Boy In Tuxedo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Year 1990, Mikaela Hill met a time traveler from 2025 named Maximilian. This 'boy in tuxedo' had a relationship to the alternate version of Mikaela on another separate reality.
Unknowingly, Maximilian followed and warned the enraged Mikaela for her unfortunate future where she died on year 1993. Mikaela became so furious about it.
Maximilian opened Mikaela's eyes to the world of time travel as he revealed her true murderer, which putted her on an intense decision making whether to escape death and continue her life or face her destiny of dying at a young age.

A day on year 1990 is not bad, not usual, but at least Mr. Sunshine is all the way up.

My name is Mikaela Hill, 17-year-old urban girl who lived inside the City of Daydale. Life here is not as better as you expected, the city flourished for more than 50 years because of the corruption of money made by the ‘crocodile politicians'. I am confident to call them that because that’s what they deserved.

Anyway, as a high school studious kid, I’m not into loving a same kid of my age, but I admired people who are smarter than me because we can engaged on some cool stuffs and boring negotiations. I’d rather have friend who can call me ‘genius freak' than a friend who can stabbed you whenever you’re not leaning back. That’s my philosophical views by the way, seemed awkward to tell it to a stranger.

Everybody said, “Home is where the heart is.” Probably they’re right! All of my cool stuffs were right inside my cabinet situated inside our house. Books, pebble collections, photos of Renegades (popular 80’s band), 'Scream & Whack' – a board game, and the sci-fi cartoon in a DVD format. All of them are my happy pills! Who cares if someone rejected me because of all of that. I love my self, not so much, because too much of self-love will turned you into a narcissist, a devilish nightmare for someone.

I only lived with my Aunt, her name is Carol. I always felt snow and jingle bells whenever I called her name, it’s sounded like a Christmas for me. My parents lived outside the city for their work. They are surveyors of lands and anything and I don’t care. The most important is they had a decent job to sustain the financial support for my education, and I’m paying them well in return by giving them high grades and school participation.

It’s summer time and I’m busy biking around Daydale. The sun’s too hot and burning my skin too fast. Why is Mr. Sunshine so cruel today? Did the moon burped at you? I looked above with my eyes full of revenge. I got back inside the house and opened the closet near the bedroom. Alas! I just found an umbrella perfect for reinforcement.

“Where are you going dear?”

The sweet voice of Aunt Carol reminded me of my Mother.

“Spending summer time with myself, I suppose?”

I opened the rainbow umbrella and shooked my head ready to walk on the burned road of asphalt.

“Go get some tea! You really need it!”

“Why Aunt Carol always reminding me to sip a tea on this very hot weather?” that’s what I thought as I took my first step on the road.

I could hear the horns of the big truck and the screeches of tires. They are irritating my ears. I wished they were soundproof. I saw a group of people chattering around the corner of a bakeshop like they murmuring negative things about the baker’s bread and pastries. Sucks! They are bad auras! I love that bakery shop.

I stopped on the left corner of the street waited for the ten vehicles to passed by. Then, I raced until I reached the right corner and rushed inside the shop.

“Two chocolate crinkles please.”

The fat man heard my demand, I always wanted those freshly baked crinkles lurking inside my mouth. He took two from the oven and shoved it inside a paper bag with a smiling cartoon fat baker printed on front of it.

“Thank you, Mister!”

I paid it out and walked out happily. The cracked portions of the crinkles made my nose sniffled like a hungry dog. I can’t resist it! Every bite thrilled the lust of my tongue as if it was the last time eating a chocolate crinkle. In less than 5 minutes, I ate them so much without a due.

I walked continuously on the side of the road, not too much people who marched for their joys. Many taxis and container vans raced in and out from the Sahara street to Benil Sidewalks, it’s like business are very alive and kicking here in Daydale.

I decided to stop walking and leaned my back on the rusty walls of an apartment building. Pushed my right hand inside my pocket and pulled out my mp3 player device. I putted on both my headphones and listened to the beat of ‘Barley & Chacha' recently added to my 80’s playlist. They are good! So good. The melodies are sinking inside my nerves and they are truly delicious to hear.

“My summer is bummed because I’ve been in love for a while”. That is the line of lyrics that made my heart pumped with so much energy. The beat accompanied by the lyrics made me swayed so badly. Why I always do this swaying thing so awkward and cheesy?

