Chasing Needs

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Chasing Needs


What do you need? My need is you. Come. Have a feel.

But you don't feel the same. Take it as pity then.

Hideous sobriety! Intent is the appeal.

You speak of intention. Needs tame the unspoken.


Token seals the shrew. Spent a penny? Fencing you

Penniless you to white picket fence. To our roof

With strong pillars. Killer was the breeze aloft! Woo

The killer in you! Need I say more to behoove


What's incline? Kind to say. Then say what may. May I?

Spend my waking hours thinking of you. Work it through.

You're a work of art! Peal. I will spend my nights - lie -

Next to you, admiring you my goddess! Withdrew


Are the dimples. Speak. Of lashes meeting. Sheer read.

Buttery vanilla scented skin. Pitiful!

You have not seared. I fear for the eternal. Need

Convene feelings, amass wants, if to just fool.


Give chase then to emotion! Haste awaits the young.

The young at hearts. Perfect. More or less. Need? Felt. Young


10/20/08 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du

Shakespeare Sonnet consists of
14 lines in iambic pentameter:  a-b-a-b / c-d-c-d / e-f-e-f / g-g

Du Sonnet is longer & more complex -
18 lines in iambic hexameter:  a-b-a-b / c-d-c-d / e-f-e-f / g-h-g-h / i-i  

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