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Chapter 3 In summertime, work on the farm was blistering. In winter it was biteing. Madrigal would chop wood, milk Darlene, the family cow, and gather wheat and eggs. The chores were grueling to say the least, but Madrigal wasn't completely without help. Inside the barn lived a tiny mouse named skitter, and a friendly barn owl named trance. The two natural enemies had come to respect each other due to the common bond they had with Madrigal. "Now you two be good to eachother and help me with my chores, and I'll give you something good to eat!" Madrigal told them daily. The promise of being well fed was what skitter and trance loved the most and they were happy to least as much as a mouse and owl could help. Being animals, it wasn't much but in many ways, it was entertaining. In most cases, watching skitter try to milk a cow or trance lift fire wood in his beak was all the amusement Madrigal would get from day to day. To further help alieveate the burden of the labor, Madrigal would continue to exercise her greatest gift; her singing voice. As the trio would labor away, she'd sing a bright little song. Everyday she'd sing:

"Singing makes the day go by. It makes the gloom fade faster. Grumpiness is what sets in when somber is your master! Just sing the day away! Just sing the day away! Just grind Your worries into dust and bury them in the clay..."

She continued her song with the help of the bluebirds that would come to hear her.

"Just be the little bluebird. Hear his serenade... tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet... Just sing the day away!"

Submitted: July 31, 2020

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