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Chapter 27 The time for the ball had arrived and everyone was adorned in fine clothing and jewles that were found on the ship of riches. All the townsfolk flaunted their new wealth and tipped more than generous at the slightest gesture. As they partied, the King presented the flowers that were sented with the dispicible witch's potion to Madrigal, as well as many other gifts as to not draw suspension. Just as the king had hoped, Madrigal indeed did smell the flowers. Then as the waltz played, Prince Destin came to Madrigal, bowed, and said "May I have the honor of this dance?" Madrigal curtieid and the two began to dance. Trance flew Skitter in the air and the two danced, a bit out of view, and Griselda was dancing with every eligible bachelor in the Kingdom! As Prince Destin and Madrigal danced, they began to move gracefully in circles. They danced and danced until all of a sudden Madrigal became light in the head and feel to the floor. "My lady! Are you well?" The Prince asked as the crowd around her stopped to see. "I...I think so." Madrigal said as the prince helped her to her feet. "I think I just need a rest." She said. "I'm sorry! Please go on without me." "It's not your fault." Said the prince. "Come, I'll escort you to your room." Then the king came to them and said "No doubt, Madrigal has been overwhelmed with exitment. Go in peace and rest my dear." Madrigal nodded and said "Thank you your grace." The prince helped Madrigal to her room where she layed down to rest and recover from her weakened state.

Submitted: August 04, 2020

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