After I played three tracks from the playlist, I walked again, but this time, Mr. Sunshine leaved its shining position. Thick clouds were gradually moved in front of the light. There’s a partial darkness fell on my face.

“I think Ms. Rainsobber will explode in an hour.”

I’d like the idea of rain but not this time ruining my lovely day. The air that touched my skin became too much cold and heavy to breath. I could tell that this is the sign of a heavy rain. But it’s summer! Why bother?

I can’t really go back at the house in time, so I walked toward the waiting shed and stayed their for a temporary time. At least, a shade will protect me from the drops of rain. I waited there for the rain to came, but why? Why is not raining? Am I being tricked by the playful mess of mother nature?

Thirty minutes had passed and no single drop of rain had poured down from the sad sky of Daydale. I decided to go out from the waiting shed. I turned my head directly on the street. Not so sure, but I saw a boy of my age. He’s a boy because I can tell if he’s a man or not.

His flattened black hair was perfectly combed from left to right, he’s purple eyes lift my spirit away, his skin was fortified with so much whiteness as a milk freshly taken from the goats of highlands. He is as handsome as I ever imagined. One thing that made me felt weird is he wore a black tuxedo, perfectly ironed from neck to toe. I could tell that he is a 'Boy in Tuxedo' like a mid 80’s film about an agent sent to Mount Damian to sucked out a stolen artifact.

His eyes turned at me. Am I shy? Yes! I felt the shyness and also that reddish blush kissed my cheeks resulted to turned into a ball of cherry. He stood very still while his supple lips moved slowly like he was talking to me. There was a force that made me fell into the watery hole of perfect adoration. I really loved how he perfectly fitted in the fine black tuxedo like it was bought on a luxurious department store.

After a while of 'staring and admiring', he turned his head down and looked on his gold watch. How can a boy buy a watch made of shining gold? Maybe he’s a son of a rich business man. I don’t know. His face drew a confusion and mild panic, he looked at me once again. Eventually, he turned his skinny body toward right and walked like he was late on a company’s star-studded meeting.

I shooked my head as I recovered from too much attraction to that boy. My eyes followed him until he reached the corner of a street and entered beside a building, disappeared on my sight. How lovely he was.

I returned at home with a hope to see him again placed on both of my shoulders.

“How’s strolling on the street?”

Aunt Carol asked like it was necessary to be answered directly.

“It’s fine Aunt Carol. Reminded me of a lonely street with happy people walking and doing their jobs.”

I saw how Aunt Carol’s face turned into its silliest form. She laughed as hard as she could.

“Really? Do you even care now about people’s actions and whereabouts?”

Seriously, I don’t know why my body felt like its on the air, floated on the vast nothingness. I answered my Aunt’s question indirectly as possible.

“Not so much. I’m going up to lay my tired body Aunt Carol.”

She smiled very consciously.

“Okay fine, just don’t break your new glass vase I putted there lately.”

I was amazed as I opened the door and saw a dazzling glass flower vase without a single flower in it. I rounded my hands on the body of the vase and I could feel the fine and smooth texture of the glass. I transferred it above the table beside my closet.

I rested my body on the fluffy pink mattresses that coated my bed. A stone with a size of a pea struck the window far to my left. I ignored it the first time, but it repeatedly made a clashing noise that I really don’t want to be heard. I stood up with a wooly bed slippers and opened the windows.

“Will you just please stop throwing a single goddamn stone? I’m sleeping you idiot!”

I yelled outside with eyes closed. Suddenly, I was so shocked and my nerves are curled up to what my eyes had saw as I opened it. The boy in tuxedo was standing outside the house, looking up directly on me. He stared at me so sticky, like it was glued by super adhesive. At last, he opened his lips and shouted back at me.

“Come down! Meet me here! Mikaela.”

What the? He even really knew my name. Who is this boy in tuxedo? Is he my destined one? Nah, forget about that. I raced down towards the creaking wood stairs.

“Who is that boy who looks like a lawyer without an attaché case yelling outside my house?”

Aunt Carol looked outside and saw the boy, asked me ferociously and intended to stopped me from going outside.

“Just an executive friend Aunt Carol. Never mind about him. He’s just an idiot in full black tuxedo.”

