Mr Destiny and me

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A small piece of history for me.

If I could Mr. Destiny a sports moment from my childhood life it would definitely be that time when I dropped an interception in a Freshman football game vs Perth Amboy.  
We were still the Cedar Ridge Cougars and it was a mid day Saturday game.
In the stands my Mother and cousin sat watching my performance at defensive back.I had been playing the position during the game for a good number of downs and it was ultimately a welcome to see me in the game for so many plays.
Now, in any outside of school, playing with friends style of football I ultimately excelled usually cast as one of the better players.  However, at the organized level and given a vast spread of competition, my nerves usually got the better of me.  Simply put I kind of sucked.  I could of played better and through the course of a three year stretch I did have a few shining moments.  Though in this case I just lacked the confidence.  
I saw the football coming, ...the opposing quarterback basically threw it right to me.  In any other game I would have plucked it from the sky and directly ran to the end zone with it.  
What did happen was that i dropped it and would have to look at it as a deflection.  Some of my teammates were disappointed though they showed me what little respect that I deserved for not letting a player on the other team catch it.  
It was a disappointment all around.  In the stands my mother saw it and joked with her nephew to look at that dope who dropped the ball.  The nephew brought it to her attention that it was in fact me who did that and her heart sunk.  
It wasn’t a championship game and neither of the teams had good records.  It’s fair to say that no one on the team was that special.  There was one or two kids that showed more moments than others of being elite, but ultimately this team was nothing too impressive to note.
I do think back though on how it all could of been different.  If I would have made that play.  It might have boosted my confidence for years to come.  It might have created a completely different time line. 
So probably nothing to gloat about, but that’s what I sit here and think about.  My Mr. Destiny moment.  For those of you who don’t know Mr Destiney was a Film where Jim Belushi has a missed opportunity in a big high school baseball game and years later Micheal Cane comes to him as a sort of an its a wonderful life Angel who lets him play out a what would of happened scenario. 
Life’s had its Ups and Downs but I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by family that I love, and so I wouldn’t trade it for any world. It makes ya think though.  How many have had these sort of situations?  As I stated this game that I speak of was of no real importance and chances are not much would have gone differently even if I made that play.
The flip side to that coin may be that all the moments in life should be treated as important, and there is always opportunity to do better.  We all have the ability to recognize and change our destiny in the moment.  As we travel through this existence we should strive to make the big play all of the time and on all playing fields.  Kevin Heart recently said something inspiring.  “Life is a game.  Not in the sense that it should be played, but in the idea that there are different levels to beat”.I like this outlook and feel like I am ready to level up.

Submitted: July 13, 2020

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