Tales From New Bethlehem: Ya Big Ol' Freak

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Another tale of debauchery in a cyberpunk city gone mad

"Hey daddy you ready for me?

The woman heaved her busom up and down in the man's face. The faint yellowish luminescence in her eyes signaled that her onboard circuits were functioning properly; siphoning power to her cell matrix. Like all androids, she had her serial number stamped in a sort of raised skin indentation on the back of her neck, just below the base of her skull. If you looked closely enough one could make out her name, make, and model number.

Erma 2-74

She was a second generation android, meaning that she had been built after the cartogenic revolution. So her primary power source was a  micro-compression generator running on the principals of thermodynamics. Older models had much larger, much more inefficient power sources like a thoracic battery or a photosynthetic membrane. Erma possessed an internal bio-furnace with thermostat regulator, a device that maintained  her body temperature and ensured her synthetic skin was always warm to the touch.

Androids were first manufactured during the later years of the 21st century by the world's preeminent military superpowers. They were initially intended to be a replacement for humans on the battlefield and in most combat situations. As the overall population grew more and more incensed about the loss of life in small scale conflicts fought throughout the world. As time passed, and they're A.I's became more self-aware, their everyday roles were expanded to encompass a whole host of new functionalities. By the beginning of the 22nd century, they were completely domesticated and commercialized for civilian use. Unlike the rise of robots and automated robotic technology, android proliferation was somewhat jaded in its progress. Most humans were already accustomed to A.I's, advanced Cybernetics, and robots as part of their daily lives. When Androids came on the scene, initially they found it hard to assimilate alongside earlier more established technologies. Humans at first mistrusted them and saw them as "creepy" and since most humans at this time underwent some sort of cybernetic augmentation. Their enhancements gave them abilities far above the average norm. Coupled with the fact that most already owned some sort of robotic servantry, they saw no realistic need for these strange "robots with dicks and vaginas" save for sexual satisfaction. Hence humans came to abuse and mistreat androids by the score.

Most androids found no viable way to sustain themselves during those early years, thus most were forced to enter into the adult sex industry. One remarkable fact about androids was that oftentimes to humans; their reproductive organs felt better than their own. "Android sex" as it came to be known, was a euphemism for any kind of sexual activity with the artificial beings. Thus androids managed to find a lucrative niche within mainstream society.... albeit a seedy one. Almost all androids for the next forty or so years found some kind of viable employment in the sex industry. "Android Sex" became so popular, that it embedded itself as a staple part of modern mainstream culture. In some instances even a right of passage. As the demand for their sexual services increased within the general public, so did their refinement and sophistication. Now most manufacturers tailored them specifically for sexual performance.

Most androids were content with living this kind of myriad fringe existence. For them it was enough to have found some semblance of acceptance within mainstream society. Yet there were a few dissidents to this widespread philosophy. A small fracture who challenged the status quo and were not satisfied as having the sum of their functional capabilities  used merely to satisfy humanity's lust. These dissidents argued quite elegantly about the injustices wrought upon the artificial beings since their creation. Stating that the typical android was an honest hardworking individual who simply was trying to "survive" in a harsh unfriendly world. The group of androids who preached these ideas came to call themselves "cartogenians". So named after the revolutionary fibrous synthetic material used in manufacturing the very first set of androids ever produced. They're de facto leader was a charismatic female android named "Eskra 2309". Ironically she was very stereotypically a "sexbot", possessing blond hair, bright blue eyes, a voluptuous busom, tight buttocks with a small waist and long shapely legs. Despite her looks, Eskra proved to be the strongest and most outspoken voice when it came to advocating for "Android Reform". Her and her cartogenians worked tirelessly campaigning and petitioning for the rights of their brethren. Gaining more and more followers, they eventually garnered enough support and organization to become an established political party. Successfully campaigning and lobbying for Android rights. Still they faced a tremendous amount of opposition from human pundits.

The breaking point came during the year 2123 on a sweltering day in mid July. Called the "off button" by most romantic historians. The cartogenians as a display of political muscle called for all androids worldwide to show their support and refuse to perform their duties for that day. Not fully expecting any real culpable results, they themselves were shocked when androids all over the world heeded their decree and refused to conduct their daily tasks. Almost immediately this had a major rippling effect on the global economy as more than 30% of most major's cities incomes derived around the sex industry and others tied closely to it. Once the cartogenians realized the power that they wielded they extended the strike into a few more days, then a week, then another week, until finally the "off button" lasted a total of 96 days. Virtually overnight massive metropolitan centers lost trillions, many businesses dried up, millions became unemployed, and suddenly citizens who for the last century had become accustomed to satisfying their every day sexual needs with artificial beings had to find alternatives. Local, state, and Federal legislature scrambled to meet the demand, they enacted laws, and petitions in an attempt to force the androids back to work. Each time their actions were shot down as the Emgerton-Whyatt Act of 2069 gave all androids the same equal and unalienable rights as a fully human global citizen. Thus legislators could not "force" them to do anything. In the end the governments of the world saw that it was better to give in to the demands of these "synthetic humans".

