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Chapter 24

The next day Madrigal was awoke by a knocking at her door. "Just a minute." She said as she rushed to the door.  It was one of the royal servants with a message from the prince. "Begging your pardon fair lady, but the Prince has requested that you'd join him for a tour around the countryside." The servant said. "Tell him I'd be most delighted." Said Madrigal. Trance and Skitter laughed to themselves as they knew Madrigal was over the moon for the Prince. "Excellent." Said the servant. "Be ready in one hour." The servant left as Madrigal closed the door. "Isn't grand?" She told Trance and Skitter. "The prince wants to see me again! Oh wouldn't be a dream come true if we..." Madrigal just sighed a dreamy sigh and sat on the bed. "Then again, we mustn't get ahead of ourselves." Madrigal started to get ready as she hummed and sang the hour away. 

Submitted: August 04, 2020

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