Rise of the Night Raven

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Hal Bannerman, commander of a squadron in the U S Army elite Delta Force, acquires super powers in order to accomplish an other worldly mission

Table of Contents

A Mission

Chapter 1 The AH-60 Black Hawk helicopter sped into the night back to our base in Nigeria Our secret base We had just complet... Read Chapter

Into the Night Once More

Chapt 2   After swigging down a whole thermos of coffee and a quart of Gatorade, I found myself once more sailing through th... Read Chapter

The Cave

Chapt 3   There weren't very many left But there were enough My adrenaline really kicking in, I got to my feet and r... Read Chapter

The Vambrace

Chapt 4 The air was a little hard to breathe and it was very dank where I was To get to that source of light, I had to go in... Read Chapter

The Choice

Chapt 5 To say I was shocked and bewildered would be putting it astronomically mildly I kept telling myself this had to b... Read Chapter

The Decision

Chapt 6   I sat in the back of the army sedan in my greens, cradling my garrison cap on the way to the Officer's Club&n... Read Chapter


Chapt 7 I had absolutely no idea that what happened next was going to occur I felt Polonius enter my mind;very very slowl... Read Chapter

The Quest

Chapt 8   I found myself again facing Polonius. He then communicated to me once more  "Zoltan has conquered many wo... Read Chapter

The Training Grounds

Chapt 9   Darkness. I was plummeting into some unknown black abyss. Was this some kind of collossal scam and I ... Read Chapter

Day One

Chapt 10   I was shocked to see what was in the room with me It was that big damn wolf again! How the hell did it get in... Read Chapter

One Bad Ass Suit of Armor

Chapt 11 As I sat there gazing in wonderment at what stood before me, Marcellas produced a shiny black object and handed it to m... Read Chapter

The Wrath of Zoltan

Chapt 12 Lord Zoltan sat on his throne in his palace chamber brooding once more. He was in dark robes. His patience was almost at... Read Chapter


Chapt 13 Well the week of training certainly wasn't like a vacation at Myrtle Beach. The beauty of it all, though, was ... Read Chapter

The Stygian Depths

Chapt 14   As I sailed further and further into the tunnel, once again it turned into a rotating menagerie of colors, boomin... Read Chapter


Chapt 15   I was in such shock as to what I was seeing and hearing I forgot everything for a few seconds it wa... Read Chapter

Extremely Unpleasant Encounter Number 2

Chapt 16   After landing at my new destination, I scanned the standard 3 mile radius, as always Right after my helm... Read Chapter


Chapt 17   A burst of energy jolted me into consciousness as once again the spirit of the vambrace took over The blade u... Read Chapter

City Beneath the Sea

Chapter 18   Two huge red colored moons shimmered on the vast body of water that I was being directed to It was nig... Read Chapter

Extremely Unpleasant Encounter Number 3

Author's note: A very Happy and Propserous New Year to all! I'm sure most of you will share the same opinion I have which is as f... Read Chapter

The Surprise

Chapter 20 As I slowly regained consciousness, a face started coming into view. It was Adualla's "Are you all right ?" he com... Read Chapter

Into the Unknown

Chapt 21   An hour after the squad escorted me back to their city, I found myself waiting in a conference type roo... Read Chapter

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

Chapt 22 Just when my suit started to stop the plummeting, I landed on some kind of sticky gooey mesh. Laying... Read Chapter

A More than Rude Awakenimg

Chapt 23 I don't think there is a human being alive who has ever woken up in the kind of circumstances I now found myself i... Read Chapter


Chapt 24   A huge storm kicked up out of nowhere as I rose higher and higher into the clouds. The thunder and ... Read Chapter

The Encounter

Chapter 25- The Encounter The big black furry thing all over me now was almost as strong as I was. It had to be a good eight feet ... Read Chapter


Chapter 26- Morlock   i sat on a bed in comfortable quarters with my weapon in hand, gazing down at it After removing my... Read Chapter

Morlock Strikes

Chapter 27- Morlock Strikes   The thing I next experienced was almost impossible to describe. This being took me to the ... Read Chapter


Chapter 28-Captured Darkness. Again. I had just regained consciousness and tried to move, but couldn't, finding my... Read Chapter

Very Unexpected and Very Unwelcome Company

Chapt 29   The sorcerer physician Czardoon gazed down at Duvessa in hopes that his healing spells would work very soon, as&n... Read Chapter

The Awakening

Chapt 30   As the chaos and melee ensued downstairs, Duvessa's own internal mystical powers started regenerating. They b... Read Chapter

Into the Dragon’s Lair

Chapter 31 Sitting next to Duvessa's exhausted and unconscious body in her dark chamber, I saw light starting to form from ... Read Chapter


Chapter 32   A force of power beyond description suddenly tore me away from the world I was in As I flew through the int... Read Chapter


Chapter 33 The arm or tendril of this unseen juggernaut continued to tighten around me as I watched in horror the blips on my... Read Chapter

The Blackest Day

Chapter 34 Zoltan once again knelt in his dark chamber as the presence of his master appeared. "You have done well, my faithful s... Read Chapter

A Twist of Events

Chapter 35 This had to be the most unusual foe I have ever faced. It was somewhat like a gigantic centipede, with four to... Read Chapter

A Glimmer of Hope?

Chapter 36 I found myself pinned to the ground in the arena as the crowd cheered for my death once again. And it appeared that wa... Read Chapter

Smyrna Makes Her Move

Chapter 37 I found myself on my back staring into the beautiful face of Smyrna.  Quite a shock. I immediately bounced to my ... Read Chapter

In the Dark

Chapter 38 In the dream I had after the short but wild beyond belief sexcapade I had with Smyrna, I found myself climbing u... Read Chapter

The Tide Turns

Chapter 39   Well to say I was shocked was putting very mildly. I didn't know how he had gotten in here as Smyrna had p... Read Chapter


Chapter 40 "I see," I remarked as I floated in front of the faces of the Sentries as I had done a few times before, helmet ... Read Chapter

Recent Comments

Pink Wish

at first read, its reads acceptable. It's an action-driven story. Many will like that. You should just really use your software to get rid of the spelling mistakes. You should describe the action more, because that is the focus of your story. describe the environment and the steps of action.

Sat, July 17th, 2021 11:15am


That's really good

Sat, August 13th, 2022 5:52pm


Thank you. I hope you enjoy the novel

Sat, August 13th, 2022 1:29pm


Can you make that into an audiobook please!

Sun, August 14th, 2022 12:52am


Sorry. Don’t know how. I am thinking about working with Amazon Publishing

But I work hard and am tired a lot. I’m in my sixties and don’t have the juice I used to have

Sat, August 13th, 2022 7:30pm


It's OK you get there

Sun, August 14th, 2022 8:33pm


My chapters are pretty short, just to let you know

Sun, August 14th, 2022 1:54pm



Sun, August 14th, 2022 9:01pm

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