The Moonlight Prince

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The tale of the cruel demi god named Luscious on how he became a man and surrendered all her mistakes and overturns to himself.

Luna and Dmitri had been fallen in love since the dawn of time. They were the goddess and god of moon and stars respectively.

In all the undying centuries of their love, they had proved to be eternal in terms of their fidelities and commitments to each other. A son was born from the womb of Luna, he named the boy Luscious, known to mankind as 'The Moonlight Prince'.

Luscious was a demi god. Greatly praised by men of all kinds because of his undeniable handsome face and vibrant characteristics that are very distinguished from mortals.

Many ladies were fell on their own knees to please the favors and likes of The Moonlight Prince. “I am superior above all. I must not be very close to mortals as they are only my followers and slaves.”, he always proclaimed that phrase whenever he had to.

Every summer, all the men and women offered him crystals and jewelries to supply his unending greed of earthly luxurious things. He only hid all of it under his bed, enclosed on a gold chest recovered from the 'Dazzling Sea of Korath'.

One night, his mother Luna came down from the moons surface and she confronted her son. “Your actions here on Earth are justifiably wrong and inhumane, my Luscious.”, his mother almost lost a tear from her left eye.

Luscious only ignored what her mother had said to him. He asked Luna about his father, “Where’s my brilliant father? Is he still being busy making toy stars?”

Dmitri had never given the love of a father to his son, that is why Luscious acted very rude towards him. “Your father is keeping the cosmos at its fullest light. You should be thankful and proud for him.”, Luna did explained what really Dmitri was doing.

Their conversation had ended in just no longer time. Luna floated above and returned to the moon, while Luscious continued to walk his disappointment through the cold night.

He grew very cruel and greedy everyday. All the riches of all the men and women were given to him without any hesitations.

His shiny and glory things acquired from the people had mounted too much high, higher than a merchant’s mansion. “I need more! I want those shiny things beyond anything!”, he commanded some of his slaves to find the most precious thing they could find.

A fine ruby with a seal of greatness and bravery was caged inside the ‘Castle of Revina'. The slaves of Luscious stole this King’s treasure, and after that, the enraged King Herman waged a war to the people of Luscious.

His eyes shone never seen like before. The stolen ruby had drowned The Moonlight Prince in too much cruelty and madness.

He accepted the war of King Herman, and told his people to prepare for bloodshed. He really was desperate to protect the ruby at all costs.

The war between the King of Revina and The Moonlight Prince began during the highest peak position of the moon. It started as soon as they yelled and screamed with too much wrath and revenge.

There’s too much blood that watered the whole sandy plain. Swords and spears were scattered all over the place. The wage of war had already been paid.

Luscious with all his might, struck King Herman’s chest with a sharp pointed sword that made him killed instantly. The sadden and angered Luna came down from his place.

“I told you to act like a good son, but you wasted all of my motherly advice.”, her eyes shone like a blood moon, full of red velvet shades. With her hands brighten with so much light from the moon, she cursed her own son to become one of the mortal beings and walk the earth for all eternity.

These made Luscious full of regrets for what he had done. He cried like a babe with no bottle of milk inside the crib.

Luna leaved him like he was not her own son. As she goes back above, the moon restored its shining silver light through the dead of night.

That day after, Luscious had never dared again to do things he would regret. He walked the face of the Earth alone and embarrassed from the things he’d done.

Years had passed he decided to repent all of her sins and misconducts. Luscious served as a mighty knight on a shining armor on the Kingdom of Eralia.

There, he lived with so much honor and always hoping to met his mother once again to repent on his knees as he stared at the glowing silver moon.


Submitted: July 07, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Mr. Fictitious. All rights reserved.

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