Being a hopeless romantic

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This is an essay that I have written based on my viewpoints in regards to being a hopeless romantic.
The aim of this work is to help my readers appreciate themselves, if they have been in similar situations or have felt an overwhelming desire to understand their inner self.
Please enjoy and comment if you like.
Thank you!

I am a hopeless romantic. How did I become like this? I do not know. It is just the way I am. Period. Writing this story has been quite controversial for me because my mind tends to fight a lot with my heart. They are in continuous conflict. All my life I have tried to live following my mind because my feelings have always got me into trouble. That is why even though this is subjective narration, you may find it as a pro and against essay. With this story, I aim to list and explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a hopeless romantic.

If you happen to be a hopeless romantic as well, then you decide if the points I will list here apply to you. If you are not one, then I hope you find this list amusing and funny. To leave you with a sweet ending, first I will list the disadvantages. Therefore, these are the disadvantages of being a hopeless romantic:

  1. The tendency to idealize people - you do not want to do that, but it just happens. Every action, every detail you discover about a person you are interested in, makes you create an aura of perfection that lifts this person higher and higher. With this aura, your vision becomes compromised. You do not see the truth anymore; you just see your dream “come true”.
  2. Idealization leads to disappointment - when things do not turn the way you had pictured or when your special person falls from grace, you just start realizing that there is a considerate probability that you were wrong. You start doubting your core and your sense of judgement. Then, darkness comes in. Every thought of yours revolves around the possibility that this person does not love you like he/she should. And as a chain reaction, darkness is followed by anger, sadness, and heartache.
  3. Going down the stream of negative emotions - you are in continuous war with yourself. Your feelings are like a dark pitfall with no end. You analyze and analyze and analyze some more, but the conclusions are against you. This stream is strong because it makes you question your special person’s place in your heart, and it makes you wonder whether you should stay or go.
  4. The strength of your love will be equal to the amount of your failure - you do not consider losing in the love game and you do not consider the option that maybe your special person may leave you someday. That is why you try and try every day to make things work. But there are times when no matter how hard you try, a relationship dies. This is when it hits you. From feeling light and in love, you go to feeling helpless and abandoned. On this moment, you begin to face the harsh truth about your own self. After this revelation, you cannot go back to be the same. After this revelation, you know that there is no return point: either you move on with scattered pieces or get stuck in depression.


See? I told you that the disadvantages were excruciating. But, not to worry. The following list will make you see the silver lining of being a hopeless romantic. And, here it is.

  1. The uniqueness of your heart - love and romance are a great motivator. The way you love and express this love towards your special person is what constructs your personality. Going to the extra mile or even enjoying the most mundane moments inspires the zeal for life. Being there for the one you love and having that love returned is the best feeling ever and it is what makes life worth living for.
  2. The chance to express yourself through actions - it is common knowledge that actions speak louder than words. I know that and you know that. The little details that you have learned about your special person and the way you use them to express your love create a strong foundation for a happy life. In the end, you do not ask for a reward. A simple appreciative look, a kiss or a hug are just what you need to fill your heart with joy. The possibilities to achieve this are endless and combined with imagination, they become the most powerful asset of your heart.
  3. Dreams fill your day and passion fills your nights - as a hopeless romantic, you have probably read many stories about pure love. These stories were there for you during the times of love drought and they became part of your life. You longed to experience that kind of love. A love so true that obstacles could not break and a love so powerful that no – one could ever erase. It is your chance now to make your dreams come true and it is your chance now to show to your special person the real meaning of passion.
  4. Facing the future with courage and bravery - life has three main quests: the quest to find your true self, the quest to find your significant other and the quest to construct the building blocks of your future. Once you find your special person, you feel complete. All the struggles to construct your personality and all the efforts to be genuine to yourself have finally paid off. All you need to do now is to take one step at a time, enjoy the beautiful moments, successfully pass life’s exams, and grow from love.


So, you may think that described this way, a hopeless romantic’s life will be in balance. Balance can be found, but it is quite a challenging process. It requires nerves of steel and sometimes heart of stone because you do not want to just let anyone in your heart. Always remember to appreciate those who appreciate you and distance yourself from toxic people.

I wish I could tell you that as a hopeless romantic, your life will only be filled with sunshine and butterflies, but I do not want to lie to you. There will be disappointment and heartbreak, but you will always get back on the horse.

How can I be so sure? Because I have been there. One of life’s major lessons is to accept yourself and be the wonderful person you are supposed to be.

Submitted: July 02, 2020

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LE. Berry

We are one among many. Great piece 95...

Thu, July 2nd, 2020 10:49pm

95 Survivor

Thank you, LE. Berry!! Glad to know you liked it.

Sat, July 4th, 2020 9:48pm

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