She never bothered to let out any words. I smiled at her like a pity dog begging for leftovers. Slowly, I walked and opened the door, rushed out and finally I met the boy in tuxedo.


He excitedly greeted me with a hyperactive word comprised with 'H' and 'I'.

“Hi? Me?”

My mouth are like being tied by a yarn knot, forcing to let go a single word.

“Why? Why did you want to meet me mister?”

My eyes are big enough to saw his right hand pointing at me. He offered it without hesitation.

“I’m Max. Maximilian, without a last name, and you are Mikaela right?”

I felt very awkward and at the same time weird. How does he knew my sparkling name?

“First of all, what are you Maximilian? How do you know my name?”

His next action frightened me so much. He held my shoulder like he knew me for 7 years and crunched it slowly like we were best of friends.

“Oh hey! Mister M…M…Max! Don’t touch me like that! You’re far from being gentle.”

I slapped his hands right away, and he just laughed like a real idiot.

“Okay. Relax. We’ve met before and we’ve been closed to each other. Never mind, that’s another business. Can I treat you with a strawberry pancake?”

He really knew about me! Even my favorite food Aunt Carol never knew! Am I really being tricked right now? I have no choice (kidding) this time so I accompanied him to a nearby pancake house and we ate and talked about freaky weird things.

“So you’re a time traveler?”

I asked him with all of the three big bites of my pancake.

“Yes. Definitely. I am a time traveler from 2025. We had this organization called 'Generation Time', I worked there.”

I was amazed by how he revealed the time travel thing. I wanted to laugh at him because I really don’t believe all about stuffs coming from his mouth.

“Seriously? Like 100% sure?”

He took a sip from his glass of cold iced tea.

“Yeah. I am. Do you even notice how weird I am? In a tuxedo? Of course yes! You can tell it with your common sense.”

I fooled myself as I started believing him. Oh God! I met a time traveler. I swayed the topic far less and asked him a question.

“About that encounter between you and me. How’s it possible? I could never even remember your face?”

He looked at me seriously and lift his gorgeous face in front of me. It was 12 inches, the distance between us.

“I met you on timeline 798, that’s an alternate timeline of yourself. We talked like friends, had fun like bros and teased each other like idiot sisters. Cool huh? I even kissed your nose.”

He chuckled very attractively. Those he said doesn’t sunk within me right away. I took a big gulped in my throat and stared him with so much curiosity.

“Hard to absorb with all of your cool stuffs, but why did you come for me?”

That question struck the boy in tuxedo right inside him. He paused as he stared on an empty plate. Turned his eyes at me and it glowed like lavender crystals.

“You are on a danger Mikaela. Believe it or not, as I visited your current alternate reality, this, this time exactly where we are talking right now, as I fast forward to your future I saw you...”

He paused a little while.

“Saw what?”

I convince him with a force applied to my voice.

“Saw you dead. Lying on your own blood, with a knife stabbed on your chest.”

I can’t believe what he’s saying about my future. Lately, he said he was a time traveler, after that, he is acted like he was a fortune teller.

“Seriously? You saw me dead? In all of the person I know, there is none who can attempt me to kill. No one!”

I felt angry and at the same time embarrassed in front of the boy in tuxedo because I raised my voice at him.

“I’ve only come to save you, Mikaela. All of your alternate realities I visited, they all lead to your early death. I broke the rules of my very own organization just to save you.”

I was moved a little bit, but the silly me once again raised my voice.


That’s more than a drama, a question was asked to a stranger boy in tuxedo why he needed to met me.

“Because, we’ve had a relationship, like, like it was a love thing. I loved you and of course you loved me back. I can’t let you die, Mikaela.”

This is too much for a day. I never said a word after that. I ran out the pancake house and he followed me faster than he could.

“Your Aunt Carol killed you!”

I stopped from pacing. My heart pumped so slow, a heavy breath shoved downward until it reached my stomach. My whole body shivered from what the boy in tuxedo told me.

A heavy rain poured down at the heated street of Calrot. It washed my whole body and became stiffed as a rolling pin. I spoke to him loud as I can.

“My Aunt Carol is not what you think she is. She’s a weirdo sometimes but she won’t kill me on his own favor.”

I started walking without any raincoat or umbrella. I could felt how the cold droplets of rain soaked every thread of my dress. The boy in tuxedo yelled once again at my back.

