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Chapter 20

Madrigal had planned to return home that hour but was too amused with her animal friend's new ability to talk. What amused her most was leaning secrets about being an owl and mouse from her friends Trance and Skitter. "I'll tell you another thing." Said Trance "I sure miss the taste of a juicy field mouse! I just can't eat one anymore because of this guy!" Trance said about Skitter. "Yeah yeah! But I know you've been tempted to eat me before haven't you?!" Said Skitter to Trance. "Whoo! Me?!" Trance said. "You too are too much!" said Madrigal. "What am I going to do with you two?!" Just as Madrigal spoke, the royal coach pulled up and came to a halt. "Look!" Griselda said."It's the royal coach!"

"The royal coach! And the Prince!" said Madrigal as the townsfolk began to bow with respect. As the townsfolk were bowing and the prince's royal escort exited and made ready to read a royal proclamation. "In the name of King Avel, I read this proclamation!" Exclaimed the Royal escort to the Prince. "The maiden Madrigal as well as her house is to be escorted, with the company of his royal highness Prince Destin, to the palace at once." Madrigal was filled with excitement as she stepped forward. "I am Madrigal, the maiden you speak of. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance!" She said as she curtsied. "Charmed." said the royal escort, "May I present to you Prince Destin." Madrigal curtsied before the Prince and said "I am humbled to be in your presence sire." The Prince bowed respectfully in return and said "The pleasure is solely mine. Now, are you and your household ready to go my lady?"

"Oh yes!" said Madrigal. "I can't believe this! It's like a dream come true!"

"Meeting one as beautiful as you has been a dream of mine." said the Prince as Madrigal, Griselda, Trance, and Skitter boarded the royal coach. Madrigal just blushed at the sound of that but remained quite. "Alright," said the first horse, "let's mosey home!" As the royal horses trotted away, Skitter said to Trance, "Tonight my friend, we feast!" Trance just hooted and said "Who! Who! Royal leftovers! Sounds like a real treat!" With that, the royal coach continued down the road towards the castle ahead.

Submitted: August 04, 2020

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