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Chapter 18.

The mourning came and Madrigal awoke. After she rose, she gathered her mother, Trance, Skitter and found the coachman that had brought her to the village. "Will you be taking us home soon?" Asked Madrigal. "Positively my lady. Just give me a few moments to feed my horses." As the coachman fed his horses, a man nearby was hunting for food in the forest. As he happened upon a dear, he readied his arrows. Then just as he was about to fire, the dear turned to him and said "Your not going to shoot me with that arrow are you?" The hunter screamed from the shock of seeing a talking dear and ran out of the forest as fast as he could leaving his bow and arrows behind. "You forgot your arrows!" Yelled the dear as the hunter fled. The surprised hunter ran out of the woods and towards Madrigal who was petting one of the horses that was being fed. "Help me!" Said the hunter. "In the forest! There was a talking dear!" The coachmen, Madrigal, and Griselda just looked bewildered at the hunter. "Balderdash!" Said the coachman as he stopped feeding the horse. Just then, much to everyone's surprise, the horse spoke as well saying "Hey! Why'd you stop feeding me for?" The hunter ran away again screaming as the coachman said "Yo-yo-You can talk?!" Everyone who didn't run screaming just stared with amazement. Then the Coachman's second horse spoke saying " they act like they never seen a talking horse before!" Griselda jumped up and started laughing and said "This one talks too! As I live and breathe!" Madrigal was delighted as well as dumbfounded, but then she remembered her dream. "It's my dream Ma-ma! I dreamt the animals could speak till sundown! Now this too has come true!"

"Surely you have been given a great gift my daughter!" Griselda said. At that moment, it occurred to Madrigal that her little friends could talk as well. "Trance and Skitter!" Madrigal said. "I almost forgot!" She then went to meet them on top of the carriage. "Trance? Skitter?" She called. "Are you there?" After a moment of silence, Trance and Skitter popped their heads up from the top of the carriage. "Madrigal!" Trance said. "Is everything alright? Did I just say that?"

"Oh Yes! And everything is wonderful!" Madrigal said with glee, Then Skitter said "Hey! What's going on? Did I miss something here?" Madrigal was overjoyed at the sound of her friends speaking.

Submitted: August 03, 2020

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