“I’ll follow you Mikaela. You need saving. I won’t be tired observing you!”

I never dared to say a single word, instead I continued my tracks of going home. Wet and cold that’s what it felt under the wide sprinkles of a sad rain of Daydale.

I stepped on a blue mat with a 'Welcome' inscribed on it. Aunt Carol opened the door and wanted to hug me but I’m in a full wash-off.

“What happened sweetie? Too much rain for you to escape? Tell me.”

She really tried to comfort me as she could.

“Nope. I’m okay Aunt Carol. Going up for some hang-dry procedure.”

I’d took the stairs and blasted the door with so much anger. I’d never felt it before since the bastard kid in Mixer Store who kicked me in the butt. I took the towel in the bathroom and soaked all the water that drippled along and across my body.

I wore a dress, enough to give me warmth against the cold surroundings. What the boy in tuxedo told me really influenced my brain to overthink. What if I really died on a young age because of Aunt Carol? No! Nonsense! My Aunt Carol always there to take care and protect me whenever it is necessary, she can’t do a thing that will put me in a grave danger. I convinced myself to forget the boy in tuxedo. Why am I calling him boy in tuxedo where in fact his name is Maximilian? Well, I just prefer the three word silly phrase than a medieval name of a king or prince. I slept with my headphones on and snore a lot like it is, “Hey! It’s a tired day! You need to snore as loud as you can. You really deserved it!”

The next day as I woke up, I slowly walked and found the kitchen empty. I called Aunt Carol but there was no response. My tummies are really in a wage of war, I opened the fridge and took the bar of cheese and a loaf of white bread. There was a drawer nearby, so I pulled the protruding metal and saw a set of sharp knives! I just thought, “Why on Earth Aunt Carol kept a set knives? She didn’t even know how to cook?”

Suddenly, the bells at the top of the door rung so loud that sent my heart to jumped.

“Hey! You’re awake. Just passing by at the groceries, wondering you need a new bottle of fresh jam.”

Aunt Carol always bothered to took care of me. I hugged her so tightly, she can’t even breath normally.

“By the way, there is a boy outside with that black tuxedo from yesterday? I suppose you knew about him right?”

Really? I wanted to forget about him! And now, he’s here? Son of a homeless dog!

“Oh! That boy. Yes! I might want to check him, right away Aunt.”

My arms are suspended when Aunt Carol held her two hands on it. She whispered at me, her voice really tickled my ear.

“And he brought you some pleasant looking flowers.”

I ran angrily towards the door and witnessed the boy in tuxedo that looked like a bankrupt officer of a lending money corporation. My fiery eyes looked straightly at him. I closed the door and led a way to him.

“Why are you showing again? Huh? I thought you understand what you did to me yesterday! You threatened me with death and now your offering me flowers? Seriously? Are you a con-artist?”

He never said any word, instead he flawlessly put her soft lips on mine and kissed me in a second. Son of a motherless cow! He kissed me like I am his girl on an alternate timeline! It sucks!

“That kiss, is for yesterday. Hope you’re okay after that one. And these flowers is for you to start a happy new day!”

I touched my traumatic lips, like it was the first time. Indeed! It was the first kiss of mine from a boy who only knew me yesterday on my alternate reality.

“Damn you! What is that? Why did you kiss me?”

He didn’t answered my question. He held me on my hand and pulled me gently until we reached the far left corner where a fully furnished shining motorcycle is situated.

“Come with me! Let’s ride the whole Daydale with this motorcycle I rented.”

He offered me a pink helmet. Sat on his back and rolled the wheels. I’d never been on a motorcycle before.

“Clip your hands on my waist if you want to live.”

The boy in tuxedo shouted those words at my face. Of course I really want to live, so I putted my both hands on his waist. Why am I scared as I touched him? Just relaxed Mikaela, you’re on a ride.

He took the left road detour where not much vehicle are moving. The place was strange in the sight of my very own eyes. Never ever visited this place within Daydale. There was a sign that caught my attention, the phrase written on it was, 'Welcome to Generation time!’ It sounded familiar to me. I processed my thoughts and came with a realization. I am in the workplace of the boy in tuxedo! The Generation Time! Stuffs about time travel! My heart pumped and panicked, I yelled at him.

“Put this motorcycle down! You tricked me.”

