Madrigal; The Dreaming Maiden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

We know that every princess-hopful wants thier dreams to come true, but what happens when that wish is granted literaly? Madrigal is that young women. She dreams of love and the life she deserves, but when the fairy of dreams gives Madrigal exactaly what she promises, it is more than Madrigal and the entire kingdom could ever have dreamed! If you love the golden age of disney princess stories, then this is for you!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 A long time ago in a place that's further then you've ever been, lied a kingdom filled with eligance and a timeless romance... Read Chapter


Chapter 2 Now when Madrigal was about seventeen, she began to put all of the farming duties upon herself, because her mother had grown il... Read Chapter


Chapter 3 In summertime, work on the farm was blistering. In winter it was biteing. Madrigal would chop wood, milk Darlene, the family co... Read Chapter


Chapter 4 After Madrigal would finish her chores, she would return home to make a cozy fire and prepare something good to eat while her m... Read Chapter


Chapter 5 Winter ended and another year came. Some time passed with realative ease, as well as could be expected, but then without warnin... Read Chapter


Chapter 6 That evening Madrigal prepared a meager meal from some wild mushrooms she had found about the woods. As Griselda sat at the tab... Read Chapter


A little while after Griselda went on to bed, Madrigal took what little food she was to eat, and put it in a bowl. Then she grabbed a bla... Read Chapter


Chapter 8 It was around midnight by the time Madrigal was settled enough in mind to lay down. She had her gown on and placed her candle o... Read Chapter


That night as Madrigal slept, she had a very strange dream. The sun rose in the east, and as the light touched all the land, she could se... Read Chapter


Early the next day, Madrigal and Griselda headed for the village in a horse buggy to trade a basket of eggs for some fabric for sewing. W... Read Chapter


Chapter 11 That night Madrigal, along with Trance and Skitter by her bedside, slept. Not long after falling asleep, she had her second dr... Read Chapter


Chapter 12 The next morning came and began quite uneventful. Madrigal worked on her chores with her animal friends. Later as always, Madr... Read Chapter


Chapter 13 Madrigal and Griselda rode in a coach to the village with Trance and Skitter as stolaways. When they arrived, the villagers al... Read Chapter


Chapter 14. As the evening approached, the townsmen gathered anything together that would lighten up the jubilee. Trance and Skitter ... Read Chapter


After the music had settled, and many had began to sleep, Madrigal had decided that it should be time for them to depart for home. She ap... Read Chapter


Chapter 16 As Madrigal slept she had her third dream. Like before, she saw the sun rise but this time she saw all the men of the vill... Read Chapter


Chapter 17. The villagers were fast asleep but not too far away at the castle that governed the land, was King Avel who had grown con... Read Chapter


Chapter 18. The mourning came and Madrigal awoke. After she rose, she gathered her mother, Trance, Skitter and found the coachman tha... Read Chapter


Chapter 19 At the time Madrigal had discovered the animals ability to speak, Prince Destin was riding in the royal coach to visit Mad... Read Chapter


Chapter 20 Madrigal had planned to return home that hour but was too amused with her animal friend's new ability to talk. What amused... Read Chapter


Chapter 21 The entire day was wonderous bliss for Madrigal as she toured the entire kingdom with Prince Destin.  Griselda, Tranc... Read Chapter


Chapter 22. It was just before sunset and Madrigal was in her sleeping chamber talking to Trance and Skitter before the spell that ha... Read Chapter


Chapter 23 That night as Madrigal slept, she had her fourth dream. This time she saw the sea and off in the distance was a ship. It d... Read Chapter


Chapter 24 The next day Madrigal was awoke by a knocking at her door. "Just a minute." She said as she rushed to the door.  It w... Read Chapter


Chapter 25 Madrigal met the prince and the two toured the country side. As they walked through the royal gardens alone the prince sai... Read Chapter


Chapter 26 As a feast was being prepared by the palace for the entire land, King Avel made his way alone to a secluded part of the castle... Read Chapter


Chapter 27 The time for the ball had arrived and everyone was adorned in fine clothing and jewles that were found on the ship of riches. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 28. Madrigal tossed and turned in her bed and after awhile fell asleep. Behind the eyes of a painting overlooking Madrigal, were ... Read Chapter


Chapter 29 The next mourning, in the village, all was quite and mundane as a heavy fog rolled in. Then out of seemingly nowhere many pack... Read Chapter


Chapter 30 As Madrigal lay in a dungeon cell, she was visited by her mother Griselda, and her friends Trance and Skitter. "Ma-ma!" Madrig... Read Chapter


Chapter 31 As Madrigal lay in her dungeon cell, the king went once again to meet with the dispicible witch to ask what should be done con... Read Chapter


Chapter 32 That evening as the kingdom slept, the king who was disguised as a servant by wearing a hooded robe, was carrying a blanket. W... Read Chapter


Chapter 33 Morning came to the village as expected. All the townsfolk began there chores just as they always had. All was quite until the... Read Chapter


Chapter 34 As Madrigal awaited her execution, Prince Destin came before the king saying, "Father you cannot allow this thing. I have gott... Read Chapter


Chapter 35 With only a short time before she was to die, Madrigal lay in her cell just crying and praying saying "Please! Oh please! I ne... Read Chapter


Chapter 36 As Madrigal slept, she had her seventh and final dream. In it a tree was surrounded by stones. As the tree was about to be bur... Read Chapter


Chapter 37 High noon approached, and the captain of the guards came for Madrigal. "It's time." He told her. Madrigal looked at Trance and... Read Chapter


Chapter 38 A steak pile was being prepared to burn Madrigal upon and the time of her execution was very near. Trance and Skitter knew the... Read Chapter


Chapter 39 Out in the courtyard where Madrigal was to be burnt upon wooden steaks, where all the men railing against the maiden. When the... Read Chapter


Chapter 40 The King knew that his kingdom had turned against him and they would now come to destroy him. He knew he had to destroy Madrig... Read Chapter


Chapter 41 Prince Destin and Madrigal rode through the great forrest, a place that the prince had rode many times before, when a thick fo... Read Chapter


Chapter 42 The horse followed Trance's screeches until they were led out of the fog filled forrest to a cliff overlooking the shore. The ... Read Chapter


Chapter 43 A short time later Madrigal and the soon to be crowned King, Prince Destin, where married in the sight of the entire villa... Read Chapter

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