"Strops" Sports are back!. The Basketball and Hockey season came to a halt in March of 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic. Now they are returning along with Baseball and Football with no fans in the stands. This poem is a tribute to Sports.



I used to follow stats of my favorite sports teams, 

Now, I just track Covid 19.

Basketball, Baseball, Football and Hockey,

When they return, will we all be in Shockley?


North, South, East and West,

Wins, losses and Ties,

Which teams will be the best?

who's going to get the bye?


Lord Stanley and World Series,

Larry O'Brien and Lombardi,

How about the umpires and referees?

Remember to attend the party!


Steals, layups and dunks,

Singles, doubles, triples, home runs, and walks,

Touchdowns, field goals and foolish drunks,

Goals assists and plenty of trash talk.


Rushing, passing, tackles and kicks,

Hits, strike outs and foul balls,

Shots, deflections and broken sticks,

Fast breaks, defense and refs bad calls.


Swingers, fielders and hurlers,

Receivers, special teams and quarterbacks,

Goalies, defenders and scorers,

Forwards, centers and hack a Shackqs.


Stadiums, arenas and ball parks,

Fans, crowds and seats,

Innings, periods, quarters and special sparks,

Zambonis, turf and delicious eats.


Sports are back!

Go see the show!

I hope your team pulls away from the pack,

It's great being back in the athletic flow!









Submitted: July 19, 2020

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