We reached a futuristic building with no windows, just a plain white building shaped like a cone. He parked the motorcycle near the many expensive cars that looks exactly on the sci-fi movies I’ve already watched. I’m really on another dimension! I want to freak out, but I can’t. I really need some air right now.

“Welcome to my home, Mikaela!”

He approached me gently with all that warm welcoming. I insisted with an angry face.

“Too much with that gentleness! Please! Why did you bring me here?”

He wiped his tuxedo with a pale cloth until it restored its natural shine.

“I wanted to made you believe, that you’d die at the hands of your Aunt Carol. So, I brought you here and maybe it’s the time to know the truth, about us and your Aunt.”

Those smile captured me slowly, a lightning that struck me so badly. I really admit that he’s so handsome but his tricky gentleness pissed me so much. I felt the seriousness on his face, I decided to follow him all the way inside the cone building.

We reached a circle shaped elevator and entered inside of it. He gave me a card with square symbols I can’t understand, it looks a lot like an alien language.

“Wear that card around you, so that men and women like me will ignored you as a visitor. Okay?”

I just nodded at him. With no hesitations, I wore that card he gave me. Suddenly, a gynoid voice appeared.

“You are on the 16th floor now.”

The circle shaped elevator opened, the room was wide and all white, there are many people who wore tuxedos like the boy. It’s really a job. A cool job actually. Some had shades and technological advanced devices used for time traveling.

“Don’t be amazed. Act normal, so no one will notice you.”

I am the only one inside the wide room with a different dress, so how come they didn’t notice me? I think it’s because of the card the boy in tuxedo gave me.

Acting like a dog, following your owner is the one of the most embarrassing situation I’d ever committed. On the left side of the room there was a square shaped tunnel with all the sky blues on it. The boy in tuxedo entered, so as his dog I followed him. “I am really on a bad juice right now. Can’t mix my emotion!”, I thought angrily.

“The archive room of 'Infinity Time Storage'.”

The boy in tuxedo introduced. At last, we reached the room with all of the transparent glass arranged in a spectacular domino type order. It was great to saw it so clear and real. I dared to touch one of the glass and no one happened.

The boy in tuxedo walked towards the center of the room. He operated a machine that looked very similar to an Automated Teller Machine on Daydale. He punched a code, an algorithm maybe, I can’t recognized, it’s so hard even if I tried. A light appeared from one of the million transparent glass and flew down to the boy in tuxedo.

“This is why I came for you in Daydale.”

He showed me the transparent glass with a more vivid images of me and him. I don’t really remembered that scene in my life but I just realized it was me on an alternate timeline. The version of Mikaela I saw was so sweet and loving, unlike me. The boy in tuxedo was so in love to my alternate version. “I am not the version he deserved”, I just thought with so much heartfelt reflection.

He turned again to the ATM machine and punched another mind blowing codes. Another glass appeared and flew down at him. This time the glass showed as a new alternate timeline where I slept from my room and Aunt Carol entered inside with a butcher’s knife on his hand. I really can’t believe what I just saw. I raced my breath and turned away my eyes from the scenes showed on the glass.

“I can’t!”

I shed a little tears on my left eye. The boy in tuxedo hugged me the way she hugged my version in an alternate reality. I could smell his musky citrus scent that calmed my heart from sadness.

“The fact that your Aunt Carol develop a psychopathic behavior made her go crazy to kill you. You died on 1993 Mikaela, with multiple stab wounds in front and your back. When our head told us not to break any rules, I never hesitated to break one, the rule I broke stated that, 'No time traveler will ever dare to commit a forbidden relationship with a person from an alternate reality or else the time traveler’s badge will be snatched off.’ Well, I guess I already broke that one when I bonded with you Mikaela, but I tried to covered it up as I could.”

His purple eyes shines so bright like a universe compressed into one true crystal. I looked at him closely.

“I am not the version of Mikaela you’d loved with all your heart.”

I really hate his face when smiling. I could punch it because it’s so gorgeous, and it’s killing me.

“All alternates are the same, same as all the Mikaela I’d met. Do you know what makes them all the same?”

Of course, I didn’t know. I’m not a time traveler who had that much experience and knowledge to compare and contrast my alternates.

“They have the same name.”

Honestly, if it’s not a heart breaking situation, I can afford a hard laugh to the face of the boy in tuxedo. But I only smiled at him not by his joke but on his purest love towards me. He’s so genuine, a diamond in the rough that shone so bright and glittered in all directions.