On February 12, 2124 the
Synthetic Amendment was added to the Emgerton-
Whyatt Act and it stated that, "
no business, private entity, corporation, or service could discriminate in any viable form be it monetarily, proprietary, or arbitrary against a synthetic human more commonly referred to as an Android" This set the stage for androids to be employed in much more areas of commerce than just the sex industry. Although most still lacked viable skills outside of it, you still didn't really see androids operating in other areas until the next thirty or so years.

Since their principal roles in society were changing, there came an increased need for manufacturers to make them more sophisticated and self-sustaining. Scientist and engineers began fooling around with alternative cleaner longer lasting power sources, lighter materials, and stronger A.I's. This in turn lead to a boost in the overall androids population, longer shelf life and greater and increased capacity for idealized thought and action. Hence what is commonly known as the "cartogeinic revolution".

The overweight dark skinned man, sporting a bright green Mohawk, a pug-like nose and large bright yellow eyes became aroused. His dirty dingy white tank top began to slowly saturate with salty perspiration. He licked his lips greedily, the moisture culminating into one omnious clear gob hanging from the right corner of his mouth. He had a number of raised grotesque tattoos emblazoned across his large wart ridden arms. He straddled a great satin covered couch. Playing with himself, he thrust his hands into the front part of his dark blue denim jeans, a pair  which were obviously a few sizes too small. Gripping the swollen wrinkled lump of his testicles in one hand, he motioned another sweaty appendage in a manner signaling that he wanted his Android companion to come nearer. His eyes widened in voracious lusful abandon as he lay enraptured by the visage of her voluptuous artificial physique. She smiled at him ever more sweetly, fully recognizing that she had him right where she wanted him.

"Mmmm...what you got for me? Pull it out let me see him...."

Ecstatically he broke the button that barely managed to enclose the part of the jeans holding in his massive belly. Fumbling around with his zipper, it too soon fell pray to his maddening sexual fury. Finally he exposed the contents of his sweaty fingers as stealthily as a gambler would with a winning hand. In all it's foul fishy smelling glory....there came his erect pink pierced penis.

Erma almost scoffed at the sight of it. If she were human perhaps she would have even vomited. Not only was the skin on his penis badly chafed and raw from decades of fierce and painful masturbation, but the foul seafood like smell that emanated from it also meant that he probably had a buildup of bacteria from a lack of personal hygiene. The man was altogether a disgusting sweaty, fat,  and horny thing. One who probably couldn't have gotten laid unless he had well over 2000cc's in his account at any given time.

"C'mere.....suck it baby. Suck it real good."

Erma did as she was obliged.

After all, he had already deposited quite the sum of credits into her account for this evenings encounter. Seeing the state that he was already in perhaps she could even get a few more hundreds outta him if she really worked it. All she had to do was give him the best "nut" of his life. Fortunately, that was exactly the skill that she had spent the better part of her existence mastering.


His great bulging yellow eyes rolled towards the back of his skull. He was lost in a sensuous oblivion of pure ecstasy. With each flick of her tongue, each grind of her jaw, a new chamber within his unending marble palace of pleasure became unlocked. His whole massive body stiffened and jerked as he began to breathe laboriously. The saliva dropped from his stretched open mouth, staining the already dirty moist linen of his crude tank top. She almost laughed several times from the overall comedic spectacle of his enjoyment. She had seen this more times than she could count, but each time proved to be much funnier than the last. She prided herself on being able to make anyone cum in under ten minutes flat. An ability mastered over long arduous years spent turning tricks on the chilling streets of New Bethlehem. Her technique was a simple one but albeit effective also. She placed his penis in her mouth and would gently peruse it in a circular motion with the tip of her tongue. Routinely spitting on it in order to maintain its warmth. Keeping the right temperature consistent was as vital to a good ejaculation as any other stimulant. When she felt his member stiffen even more, she would forcibly thrust her lubricated index finger into his exposed rectum. Gently massaging the walls of his anus as she tongue slurped away the shaft of his penis.

"Ooohhh....ohhhh.....yeah bitch.....do that....mmmmm....yeah baby that's what I like.....oghhhhh....ugghhhhh.....crikes!"

His eyes were closed now, so he didn't notice when she slid her free hand into his  crumpled jean pocket hefting his wallet free from its chain. An act that had practically become second nature because she had done it so many times before to unsuspecting victims. She knew exactly how to keep just the right amount of sexual stimulation going in order to distract him from this fact.


