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Early the next day, Madrigal and Griselda headed for the village in a horse buggy to trade a basket of eggs for some fabric for sewing. When the two arrived at the village's market place, Griselda said to the store clerk "Give me the value of these eggs in exchange for some sewing fabric." As the clerk tallyed the eggs to determine a fair exchange, Griselda said to Madrigal "We should do well here today since food is scarce." Madrigal had decided not to speak of the fairy of dreams, didn't seem the least bit interested but rather deep in thought? instead. "Are you feeling well Madrigal? You've barley spoken today." Griselda said to which Madrigal replied "Oh I'm sorry Ma-ma. I suppose I was dreaming of something. Oh how I wanted it to come true." "Now my dear," Griselda said. "Don't lose hope. You never can tell what the next day will bring with it. Right now above all, Let's hope a rain will come. I'm not sure how much longer we can endure a test like this." Griselda's words reminded Madrigal of the strange dream she had. "I dreamed it would rain last night." Madrigal said. "It came frightfully sudden when the sun was just about where it was now." As Madrigal spoke, the store clerk came back with some fabric and listened as Madrigal continued. "The strangest part happened, when, as the rain fell, so did a great multitude of potatoes." Griselda just laughed and said "raining potatoes! What foolishness! How would a potatoe even get up that high." Even the store clerk let out a chuckle as well and said "Even so, you'd have to have clouds in the sky, and there hasn't been a single one for weeks!" Madrigal maintained a smile but on the inside was embarrassed and wondered if anything from the night before had been real. Then as the sun reached it's highest point, something wonderfully strange happened. From out of nowhere appeared a few white clouds. Then more appeared. Wind strated to blow as more and more clouds filled the sky. White clouds turned dark and pretty soon the sun was blocked out. As it got darker, Madrigal pointed to the sky and said "Look Ma-ma. It's just like my dream!" Griselda was overjoyed at the sight as she laughed and said "Yes! It is going to rain! Are prayers have been answered!" The store clerk laughed too and said "Well, what do you know!" Within moments rain began to fall. Joy spread quickly through the village as people started singing and dancing in the rain. Even Griselda who was usually too weak and tired to do much, was dancing herself. "Come my girl! Dance! Sing!" Griselda told Madrigal. Reluctantly and half heartedly, Madrigal danced next her mother. "Ma-ma!" Madrigal pleaded "You should rest yourself! Dancing and singing like this is not for you!" Griselda went on without a care and said. "Look around Madrigal! Dancing and singing is a talent of no one here, but we do it because the rain gives us joy!" Madrigal nodded to convey her understanding and said "Yes Ma-ma, but you'll catch your death of cold. Now please come dry off!" "Oh very well." Griselda said as the two came back into the shop. Then with a bolt of lightning and a crash of thunder came great hail. The villagers began to run for cover for fear of perishing in the storm. Several pieces of hail blew into the store nearby where Madrigal was. The store clerk picked up one of the pieces as appeared to be larger than normal. Upon inspecting it, he noticed that it wasn't any ordinary hail but rather a potatoe! "Look! Look!" The store clerk said. "It's as the maiden had said! It really has rained potatoes!" The rain left and in it's wake there were potatoes of every size littered about the village. No one could explain the phenomenon, but word quickly spread of Madrigal's dream the night before. Although the entire village was in shock and wondered how only Madrigal could have know what would happen, they were more so happy because now there was plenty of food and water for all. Madrigal and Griselda returned home that afternoon but spoke not of the dream or Madrigal of the fairy of dreams to her mother.

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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