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Chapter 11 That night Madrigal, along with Trance and Skitter by her bedside, slept. Not long after falling asleep, she had her second dream. Again the sun rose over the valley. This time she saw the townspeople preparing to throw a large feast but when they searched for someone to play music and sing for the festivities, there was none to be found. Then as the sun reached it's noon peak, many singers, dancers, and music makers, appeared, each one looking to be one of the villager's twin. Then the music makers, the dancers, and singers, sealed all of the villagers inside a great cave. The music makers, dancers, and singers then proceeded to make merry and eat and drink. All night did the merry men and women make merry, but once the sun rose, the merry men and women transformed into the villagers that each one was synonymous with. Then there was music, singing, and dancing no more. Madrigal woke up alarmed after her dream and pondered to herself what the dream may have meant.

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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