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I absolutely loved walking across campus. The buildings were so beautiful, and all the students and faculty walking around made it seem like a scene from a movie. It felt like I didn’t belong. About ten minutes from Judith A. Maple hall, a tall girl with light brown-almost blonde hair walked toward us. She smiled at me, and I returned her grin. 

“Hi,” I gave her a little wave.

“Hey! I’m Kennedy Park.”

“Natalie Kent,” I said, offering her my free hand.

She shook it. “New here?” She asked.

“What gave it away? The dazed look on my face?” I smiled.

“Totally,” She said, laughing. “Where are you from?”

“Texas. Just drove up yesterday.” I was proud of my southern heritage. 

Her mouth fell open. “No way!” She squealed. “I’m from Texas too!” 

“That’s so cool!” I exclaimed, happy to see I wouldn’t be the only one on campus who said “y’all”.

“Are you headed to your dorm?”

“Yep. Maple. What’s yours?” I asked, hoping we’d be in Maple together.

“I’m in Robideau. It’s right across from Maple though, so I can walk with you if you want.”

“Really? That’d be great!”

On the walk to Maple, Kennedy and I compared schedules. 

“Yes!” She said, pumping her fist. “That’s math, health, and robotics! What else do you have?”

I glanced down at my phone. “After that, all I have is world history and soccer tryouts at four.”

Kennedy pouted. “Aww, I have English then. But I am on the soccer team!”

At least there’d be one familiar face at tryouts.

“Cool! What division?” Every school had three divisions, D1 being the most advanced.

She grinned. “Division One, Obvi,” She said, flipping her hair.

I laughed. “How many girls are on the team?” 

Kennedy frowned. “Right now there are fourteen. We need one more girl to fill the last spot.

I swallowed. “And how many are trying out?” I asked nervously.

Her face twisted into a grimace. “Six, I think.”

She must have seen the look on my face, because she hurried to reassure me.

“I’m sure you’ll make it. Then we’ll be teammates! How great would that be?”

I felt the nerves melt away as I smiled.

“Teammates?” I teased. “With you?”

“Yes,” She replied dramatically. “You will be forced to spend time with me, whether you like it or not!”

“But that’s cruel and unusual punishment!” I declared, laughing so hard tears had started to roll down my cheeks. We laughed the entire rest of the way to Maple. When we stopped at the front porch of my dorm, I was sad the walk couldn’t be longer. I smiled at her. 

“Thanks for walking with me, Kennedy. It was great meeting you.”

“No problem,” She said. “I had fun with you. See you on Monday Nat!”

“See you! Bye.”

With a wave, she turned and walked across the path to Robideau.

I looked up at Maple.

It was time to meet my roommate. Harper Hughes.

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