The Doper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is not how I intended it for it to end but it did give me a good incentive of what could come in forces unknown starts to attack. It started with a pot head and builds up to something much bigger of how fragile civilization is.

It is his first day off and it is going to be a long week of many days off for him. He started his first day off smoking the finest weed ever grown in the state of California, imported and cut when he rolled a big giant bomb and lit it with a refillable lighter that is sitting on his counter that is in the kitchen. He smoked for a while and waited for the buzz to come on when he turned on the television and got some news about a mysterious virus that is running rampant all over the United States.

The Pandemonium keeps going on. That does not bother Roy when he turned off the television and then contemplated going outside when he saw something out of the corner of his eyes. He saw someone walking through the trees when he looked in the direction of the tree line. That woman is walking awful funny he thought when he thought she was on the kush too, giggling at her a little bit when he continued to smoke the finest cut that was imported from California, provided by the vape store that is on main street when the person behind the counter looked like he did not shave in a very long time. There was a rash that was growing on his forearms as well when Roy reconsidered on touching him when the man looked like he was going to fall on his feet on the shop floor. Roy left, paying the tab in full when he waited for his time off which came right now when he is sitting on the outside chair, looking at the day that is going to be sunny and warm when he continued to smoke the kush, feeling the high that is coming on when everything started to get a little funny.

No one drove upon the road on this day which is odd when he finished up the joint, dropping it on the ground and crushing it underneath his boot when he tried to get up, losing his senses when he dropped back down on his chair when someone drove by his house like a bat out of hell, ripping up the road with something smeared on the side of it. Was it rust? Roy didn’t know nor didn’t care when he got his senses to get up from the chair to go inside when he opened the fridge and the light did not come on when he wondered what in the hell is going on with his fridge? He scratched the top of his head when he shrugged, grabbing a soda from the crisp drawer and the cheese puffs that are sitting in the cupboard. He came back outside when he heard something in the distance explode. It sounded like an engine backfiring when he heard about gas engines combusting so much that it can blow a gasket out and exploded a muffler. Roy never had anything like that before when he started to eat the cheese puffs with the munchies coming on in full force when he thought about smoking another fatty as this day will be a good day when he had fallen asleep on the porch in his chair after smoking the second blunt.

By the time he woke up it is late in the afternoon when he felt his skin being a little itchy. He came up from the chair with his dried sweat sticking against the wood when he staggered back inside with his head feeling a little swimmy. He closed the door behind him with all the blinds pulled, casting a great darkness in the room when he came to the living room, sitting down when he remembered that he forgot the can of cheese puffs and the bottle of soda outside when he shrugged, turning on the television when the reports on the news sounded worse when he was smoking the weed this morning.

The reports are saying that the virus is making people turn into a trance; not speaking but only walking when they are walking out in droves all over the country from their homes, their workplaces, and every other sort of convenience when the reporters are astounded by what is going on. The reports started to show places all over the country of people walking into the road like zombies, not minding anyone when they continued to walk around with no purpose but to just lumber around like they had the shittiest night of sleep ever in their lives before. The people were not like the walking dead. They were just walking around all over the United States with no purpose when the police force was afraid to touch the people that were just sauntering, looking into nothing when Roy felt like needing another smoke of the old kush to get his mind straight again. he rolled one up and started to blaze away when he sat back in his seat, looking at the blunt, giggling at the television when he smoked three blunts before he fell asleep again when he woke up in the morning with the television channel still turned to the news about the massive droves of people that are walking around in major cities. The droves are so heavy that most of the lumberers are walking around in major streets, walking towards nothing and leaving from somewhere as they continued to walk around town with no purpose. Roy is dismayed and amused by this when he wondered what in the hell is going on? He got up from the couch when he dialed the number to his other buddy that lives more than ten miles from his house.

He waited for the car to go through when it only blared in his ear the busy tone that went: boop-boop-boop --. He hung up the phone when he wondered about the phone. Is he going to get anyone through on his phone? He did not know when he looked at the phone on the wall before sitting back down on the couch again with the night being a little darker for some reason. He looked out his window when the lights in town are off when his mouth became unhinged when a shadow wondered past his window when Roy backed up from the window with his mind going about a thousand miles an hour. What can he do and what is going on in the world.

He sat and wondered about dinner when he did not need to smoke any weed anymore. He sat there when he wondered how long it is going to be when he remembered about the fridge and the light not being on. The power was off earlier, I know it was off. Roy cantered the thought when he thought about going somewhere, anywhere when he is in bad need of a shower. He wondered if the power is going to go off during the middle of his shower when he dared not to wonder that. Roy takes hot showers when he sat there, looking at the bag of marijuana that is on the coffee table when he thought about smoking it when Roy started to itch. He looked at his arms and sees the rash when he thought about the guy that sold him in the weed at the vape shop with the guy looking like the same situation that he is in. He started to think with some of his brain eaten away from the weed that he smoked. He could not put two and two together when he sat there like a lump when a few people started to walk through the woods at night in a deep trance, walking around with no possible idea of where they are going when the rash started to grow overnight.

