My side of the story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

People in the office are making up all types of stories of her and the boss when really there are two sides to every story.

It is like your screaming, but no one can hear. You could not even wave your hands in the air if you wanted too. It is like you are invisible in a place where your voice and standards do not matter. Is that what it is like to be a woman nowadays? A sexual object that is not a heavyweight in any industry. Is that all I am good for as a person? It is just not fair because I get attacked regardless if I am the victim or not.
It sucks when you know a person is guilty, but everyone else did not think so. They automatically put a complete label on me without hearing my side of the story. Everybody thinks I was going after my boss sexually when that was not the case. A woman quickly comes out of the car with a black and gold Versace scarf on her head, a Balmain black leather jacket with a letter B on the back and tight Calvin Klein blue jeans with red stilettos. I sat back in my chair as I could feel the nervousness go from my fingertips to my entire body. I sat up to shake her hand as she was walking towards me with a stank attitude. She reminded me of Catherine Zeta-Jones with hips. She sat in the chair as if it was her throne. She slowly tilted her shades down to see me.
"Hello Nicole, you wanted to see me?" Says Victoria.
As I took the first sip of my coffee, I saw Victoria getting impatient.
" You heard some stuff about me, so I am clearing my name."
Victoria rolls her eyes as she takes a sip of her latte. She then puts it down and gives me a stair.
"How you tried to get with my husband. Knowing he was married." She says. I quickly interrupted her.
"Hold on it was not like that at all…." "Oh please, do you expect me to believe you? Everyone in the office is talking about you."
I start to squeeze my napkin with anger. Just by the fact people have been making up lies about me just grinds my gears. I find it so unnecessary to add drama without knowing the full truth. I calmed myself down for a second just to get her to understand what I was about to say.
"Whatever you heard from people at work or your husband is a lie. I know for a fact that it was not going to go down like that on my part. I was not trying to get with your husband sexually or romantically. I was just trying to get a higher position in the field I am doing. I promise you that no sexual activity occurred except when he touches me inappropriately. I usually step back. But I always stayed quiet because I just wanted to keep my job." She then rolls her eyes at me and laughs. I give her an attitude as if I was confused.
"I am sorry, what is so funny?" I said with an angry expression on my face.
Victoria then gives me the evil eye once I stared her down. She begins sipping her latte as she flicks her nails.
 "Nothing, it is just sad that people like you have to open their legs up for a job. Do you have any dignity.”
I automatically went into a rage. My entire face went red as I uncontrollably clenched my fist. I felt like I was about to fight Victoria, but the windy weather kept me in my seat. I took a deep breath and leaned over towards her.
"Do you even know what it is like being a woman in the workplace? Shit, have you ever worked a day in your life? Your opinion is not respected, but your vagina is a suggestion. In that office you never get recognized, even if you do, the boss wants something sexual in return. I always avoid having sex for any position because I do not need it. I did not do it before this job, and I will not do it after. You are seriously delusional about your husband because I have said no plenty of times and still have gotten violated.”
Victoria quickly sits up as I finish going off on her. She could feel the pain as she tried to look away. I began to see her play with her fingers as she started to get more nervous.
"Have you been sexually harassed by my husband?" She said with a serious look on her face. I leaned in closer to her with a little rage in me. I hold back tears as I remember the trauma that I experienced from work. I look directly at her as I sit up straight.
" Yes, your husband has sexually harassed me.  I remember like it was yesterday. This time it was at the Christmas party."
Victoria almost choked on her Danish and quickly put it down. I could tell she was shocked just by her look.
She stood up straight to pretend she was not nervous. Then took another bite of her Danish. She wipes her mouth and then sighs.
"What happened there?"
I started to play with my fork. I quickly took my sip of water. Then I leaned in, so victoria can see I am serious. Her eyes completely went out of their sockets.
"Everyone was pretty much wasted from drinking liquor mixed with eggnog. As soon as I walked through the door, I could see your husband with his hands in the air. Without any hesitation, he came over to me and hugged me. As he hugged me, he put his hand all over me until it hit my backside. I quickly pushed him away once I started getting uncomfortable. There were times where he touched me uncomfortably. Whenever we would have meetings in the conference room, he would slide his hand under my skirt. He always tried to take things more than professional. It would kill me because I take pride in my work.  I use my talents and my gifts to excel. Lowering my standards for a job position was never my mindset. But who wants to have a problem with the boss.”
Victoria quickly shook her head as if she understood. She took another sip of her latte and then quickly licked off the whipped cream from her upper lip. She kneels in to make sure what I am saying is factual.
“Nicole, you are telling me that my husband has been touching you very inappropriately without your consent.”
She asked me with her mouth hung open. I looked right back at her with no hesitation.
“ Yes!!”
Victoria then squints her eyes and leans back in her chair. She all of a sudden looks at me sideways as if there was more to the story. She takes the last bite of her danish and puts her hand on her chin.
"How do I know you are telling the truth? How do I know this is a cry out for attention or an excuse to get sympathy points? Tell me why I should believe you?”
I quickly pulled out my purse from behind the chair as she said that. I knew she was going to have doubts about what I am saying. Which is why I had my evidence on stand by just in case she makes assumptions. I pulled out my phone and showed her everything. I pulled out text messages, nasty emails, and even sexual and threatening voicemails. As soon as she got hold of the evidence, I could see tears falling down her cheeks. She puts her hand over her mouth and drops the phone on the table. Victoria takes off her glasses and puts her hand over her face. I could feel her heart sinking to her stomach as she crumbled before my eyes. Once her hands were on the table, I saw her eyes as red as hot chili peppers. Victoria then squints her eyes and looks at me.
"You are not the first, and you will not be the last."


Submitted: July 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Sunshine gray. All rights reserved.

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