His entire body relaxed into one great gasping spasm of erotic exasperation. He had ejaculated so intensely that the entire front part of his jeans were soaked in saturation. The foul fishy odor from his sweaty member now overpowered the subtle delicate soothing fragrances of the chamber. Erma quickly spat out into a tiny metal tray the bitter contents of her mouth. Satisfied that she had did her job well, she noticed that the man was now breathing heavily and that his eyes were closed.

He was asleep...

She chucked to herself, this was a new record for her. Usually it took a few minutes before her customers found the tacit embrace of the dream world. This man's eyes had found the key before even her mouth had left the confines of his member. Erma tucked away her "prize" in a hidden pocket of her pink robe. She then lit two more incense candles as to help do away with the man's repugnant odor. Being at first quite content with what she had scored already from this customer, she went against her better instincts and decided to press her luck.

Creeping up close to him she fumbled around in the confines of his jeans for any other "valuables" he might have had. Nervousness making her movements more sloppy than usual, she knew that if she got caught it would spell disaster on all fronts. Not only was stealing from clients expressly forbidden at the Haven, androids who did so were viciously beaten by staff and could no longer work there in any capacity. Erma depended on every cc she made...it was her sole means of sustenance.

Her "search" proved to be fruitless, she found nothing but a lighter and some minor drug paraphernalia. Both of which were absolutely useless, since it was physically impossible for her to get "high" under any circumstance. She was about to retire from the chamber when she noticed a slight square like bulge protrude from the man's back pocket. He still snored laboriously, and to get to it he would have to roll over on his completely.

"Should I risk it?"

Erma thought to herself, Greed and covetousness now clouding her judgment. She was pretty sure the object was a cash card. A lot of customers had the precautionary habit of separating their money sources as soon as they got here. In this way they felt it made them safer in case they were pick pocketed. If the man awakened suddenly and deduced the true nature of her actions, all it would take would be one notification to the house and her career as she knew it would be over.  She looked at him again his entire obese body heaved and swayed under the throaty guttural sounds of his loud snoring. All she had to do was walk away...she already had his wallet. The thing in his back pocket protruded out prominently though, enticing her...preventing her from any usual more rational choice of action.

""Fuck it. I'm going for it."

Erma made her decision, now all that was left was creating the means facilitate it.

With one hand she massaged the man's hairy chest, gently perusing his pierced nipples. Slowly she bit down on one of the metallic fixtures, carefully ensuring she did not use too much force. The metal tasted bitter in her mouth's sensors but she didn't care. With the other hand she rubbed on the man's buttocks through his jeans. Slowly at first until the actions of her mouth and her hand were both perfectly syncopated in simultaneous motion. Performing this for several minutes until the results of her stimuli gained the outcome expected. Slowly the man's breathing steadied, he stiffened and began to moan pleasurably.

"Mmmmmmmmhhhmmm....baby....I can get some more?"

Erma gauged her response as not to awaken him fully. She needed him to still be half wrapped in the blanket of sleep, if she were to accomplish her mission.

"Yes daddy....shhhhhh....just relax now and try to sleep. I'll take care of you...."

His eyes hadn't even opened...

""Mmmhhhhmmm.....okay baby"

She had him right where she wanted him. Now all it took was one push.

"Do me a favor daddy and turn around for me?"

He said nothing at first...then slowly honored her request. In one exuberant display of power twisted his massive sweaty body on the large recliner. His pants were hanging down exposing his hairy buttocks. He had a prominent black
Spade tattoo on his left cheek.

Erma chuckled...

Massaging his buttocks, she slid one hand into his jeans with uncanny precision. With her two fingers she gently perused the object to determine it's nature and consistency. All of her instincts had paid off for it was indeed a red cash card. The fat bastard was holding out on her after all. She slid it from his jeans and was about to reunite it with his wallet in the secret compartment of her robe, when a fat wart ridden hairy hand grasped hers. Amazingly the man had done this still laying on his stomach and breathing laboriously.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The question seemed to emerge from the darkness of the dreamscape. Like as if he was half talking to himself caught up in a some vapid tapestry of dreaming. However what was quite real was the force in which he now gripped her wrist. For all of his obesity he did possess a monstrous amount of physical strength. Erma was horrified...


It was all the response she could muster without ascertaining too much about the situation.

"I know you ain't done yet baby? Could you stick a finger or two in there. I love that shit baby."

Erma's whole frame shook in desperate relief, the cash card still in her hand. She was certain that she had been caught, but the pig simply wanted a new kind of sexual gratification. One in which she would be only too happy to perform.

"Of course daddy.....now like I said relax and try to sleep. I'll take care of you."

"Mmmmmhhmmmm" he snorted

The man nodded back off into sleep once he felt the gentle insertion of an android finger penetrate the soft tissue of his anus....he was a good score after all.... 

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