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Chapter 29 The next mourning, in the village, all was quite and mundane as a heavy fog rolled in. Then out of seemingly nowhere many packs of wolves came from the forest just as Madrigal had dreamt. The women and children locked themselves in there homes as the men grabbed sticks and stones and pitchforks to ward off the wolves. The wolves however seemed relentless and in a wild rage tore up everything in site. After a grueling battle, the men finally drove the wolves back with both sides suffering injuries. Although no lives were claimed, much damage was done, and terror gripped all that lived in the village. That same hour, a great crowd of men left for the castle to demand an explanation while the strongest men stayed behind for fear the wolves might return. When the king heard the cries of the village and their suspicions that Madrigal had placed upon them a curse, he said to the mob, "Let us not act hastily my friends. I shall bring Madrigal to you and we shall hear what she has to say." Within minutes, Madrigal was brought before the people and the king. As she heard their cries, the king said "Now my dear, tell us something that will calm the fears of these people. What can you say about what has happened this day?" Madrigal was sore afraid to speak but was not able to lie. "I did dream of wolves last night, but I swear that I mean no harm to anyone!" The mob was not satisfied and one yelled out against her saying "Our village was attached! There could have been many killed!" Then some began to yell, "Execute her!" As Madrigal began to cry, Griselda stepped forward to plea for her sake. "Do you not the remember the good Madrigal had done? How she had blessed and saved all of us?" Griselda said. Some in the mob started to feel remorse and began to repent of thier wrath. The king saw this and knew that his kingdom would surely divide if he put Madrigal to death. Hoping to appease both the angry and remorseful, the king proposed a deal. "It is too uncertain if the rampage on your town was brought to you from the maiden or if her dream was a simple coincidence." Said the king. "We shall lock her in our dungeon for tonight, and if no further evil falls upon you, then to Madrigal I say go in peace. But should evil come once more, then we shall know that Madrigal has intended to harm us indeed. Then and only then shall we execute her." As the crowd murmured among themselves, the king summed guards to take Madrigal away.

Submitted: August 04, 2020

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