The Emancipation of an African born in America: A spiritual, physical, and mental declaration of War. Chapter 1

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Here is the first chapter in an essay that I am writing. It is perhaps a glimpse into my own state of consciousness and the journey that I've been on my entire life.

The emancipation of An African born in America: A spiritual, physical, and mental declaration of War. Chapter 1

God hates cowards. Men were created to be strong not weak. We were given a combination of high intelligence and vast physical strength in order to sustain ourselves and thrive in a harsh world. To overcome is Godly. In fact the very essence of God is struggle. It is only out of struggle, conflict, and hardship that man has achieved his present state. Only when the mind, body, and spirit are taxed to its limits can one truly say that they are one with the creator. We can only come to appreciate this gift of life before us after we've fought long and hard for it. When we don't have any kind of hardship in our lives to overcome, we grow up like a spoiled child, soft and weak, pampered by too many gifts and luxuries. Human nature decrees that we do not appreciate anything that is just handed to us, we do not fully grasp the importance or significance in anything that has been gained too easily. This physical life for example; this most wonderful gift from God where he has manifested our physical bodies to a specific vibration allowing us to live on this earthly realm in no way shape or form should be taken for granted. To wake up each morning and behold the beautiful warm rays of the everlasting sun, to breath in the sweet oxygen, and to hear the joyous music of all Gods creatures as they go about their daily tasks is both refreshing and marvelous. Just the fact that God keeps your heart beating within your chest for another 24 hours is reason enough to give thanks and praise. Yet despite these realizations, despite the undisputed truth of life in actuality, there are still some misrerable misbegotten souls who deny the beauty and even the very existence of the creator. As if somehow this life as we know it was by accident, as if it is the result of a random occurrence. To me in all my 37 years of living in this here Gods green earth I cannot remember when not joyously celebrating my life by continuous prayer and praise to the most high. It seems inconceivable even to a pragmatic rational mind, that there exists individuals who deny God and even curse his name! You would think that if not for the delicate sanctity of life alone one would humble themselves before God. You would go so far then if not for the gifts bestowed upon us just for the simple fact that one is able to eat, breathe, sleep on their own one could be happy and grateful. Yet despite all of these aforementioned things, there exists individuals who despise God and this despise everything he has created. Even their fellow human beings. To hate God is to hate one's self, to
love God is to not only love ones self unconditionally but those around you. I was raised in Catholicism and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the principal tenent of my faith. It is a phrase that I took to heart quite literally from a young age. Absorbing the entire concept into my young impressionable being. It made me cautious of my actions around others, primarily the types of things I would say and do. I became empathetic to others and their feelings, I would even go so far as to say that adherent to this staple of my religion made me overly sensitive to the whims and motivations of others. On a level where I would even go to great lengths to get perceived reactions, to please others. Unfortunately for me many misbegotten people would take advantage of my accommodating nature. In turn this would make me bitter and ashamed for being so careless and selflessly compassionate to others, that I would fail to safeguard my mental state and emotions first and foremost.

All things vibrate.. that is all physical matter in the material universe vibrates at a distinct frequency. Vibrations are movement. A series of constant, concise, precise, movements set at a certain pattern, rhythm, and orientation. Knowing that all things vibrate one can also manifest the realization that objects while in this constant series of motion produce a certain intrinsic pattern...a synchronization of events that can be interpreted as a recognizable system of rhythmic actualization. This is the basis for all sound....the building blocks which lead to the creation of music. Thus it is also safe to say that all things vibrate at their own distinct frequency...then in turn all things produce their own distinctive musical pattern. Hence the symphony of the universe is the combination of all the sounds made by the vibrations of everything in existence. Thus the material universe was first manifested by music....or musical patterns. All living things produce sound and this sound is a recognizable pattern which can be observed indefinitely. It can then be argued that the creator himself is thus the great conductor and composer of this grand symphony. With the notes being the certain distinctive and different vibrations produced by his creations. Not all vibrations are of the same order or even of the same consistency. There are higher and lower vibrations just as there are higher and lower notes on a musical scale. Higher vibrations tend to comprise more positive dispositions, outcomes, and feelings. Most characteristically powerful emotions like love, compassion, mercy, joy, beauty, forgiveness, etc tend to vibrate at much higher frequencies than emotions like lust, greed, envy, hatred, jealousy anger, deceit, enmity, and wrathfulness etc. Thus spirit beings or sentient beings who inhabit the immaterial universe gravitate around and will attach themselves to physical objects producing these types of vibrations. Spirit beings who are negative or malevolent in nature will attune themselves to this same type of negative vibrational energy as well. Likewise positive nature spirit beings will try to abound and attune themselves to positive energy. The immaterial universe overlaps and intersects with the material one. Thus you have the metaphysical and physical worlds parallel and intersecting with one another at all times and at all points in existence. The beings who dwell in the spirit world have no physical shape or substance comparable to anything in the material world yet and still they are self aware, intelligent, personable, and capable of conscious thought and even speech. Since time and other laws of the material universe do not apply there, this spirit world is vastly larger and much older than ours. Hence the beings that dwell there have a far greater and much more comprehensive understanding of the nature of all phenomena in existence. To us laymen in the physical realm, they can even seem to be as living Gods. The spirit realm has no beginning nor ending, no limitational boundaries, no season's, and no recompense. Things just exist as they are in their natural state. Not only that but they keep on existing for all eternity. There exists light and darkness in the immaterial universe and this is it's most recognizable feature for the light shines so brilliantly that it eclipses our own sun. Likewise the darkness is so inescapable that it virtually swallows everything. Based on their specific type of vibrational frequencies, the spirit beings make their home in either the light or in the darkness. The source of all light in the spirit realm is not any existing phenomena, nor is it caused by any natural physical means. The light is actually the devine infinite essence of the supreme creator spirit. Not only is this light of an indescribable stunning luminescence, but it is also possessed of an incomprehensible all comforting feeling of warmth. The spirit beings who vibrate naturally towards positive energy are continuously bathed in this light and thus are in fervent constant connection with their creator, becoming one with him. The feelings of joy, happiness, and peace shared by these beings whom are living in this state are beyond anything describable in the continuum of man. This is the highest, most perfect and complete state of existive consciousness attainable. It is essentially what all living material sentient things hope to achieve over the course of their respective lifetimes. In the immaterial universe the light of the creator is the sole source of all nourishment which sustains spirit beings, the creator spirit is the singular source of all their sustenance, similarly to how the sun nourishes and strengthens everything on earth. These beings bathed in his light are his "children" and will forever remain in his grace. Like the creator himself all things that are manifested from his will are themselves inherently self-sustaining, intelligent, self-aware, and capable of independent thought, speech, and action. When need be the creator will at times send some of his children into our universe, the material realm to do his bidding. To do this the creator will manifest a physical body for them allowing them to cross over into our dimension. However since they are spiritually pure and perfect beings possessed of a much higher level of vibrational frequency the bodies that are manifested are much stronger, hardier, and more beautiful than anything found on earth. In fact it is perhaps inconceivable to compare the substance of their being with anything on earth. 

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