Gunther and Marty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Doolin Carrico

I've loved you since we were children, you saved your virginity for me.

the shot gun fired again
Gunther was sitting at the dinner table when Marty came in from work.
Marty said. Hi, Gunther. 
Gunther answered hi. As he sat there his head down 
Marty: is something wrong?
Gunther: when I put in the new security system last month, I had no idea it would cause me so much pain
Marty: what are you talking about? We both thought it was a good idea to put it in. it makes me feel safe.
Gunther: yeah, me too. Then I turned it on when I came home from work. Did you know the system came with a security camera?
Marty: no, I didn’t.
Gunther: here take a look, as he clicked on the remote and the security’s monitor came on.
Marty: what’s the matter? Is that tears on your face? 
Look at this he answered, as the monitor came on, and as she looked up the picture said it all. There she saw herself in their bedroom with Frank Morgan her best friends husband hugging and kissing naked in the bedroom
She was stunned, and her hands went to her mouth and she let out a hugh gasp as she saw what was on the screen. Then she said: Gunther, oh my God! what have you done? and tears came to her eyes and covered her entire face, as she knew the sting of being caught and the sensation streaked through her body like a bolt of lightning the tears were coming faster now as she Kneeled where he was sitting and took his arm with her tear wet hands. She said: Gunther! Please believe me, I have never done this kind of thing before and I’ve felt so guilty about this ever since I did it. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since it happened. I knew at the time it was wrong. Please don’t let this tear us apart. Don’t let it ruin our marriage. Then she sat on his lap one leg on each side of his, her arms around his neck. 
Then he said: I can’t leave you I am powerless to do that, I love you just like I have all my life. As we grew up together loving each other I just knew it was right, and nothing could ever break us apart. As time went on I believed it more and more, until it became a part of my being, it is in my mind, my soul. And it hurts deep down inside he took what was mine, and you let him. That’s no fair, that was sacred, it was meant to be mine alone. 
Marty: Gunther! What can I ever do to make this up to you? Please, there must be something. I knew I was sorry when I did it. I had one weak moment and now I’ve hurt the one person in my life I hold dear to my heart, nothing can ever fix that. I feel so ashamed. 
Gunther: The only thing I can say is, I love you. I know you will never hurt me again.
Then Gunther stood up and went into the bedroom as Marty tried to wipe her face and clear the tears away. then she heard the clickthat only shotgun hammes can make and she yelled Gunther no. as that terrible sound that only a shot gun can make. As she called out his name and ran into the bedroom she saw the horror of what her “moment of weakness caused” and her heart crumbled inside her chest and she knew the cost of her betrayal she slumped to the floor beside the bed and clutched his hand in hers. 
The police and fire dept came and cleaned up the mess and took Gunther’s body away and talked to her trying to peace together what had happened. 
When they had finished one of the officers handed her an envelope. Gunther had left a suicide note. 
She opened it. Her hands trembled, and she fumbled with the envelope, but she finally got it opened.
Marty. You are the one love of my life. Its been that way since we were children, you saved your virginity for our wedding night, for me. And when I saw the pain you were having with my first penetration as we began to discover the secrets of each others very souls, then as the pain went away we went to a place where a man and a woman come closer to being one than at any other time in their life.
Now I’ll close. I have made a cd of what happened between you and Frank and sent it to his wife Justine.
Marty knew she could not live in this world without Gunther, the battle of life was just to strong. And she prayed for forgiveness as she reached into the closet and took out the shot gun and some how those prayers were answered as the shot gun fired again.
Doolin Carrico
Russell Wilson


Submitted: July 24, 2020

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