After that amazing experience on a place called Generation Time, he took me home with that motorcycle he rented.

“Thank you! Boy in tuxedo.”

I smiled at him as true as I could.

“I still loved the way you smile. Take good care of yourself.”

His tuxedo shone so bright as the day we first met. I could really tell right now that I’m in love with a time traveler that I once loved on my alternate realities. He’s so amazing.

The smoke belched from the motorcycle and he had gone with the last of my sight of him. Now, I can really be prepared for what my Aunt Carol would do bad for me although its still 1990.

These days had passed were the first of my happy days with the boy in tuxedo. One time on the sunny of Saturday, we traveled through time and arrived to a situation of World War II. There, we explored and witnessed some mind blowing facts about the events. I learned so much on there, more than the facts told in history books, some of them are fabricated and not based on factual references. World War II's environment was so much like the picture of an end of the world. There are bombs anywhere and explosions at topmost. Many people had died and struggled to fight their nation with the use of some riffles and grenades. They really define the word 'war' and 'death'.

We even visited Paris at its earliest era, the time when the Eiffel tower was planned for construction. I even talked to Gustave on why he created the tower, and that remained a secret between us. There was also a time when I begged to the boy in tuxedo to go back in time when my parents met each other for the first time. He really did what I wanted to saw, he shifted the time so fast at its backward position using his gold watch. We reached 1970 in just 5 seconds if I’m not mistaken.

The place where my parents met is called Marionette, the city was built by its people. The romanticism are scattered around the place, and it was really a great place to live. The boy in tuxedo saw a retro bar and invited me to join him inside. There, we spent some quality time with each other, tossed glasses with some wine and delicacies. The romantic music that had played on a classic vinyl disc made us marched toward the center and dance like we were on a prom date. He really was a romantic person. We stared closely at each other and shared a second kiss on our lips. This is the second time I fell in love with the boy in tuxedo, that I can’t escape and resist. Maybe I was tangled with him for all of my eternity and alternates.

Whenever we could afford a vacant time, we insisted to ourselves to go back and travel on past times to experience the feeling of being alive during those past eras. These time travel days were the best days of my life.

He accompanied me during the most celebrated days of my life such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. He even shared dinner with Aunt Carol and me, though it is so awkward to stare at her like she’s a criminal. We even shared the cold of the evening on my bedroom, seeing him without the coat, ties and pants are the worst things I’d saw at him, but my feelings toward him developed more progressively and harder to took away.

Time flew so fast, that even rain can’t remember to poured down at Daydale. It’s year 1992 and I’m already 19 years old, still I always called him boy in tuxedo, even though time had roughed that name so much.

I already noticed some changed behaviors to my Aunt Carol. She grew more cruel and curled like a tin can. Sometimes, I insisted her to go to a nearby hospital for a check and all she got to say was, “Am I looking sick to you?” So to avoid gradual misunderstanding, I always said, “No”, even though “Yes” is the right word.

Every time as I goes home every 4 to met her, she always stared at me like there’s a diamond planted inside my breast. The boy in tuxedo was right all about my Aunt, her psychopathic behavior really needs to address, so that I can live peacefully and with freedom. Other options beside this was given by the boy in tuxedo.

“If you want to live, go with me. We can be a good pair at time traveling.”

Seemed like it’s a good preference to point out, but I can’t leave my Aunt like that. I’ve researched on health websites particularly about developing that killing behavior, all of them had agree to one fact, “It can be cured in a long medication with enough money and patience.”

I already had a stable job at 'Manganese Bookstore' as a cashier and a book tutor. I earned there enough and I am doing some savings for the medications of my Aunt Carol. My real life priorities covered my love commitments with the boy in tuxedo, resulted on some conflicts and misunderstandings.

“You never got to understand that you will die because of your Aunt Carol! As long as she lives, you will die on her hands. She will hunt you!”

These words had painstakingly reminded me to defend the possibility for the cure of my Aunt Carol.

“What do you want me to do? Kill my Aunt? I’m not a killer, Maximilian.”

That was the first time I’d spoke his real name out of anger.

“I'm suggesting you to come with me, escape this reality and be gone to another alternate reality where we can live forever. Is that hard to do?”

