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Chapter 21

The entire day was wonderous bliss for Madrigal as she toured the entire kingdom with Prince Destin.  Griselda, Trance, and Skitter where shown the comforts of palace life as well and had no complaints. After the tour ended, Madrigal was presented to the king. "Welcome to my kingdom my dear. Do you like it?"

"Oh it's more magnificent than I've ever dreamt of!" said Madrigal. "Excellent." said the king. "Now tell me my dear. What of these dreams you have." Madrigal was afraid to speak of the fairy of dreams for fear of being branded a lunitik so instead she simply said, "You see my Lord, I just began to have them, I cannot explain beyond that."

"I see." said the king. "And can you make anything come to pass from your dreams, or only some things?"

"Like what your highness?" Madrigal inquired.  "Perhaps something to bring them joy... Perhaps?" said the king. "They seemed very happy from my dreams so far." said Madrigal. The king nodded in agreement and said "Yes, you have given to them food and water, but when those things are gone, what will they have? Perhaps there is something you can bring us that would help all of us for much longer than just a few days." Madrigal was sad at the thought but was confused by the King's innuendo. "If it is at all possible I'll dream of just such things." Madrigal said. "Splendid!" said the king. "Now if you'll excuse me my dear, I must attend to more important matters." said the king. "One of my guards will escort you to your quarters for the night." Madrigal just curtieid and said "Yes and thank you your Majesty ."

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