Where Dragons Rule: Dissent (Old Ver)

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After dragons drove her species to extinction, Aeris, the last Ardelle Celestial dragon has been raised as a pet by humans. Alone in the world and labeled a betrayer of her kind, Aeris must play the deadly game of dragon politics or forever live in isolation.

Table of Contents

The Waiting Game

Chapter 1: The Waiting Game   Aeris sat quietly in her room, staring longingly at the sky through her window as the clouds s... Read Chapter


Dealing with the aftermath of the dinner party, Aeris searches for her origins.
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Desperate for information on her origins, Aeris turns to an expert on dragons to find the answers she seeks.
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The Interloper

A new guest comes to the estate and it throws a wrench in Aeris's plans.
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Making Connections

Determined to get answers, Aeris tracks down the dragon who saved her life.
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Growing Rebellion

Aeris struggles with her desires to see Aubrey again and her loyalty to her master. Complicating things is Lilith who has taken an interest in the young dragon.
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Dragonness's Day Out

Eager to learn more about dragons, Aeris sneaks off to meet Aubrey again.
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The Date

It's time for Aeris' first ever date with the dragon Windor. As the two dragons enjoy themselves, they run into someone unexpected.
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Returning Nemesis

While trying to settle into her new role as Aubrey's teacher, someone else enters Aeris' life to throw things off-balance.
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The Deal

Aeris receives a visting from Master Aaron who has a strange request for her.
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Dragon's Fury

After seeing Maggie brought down, Aeris finds herself at the mercy of the ruthless mercenaries and her emotions.
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The Proposal

After another run-in with Cutter, Aeris receives some surprising news.
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Aeris begins to feel the consequences of taking charge.
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Thirst for Knowledge

Aeris has decided to tell Windor what about her engagement to Reks. But it seems she has something to learn as well.
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Making a Decision

Maggie and Aeris confront Charles for the truth regarding her origins.
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Taking Charge

After confessing her feelings to Windor, Aeris makes a new declaration, and deals with the consequences of the promise she made to Lanry.
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The Wedding

The time has finally come for Aeris and Reks to be wed, but Aeris is having second thoughts.
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Price of Freedom

Aeris struggles with Reks' death, but she has yet to feel the true brunt of the sequences of her actions.
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The Last Straw

Aeris is once forced to face the consequences of her actions as her struggle continues.
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The Escape

Aeris struggles with a hard truth that pushes her to make the toughest decision yet.
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An Unexpected Ally

Having runaway from home, Aeris finds herself struggling to survive without anyone to count on, but an old friend may just provide the shelter she needs
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Lost and Found

Aeris and Janine continue their journey to escape Strendor, but things change when Aeris meets a familiar face.
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On the Run

Aeris flees from her former master and makes her hardest decision yet.
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Deals are made and truths are discovered as others move forward with their plans
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Where Dragons Rule: Dissent

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Recent Comments


A brilliantly written fantasy novel in the vein of Raymond E Feist.

Sun, August 2nd, 2020 5:55am


Nice story, Evan. I kinda got pulled in almost a little too much, and forgot to stop. I did enjoy this first chapter. The story doesn't seem that exciting just yet, but it does the job of introducing and building the setting and characters quite well. Besides, its dragons. Who doesn't love dragons, right?

The only issue I saw was in the first half of the chapter. There's quite a few monotonous passages you used when describing Aeris's behavior and such. Restructuring some of those sentences would help there. Also, a little integration of thoughts would've been nice to actually hear her thoughts. I did see a couple but they weren't italicized so it's a little tough to pick them out.

As a final thought, Your approach on this story feels rather passive. The wording used for some of your sentences makes the story drag just a touch. My suggestion is to find some words that give a little more oomph to your action--like sprang, bounded, or exploded. I still like the chapter, though. It seemed sweet and wholesome to start, then transitioned into a touch of drama near the end.

Sat, October 3rd, 2020 3:06pm


Thanks for the review! Yeah, who doesn't love dragons? I'm actually in the middle of revising this story and the monotony and passive wording is definitely being ironed out. Glad to know other people think so too. Thanks again for reviewing. Really appreciate it.

Sat, October 3rd, 2020 11:36am

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