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Chapter 17.

The villagers were fast asleep but not too far away at the castle that governed the land, was King Avel who had grown concerned over the rumors about the maiden and her dreams. "Bring me my son!" said the King to his servent. Without delay, the King's servant summoned the King's son, Prince Destin. "Have you any further heard about the maiden who is said to have blessed the village." asked the King. "Yes father." said prince Destin, "There are reports that the villagers have all been given the gift of music and have thrown a great jubilee." The King rubbed his beard and said "Very intriguing. I would be most eager to learn the secret of her gift."

"Yes father." said the prince as the King continued to say "Tomorrow, bring the maiden here. Show her the castle and then present her to me. Now go." Prince Destin bowed and said again, "Yes father.Thank you father." The prince left as the king pondered about the maiden and her special gift to himself.

Submitted: August 03, 2020

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