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Chapter 25

Madrigal met the prince and the two toured the country side. As they walked through the royal gardens alone the prince said to Madrigal, "I hope your visit has been a good one." Said the Prince. "Oh it's been more wonderful than I ever dreamed." Said Madrigal. "I'm pleased to hear that." Said the Prince. "I know I've only spent two days with you, but I can't recall a time I have felt more enchanted by someone else's presence." Madrigal was overcome since everything was happening so fast. "I not sure what to say." Madrigal said to Prince Destin. "Please. You don't have to say anything." The prince said. "Just know that once you return home, I'll never be the same as I was." Madrigal was intrigued and flattered by what the prince said. "In what way?" She asked. "I can't deny my feelings. My heart is a door you pound on. My soul soars as a gay sparrow and you are his song, and my mind dives into madness when your eyes cross paths with mine." As Madrigal listened to the Prince's words, the prince leaned in and kissed the fair maiden. Not a second went by however when a royal messenger from the king interrupted and said, "Sire, forgive my intrusion, but I have an urgent message." The Prince became filled with concern as he asked the royal messenger "What's this message you speak of?"

"A great fortune in gold and jewels? has been discovered near the village, on an abandoned ship that was found drifting in the sea." The royal messenger explained. He continued by saying "The town has deemed Madrigal the source once again for this unexpected blessing and the king has decreed that a great feast should be held in her honor at the palace this night. Everyone in the land is to attend!"

Madrigal couldn't believe what she heard, nonetheless she felt that her dream had been the cause of the kingdom's good fortune. "It's true." She said. "Verily I did dream of a ship of gold and jewels the night past." The messenger clapped with glee and said "Then I'll tell the king at once, and tonight we will celebrate and rejoice!" Then the messenger left Prince Destin and Madrigal alone once more.

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