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Chapter 14.

As the evening approached, the townsmen gathered anything together that would lighten up the jubilee. Trance and Skitter helped with the decorating. Many stringed instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments were gathered as well as anything that could be made. Then came time for the feast. In addition to an overwhelming selection of potato based dishes, there were also many other kinds of food as well. As the townsfolk began to heavily eat and drink, all who had ever wished to preform did so very skillfully. Many began to dance, and play their instruments while many others began to sing a song each with their own part. They started singing:

"I can make music.

Sweet symphonies.

When my hand moves through

Lyre stings like the breeze.

Steady with rhythm.

Honed well with rhymes.

Lyrics are tricky but

mastered in time.

Polished with pearls

From our old English fathers

Spring joy from your heels to the tops of your collars! (Laughter)

Oh- I can make music! Oh

Oh- I can make music! Oh!

When I was a lad

Of mere seven or eight

The sounds that came from me

made my folks irrate

My mother would whip me

My father would scream:

"I curse the day my Lord pinned two ears on me!"

But this night alone oh how proud they would be!

Oh I can make music

Or dance like the leaves

Spun in a wurlwind

Gay spirited and free

I can sing like the lilys

Woke by golden rays

From springs first warm dawning

And I sung that to say

I may not be all that I am come the morrow

But this night with glee we shall drown all our sorrow!

Oh---- I can make music oh

Oh---- I can make music oh

Oh---- I can make music oh

Oh---- I can make music oh

I can make music! I can make music! I can make music---- I can make music Whoa oh!

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