Main Sum: Bom has not only become Kyong’s wife but the Queen of the village. Just like the Emperor, the empress also had a lot of duties to do as well. But it is wonderful to know that you have someone by your side, no matter what comes their way. As things start to progress in the village, Kyong discovers that his past may be catching up to him when he finds out that there is more of his family in Korea than he thought existed.

Will Kyong be able to accept his newly found family members?

And will Bom be accepted as Queen or be tried to be overthrown?

Table of Contents

On Our Honeymoon

Bom and Kyong arrive at their spot for their honeymoon. And in the hot springs, it turns from innocent to not so innocent in a matter of time.
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Kyong buys a surprise gift for his wife during a walk in the village that they are staying for their honeymoon.
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My Queen

The time has come for Bom to lose her virginity to the King. She soon realizes that she might have more ready for this than she originally thought.
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A Warm Welcome Home

Kyong and Bom have returned to the village from their honeymoon but it seems that not everyone is very happy to them.
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Is It Always Like This?

Bom spends her time as queen in the throne room with her newlywed husband. And Kyong gets a surprise from an unexpected visitor.
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Fresh Fish and A Sweet Kiss

Korain has a visit with his lover after Kangmin makes a delivery to the eatery.
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As Kyong search inside the box that he received a few days ago, the king come across some papers that gives him an insight about how his parents were truly like.
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Miss Bom

Bom overhears an encounter going on the square but Bom is not a savage person like people think a queen would be.
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Not On My Watch!

As his mind is racing, Kyong is just not able to sleep on his own tonight.
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