Love is abstract and it has been a topic most poets would write about. I try to practice how to write what I think love is in various senses...suggestion is welcome. Prompted by the word: Thirst.



sips through 
your crystalized eyes 

an answer 
our love 
has come to an end 

yet my thirst doesn't relent 
I pick up your crystal 
one by one 
and melt them 
with my lips 

knowing well 
is still


Submitted: July 05, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Derina Peng. All rights reserved.

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Jobe Rubens

The crystalline metaphor is a good one. Maybe my own one-pointed nature has steered me away from the romantic version of LOVE. I have experienced plenty of it. But now I love the energy inside me. I can feel the LIFE making everything possible. My heart wouldn't be able to beat without conciousness. It's there, behind dogs and cats and trees. There's no expectation. People have expectations. Then they fall out of love. I love being FREE. Energized. We are all suns if we want to be.

Sun, July 5th, 2020 3:39pm


I agrree with you totally. Love is an energy flow, it exists in every one, it is love things, people, mankind and life in general, not just about sex.

Wed, July 15th, 2020 7:35pm

Jobe Rubens

I meant consciousness - too much coffee!!!

Sun, July 5th, 2020 3:41pm


I understand that typo thing and That is Okay.

Wed, July 15th, 2020 7:36pm

Mike S.

Excellent take on the prompt word, Derina!

Sun, July 5th, 2020 5:27pm


Thank you Mike

Wed, July 15th, 2020 7:31pm


Beautiful work, Derina.

Sun, July 5th, 2020 5:49pm


Thank you, Hulls

Wed, July 15th, 2020 7:30pm

Craig Davison

Lovely. I'm giving up writing love poems and just write about my two cats. I've been broken hearted for too long, and besides, I'm too old to love again.

Tue, July 7th, 2020 11:48pm


I don't think so. But it is your decision if you think that.

Tue, July 7th, 2020 6:40pm

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