By morning he woke up with the sound of the birds playing out there songs when he started to hurt, feeling the pain all over his body when he got up and stumbled to the bathroom to do his business. He flipped the lights switch on when the power turned the light on when he sighed, knowing that his house is still getting power when he did his business and flushed the toilet. He looked at the rash that is up and down his arms when he looked at himself in the mirror.

What is my name? What –

Roy shook his head when he could not remember his name or what he did yesterday when he came out of the bathroom after flushing and washing his hands. He came back into the living room with thoughts of smoking more of the kush on the mind. It is his days off from work when he thought where does he work at? Does he work? He doesn’t know when he sat down and looked at the television remote.

How do you turn this t.v on? Roy invigorated the thought when he could not remember to turn on the television when he finally found the right button after fiddling with it. The television came on when it is tuned to CNN that is talking about the crisis that is happening all over the world when the President said something that caught people off guard with wild accusations that this problem along with the General Surgeon that says the same conclusion that this crisis is natural. The reasons of these natural occurrences are unknown when Roy looked at the bag of weed on the table, considering on rolling a joint when he curved the thought when he thought about all the cheese balls that are in the cupboard and the items to make subs that are cooling in the fridge. This is still a party, isn’t it? Roy started to smile when he looked at the pot, wanting it and wanting it more when he started to act like a man who is addicted to pot.

Is it true? Am I addicted to pot? I cannot be addicted to pot. Can anyone be?

He looked at the weed on the table when he started to itch the skin on his forearms when he looked at his skin that started to blister and break, turning the flesh into a mess that bleeds. He looked at his forearm when he got up to clean himself up. He kept the pressure on his rash mark when he wondered what in the hell is happening to him when he thought of his mother with his mother being eight years in the grave.

“Mother,” He spoke in the quiet room of the bathroom.

“Mother, what have we done?”

The bleeding finally stopped when he wanted to look through the window of the shadows that are dancing on the other side of the glass when he dared not to look through the glass. He dared not to see the possibility of people that are walking all over his property, tripping over the gnomes that are in his pond that is lined and bumping into the garage that is next to his house when he can hear the bumping up against the wall of his house when he can hear the bumping, the scratching, and the gnawing of his sanity that is slowly going.

He wanted to walk with them when the sun kept burning in the sky and the clouds keep moving in the atmosphere. He wanted to walk with them when he shook his head when he realizes that he is now in the hallway that is leading to the front door when he does not remember that he arrived to the front door in the first place. There is a blunt in his mouth that is not lit when he opened his mouth and the blunt hit the floor like something that came off his face. He touched his face like a man in the deep, troubling stages of dementia when he backed away from the door when the shadow of his outline got bigger and bigger on the front door.

He came back to the living room and sat down, not daring to turn on the television when his hands started to shake and his mind started to go in fifty million directions. He looked at the weed that is upon the table when he needed a smoke. Oh yes, he needed a smoke something awful when his mind went from fear to disillusions to sullen anger to denial and finally to acceptance. He grabbed the weed on the table and rolled himself up a joint as it will be one for the road soon after he will get stoned and have some munchies in the cupboard when he started to walk around the room with the rashes on his arms started to look worse and his mind started to slowly drift from him. The weed is so damn good though when he continued to walk around his house before opening the door.

He needed a walk. That is all. He just needed a walk to pump the old blood in his veins. The walk is what purifies the body when in a week’s time all the walkers will die of starvation and the world will expunge 40% of the world’s population. The only victim is the victim to escape reality when the escape came with a cost. It is the cost to be in another plane of existence that no other person can reach but in the grey matter of the mind that is universal between content and pure anointed madness. There is no explanation for what had happened during the crisis when the marijuana after the happening is mutated for some cause that happened with the compounds in the ground. This will go into the food crops when it will happen again from this present course five years later. Then more will die under the circumstance of something that will happen in natural occurrence. Many more will die in periods of five years and five years and five years until nothing is left but nature coming back full circle for Mother Nature is truly a bitch indeed. It is secretly a she-wolf in the shadows with no vendetta, no hate, and no compromise. It finds a way to keep the balance in the world order when it will take every possible measure to stay in its existence. Mother Nature will find a way when Roy will be buried in a mass grave with only a number in the middle of the woods with no name. There will be more until the last ones will not make a grave for there will be no one left that will bury them.

The natural order will consume the world once more when the high intelligent will be absent forever more. Time will forgot who they are when the stars burn in the sky and the cosmos still fritter in some triangular constellations that no mortal human being will ever see in their lifetimes when the world was still turning. The universe is still coated in mysteries and mysteries that bury it is time when no one will know the answer of what happened on this little blue ball that was once named planet earth. Nothing will know what happened when time and nature eats it all away.

Submitted: July 05, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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