foot ten,give or take, very skinny and didnt really speak much. 

"So who the hell done this do ya'll have ideas ?" amby asked with in a way that made everyone in the room just want to punch her lights out. forgive me she always talks like that so everyone wants to knock her lights out all the time.

" no amby we never saw his face it wwas covered by a hood." jo said. " all i know is he couldnt have been human with those eyes, and that voice was definitely not human, it was so terrifying just remembering it gives me goosebumps." jo said cuddling up to her knees like when she was a scared child. her father stepped into the room in his night cloths. 

" its getting late, everyone should tunr in and we can figure out how to handle this tomorrow." he said "im going back to bed with momma ill see you all bright and early, goodnight. " he said as he went back into his room and shut the door.

the group sat in the living room watching television with the volume down low so they could continue to talk. " i think ill tell mom and da goodnight and head to bed to sis, im sorry about your kids but itll be alright. " her younger sister said with a bright smile as she walked towards her parents room.

"come on sweety lets go to bed to " Cae said putting his on on jo's hands . as they stood a loud scream came from the younger sister, the door to the parents bedrrom stood open , the sister with her hands over her mouth in terroy at what she saw. a man stood in the cornor, red eyes, tall, black cothes. it was him, the man from the woods but how did he know where i lived? how did he get here and what dose he want now?

Waking at the screams the father noticed the man in the cornor. " What the hell do your think your doing in my  house?" the father asked . the man grabbed him up like he weighted nothing at all and grabbed him by the shoulders. he looked him eye to eye.

"Payment " the fiqure said one word only but what could he mean by payment. payment for what? he began to pull and the fathers bones began to crack and break,  Jo knew was impossible but even she couldnt deny what she saw right in front of her. the man was ripping her father apart with nothing but his bare hands like he was a piece of paper. she couldnt deny it any longer,this creature was not human. but what was it and what did it want ? she noticed its arms, its left arm had a tattoo on it, it was a tribal dragon, she knew that tattoo, it was Phils, but he killed himself so why would he be here. in her head she could only think and speculate but that was getting them nowhere, with one last pull Phil tore her father in half, then he looked at her, again he extended his hand to her.

' will my life put an end to the bloodshed ' she thought. as she was about to grab his hand cae pulled her out of the room and closed the door. 

"run." he said. but to where there was nowhere they could run that he wouldnt find them. 

"lets head to my house ya'll we can lay low there." amby said. they all ran as fast as they could to ambys house down the road about a two hundred yards or so. Cae looked at Jo.

"what was you about to do up there? did you really intend to grab that things hand?" he asked. when they arrived at ambys trailer jo turned to them all.

" i know who that is now." she said with a sad look on her face. 

"then who is it girl spit it out already. " amby said in her annyoing voice.

" its was Phil, i saw his tattoo on his arm, it was him, without a doubt. " she sid grasping her hands over her heart.

"but aint he like dead ? corey asked. lowering her hands jo thought about what corey had just said. and remembered a cop at that station talking about a ghost thats haunted the mountains where they was since Phils death ,he also mentioned that phils case was a bit odd seeing as how the way he died didnt look self inflicted at the time.the cops around here are known to do misreport cases for money or other types of bribes. jo looked at everyone there and noticed cae was a bt more nervous after what corey just said. 

looking at cae jo began to get suspicious. " he was supposed to have commited suicide isnt that right cae ? thats what you told me in the woods." she asked with a pressing tone.

"y-y-yes of course thats whats the cops reported." he said nervously she looked him in the eyes with a look of doubt, Corey noticed what was going on with the two of them.

"Do you have something you want to say about this Cae ?" corey said in a serious manner. a scream sounded from behind them. Phil was already there, standing behind them, in an instant he moved to be in front of amby she screamed, he grabbed her head in his hand, his hand was massive , it fit her head perfectly, she looked at jo through the his fingers. 

"" she begged as she pissed herself. Phil looked over at jo " Payment." he said again as he squashed ambys head in his head. Phil turned to walk toward jo then corey rushed him down.

"ill kill you, you bastard. " corey yelled and yelled cursed until his voice broke. picking up a bat he hit phil in the head as hard as he could, a loud ding sounded as the metal bat made contact with his head, the hood came off, it was definitely phil, his hair was now white from its original dark brown almost black. his eye have changed from brown to a bright red like glow. he was beautiful, as jo looked on his face again after so many years her heart skipped a beat, their eyes met and a flood of emotion went through her, she knew she shouldnt but still she loved him. she wanted to beg for his forgiveness for the wrong she had done him, to be held in his arms again . sure he may have been a bit paranoid at times but she never gave him a reason not to be, he never betrayed her, never hurt her, he tried his best to make her happy and how did she repay him, she fucked another man , all because she let her parents influence her choice. corey continued to hit Phil as hard as he could with the bat but it had no effect, he looked smalled man in the eyes and swung his arm with enough for to throw his head from his body. coreys body fell to the ground twiching and lifeless.  PHill looked at jo.

"Payment" he said as he extended his hand again. jo walked forward slowly. she reached out and asked. "will my life be enough to satisfy you ? " she grabbed his hand and he pulled her into his arms, it wasnt violent or painful, it was warm and kind. 

with all his fury building Cae yelled " No! i wont let you have her after all the work i put into getting her from you the first time, then having those damn snot nosed kids, i put in to much work for it be worthless now. i killed you once you bastard ill kill you again. " Cae said as he rushed towards Phil and jo. Phil looked up from jos eyes and held out his hand grabbing cae. 

looking down at jo phil spoke again " i love you. im sorry that i hurt you before." with tears in her eyes jo couldnt help but be moved by the fact that he still loved her after all she had done to him. 

she reached up to cup his face in her hands. " ive wronged you so badly and theres nothing i can do to make up for that. but if you have me again then i will join you in the afterlife. but first can you please kill this little snake ? " she asked as she looked at Cae with a dark look in her eyes. Phil squeezed and Caes head was no more. "ok, im ready now." jo said as she looked up at phil. he held her close like he never wanted to let her go, he moved his hand around her neck gently so as not to cause her any discomfort, and with one last last smile from her lips , he broke her neck , it was quick enough that she felt no pain. carrying her body in his arms phil retunred to the mountains. 


The End


© Copyright 2020 Sanct Raven. All rights reserved.

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