My mind and body are so stressed right now. Got no fixed decision to follow. I hate to hurt the feeling of the boy in tuxedo because he’s the one who showed me real kindness and love throughout the past years. My happiness are made by him.

“I hate to say this but please give me some time to try recovering the condition of my Aunt. After some medication, if successful I can be with you in all your travels.”

I could sense sadness on his purple tinted eyes. He wore off his gold watch and gave it to me. I didn’t expected he acted that way.

“This means I cannot travel with you as long as you try to medicate your Aunt. Please, if your ready, just pushed the green button at the back of my watch. I’m glad to be back at your hands.”

He hugged me one last time and kissed my left cheek with all his warmth and love. I shed a single tear and whispered at him.

“Don’t try to take off that tuxedo of yours. If you don’t want to be laughed. Thank you. I promise, everything’s got to be alright.”

The boy in tuxedo had left my shoulders sagged with so much sadness. His image disappeared on my eyesight never to be seen again. Why this must end this way? I really hated myself for everything I’d tore down. My heart putted so much weight this time and I’d hoped to myself that my boy in tuxedo will be back with some time travel adventures with me.

After five months of sending Aunt Carol to the Collin’s Hospital, there was no depletion on the progress of her behavior. Some medications had failed because her body really fought for all of it. Her character changed a lot, like she’s not the Aunt Carol I used to know when I was 17. I nearly gave up on her, but because of the promise to make everything’s alright I never stopped believing and holding to the strings of hope.

One night on year 1993, I never dared to slept with my own eyes closed. This was the year that I am going to die on the hands of my Aunt. I attentively observed her bedroom and saw her lied on her bed. Her eyes are wide open, so as mine. I’m really scared this time, even my bones were shivered by too much fear. I felt hungry and I turned to the refrigerator to took some food to ate. The right corner of my eye noticed the opened kitchen drawer with an incomplete set of knives. The butcher’s knife was missing!

The cold sensation from the floor flowed upward in me. My blood froze as it felt the near death of my body. I couldn’t even breath normally, my throat was dried because of the cold air entering my mouth and nose. I can’t fought this hard feeling that rushed and circled inside me.

I remembered to turned on the gold watch of the boy in tuxedo, but unfortunately it was left on my bedroom. I tried to reach my room but Aunt Carol’s room was widely opened. The TV turned on and she was sitting on a red velvet couch.

“Time flies so fast my dear.”

Her throat cracked with sadness as she said those words. I never bothered to replied at her. What I had done is I quickly ran on the stairs. Aunt carol thrown a ceramic plate at me. It was forcefully landed on my head, the reason why I fell on my knees. But I pushed myself to climbed the remaining stairs and eventually reached my room.

I tried to close the doors but the growing anger and lust of killing inside Aunt Carol won this time. Her hand was strongly gripped the handle of a butcher’s knife ready to stab me multiple times. Before she did that, I grasped the nearby glass vase she bought for me and knocked down her head that resulted her to became unconscious. I was so sad as I saw the helpless body of my Aunt. I kissed her forehead and whispered on her ear, “Time will learn how to cure you.”

I opened my drawer and grabbed the gold watch of the boy in tuxedo. My feet raced toward outside as I pushed the saving button for me.

“Needed saving, huh?”

I saw Maximilian with all of the grandeur and sophistication as he gracefully wore his black tuxedo. I hugged him so tightly and showed him love through kissing his supple lips.

“I was wrong. I thought I could save my Aunt. I failed my promise.”

Tears are fully dripped from my tear ducts to my chiseled chin.

“You’re okay. You tried, and now I’m here to save you.”

He wore the gold watch and turned time on its forward position. We found ourselves to a city where flying cars exist and robots talked like real humans.

“Where are we?”

I asked him.

“We are on year 3050! Where the world became at it’s fullest potential! This is where we are going to start, Mikaela. You and I would be a great time travelers!”

I was amazed to see how planet Earth changed to its magnificence and beauty. This was the home I’d never expected to lived.

“I love you, boy in tuxedo. Without you telling what happened to my future, I am not here right now standing beside you.”

He placed his hands on my cheek.

“You are my best time that happened to me, Mikaela.”

We hugged together as I faced the new life bestowed to me by the boy I met on a cloudy dark day who happened to be suited on a black shining tuxedo.

Submitted: July 06, 2020

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