Rise of the Night Raven

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Decision

Submitted: August 02, 2020

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Submitted: August 02, 2020



Chapt 6


I sat in the back of the army sedan in my greens, cradling my garrison cap on the way to the Officer's Club at Fort Bragg. It had been about 10 days since I returned 

I had just been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for actions under fire in that last mission

Those "Sentries" had made sure the area was clear and that a helicopter was within sight when I shot up a flare 

A little of their "fate guidance "

April was by my side, holding my hand as the driver pulled up and dropped us off. She had been a nurse at the base hospital for quite some time. We had met when I was hauled into emergency about three years ago, having been injured in a training exercise 

She was half Asian and half Caucasian in her late thirties. A divorcee.  Fine figure with long silky black hair and wearing a nice pink dress that evening 

After checking in my hat with the attractive hat check lady and giving her a big smile ( and getting a cold one from April), we were escorted to nice table next to a window

I had use of the sedan all day. I gave the driver a twenty and told him to go get some dinner also as we weren't in any hurry and I would ring his cell when we were ready to be picked up

I ordered my regular Jim Beam Devil's Cut on the rocks and April ordered her regular Vodka Collins. 
The drinks were out in no time and then we ordered dinner 

I could never fool April. She could read me like a Cosmopolitan article 

"Ok," she said at last, " what is it?"

"Huh?" I said

"Well, you have that glassy far away look in your eye and you've been very quiet. So what's bothering you?" she asked as she took a drink

I had to come up with something quick, so I just said it disturbed me a little that I almost didn't make it home

The Sentries had given me two of our "Earth weeks"  to make a decision. I will then be summoned once more to let them know what it is  They also advised me that no time will pass in my world, or dimension that is, while I am gone 

"Why don't you come spend the night at my place and I'll give you a little 'stress relief' ?" she asked

"You got yourself a deal," I answered, smiling 

We finished and were soon on our way  The sedan dropped us off at her condo in the town adjacent to the base  I told the driver I would not be requiring any more of his services that evening and to head home  "Yes sir," he said with a smile and left  I always kept a change of clothes at her place

A few hours later, after passionate love making, I was in a deep slumber

In a dream I found myself in full combat gear with patrol cap and walking down a deserted street 

The buildings all no higher than about ten stories, were in ruins and I had been advised that sniper activity was to be expected 

As I walked cautiously down the street, I kept my eyes focused on the upper windows

Suddenly I saw movement, like someone quickly backing away from a window to get out of sight

I opened the door and entered that particular building, raising my weapon 

It was dark and musty in there. I slowly climbed the stairs, my skin crawling as I heard things scurrying about 

There was only one door at the top 

Cautiously, I opened it

A huge dark figure which had to be at least seven feet tall, grabbed me by the throat! It had a face like a cross between a bull and an ape!

It knocked the weapon out of my hand and pulled my face about an inch from it'snose  It's fiery red eyes looked deep into mine as it roared! The sound was deafening!

Just then I woke, jarring up in bed.  My heart pounded in my chest as I breathed extremely hard 

Glancing at the digital clock on the night stand, I saw that it was 2:34 AM

The moonlight cast through the window on April's lovely form  She lay very still

It took me a while but I eventually drifted back off to sleep 


I had just finished some paperwork in my office and was heading back to my quarters when I looked at my watch The two week period was almost over now

Having gone to bed a little early that night, I knew it would be happening any time 

It wasn't long before I heard a noise and rose up to look   A dark spot was forming on the wall 

It grew and grew  Abruptly I was sucked into it, feet first

Just as before, I sailed through a tunnel at incredible speed. The faces were already there as I appeared in the middle of their gathering 

Before they could say anything, I said " I'm in."


End of Chapter 6


© Copyright 2020 The Paladin. All rights reserved.


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