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After the music had settled, and many had began to sleep, Madrigal had decided that it should be time for them to depart for home. She approached two men who where eating much roasted meat. "Hand me another platter of boar! I'm still hungry!" Said one man to another. "That was the last of it you big oger! Have some potatoes instead! There's plenty of them." Said the other man. "Oh alright! But tomorrow I'm getting meat. We'll have to hunt every last beast in the woods to make up for what we've ate today!" Said the first man. "Here here! It'll be a hunting spree it will!" Said the second man. Madrigal was saddened at the sound of the hunters plans for the sake of the animals. "Poor animals!" Madrigal said. One of the men just looked at her and said, "Who are you? There nanny?" He said. Then the other man said, "If the animals don't want to be hunted let them say so!" At that the two men laughed. "Wait a minute!" Said the first man. "Ain't you the maiden the town has been swoon over?" "I am." Said Madrigal. The two men straightened up and tried to act proper as the first man said "My apologies my lady. How can I help you?" Madrigal just smiled and replied to him "I just thought mother and I should return home and was therefore seeking a ride." "I'm terribly sorry said the old man but afraid the pair of you will have to find a spot by the fire and wait till mourning." Said the first man. Then the second man just laughed and said. "You see deary, anyone not asleep is drunk, and if they isn't drunk, they horses is!" The two men laughed as Madrigal just nodded and said "I understand.Thank you both the same." At that, Madrigal left and found some hay to lay in near the fire and went to bed.

Submitted: August 02, 2020

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