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Chapter 30 As Madrigal lay in a dungeon cell, she was visited by her mother Griselda, and her friends Trance and Skitter. "Ma-ma!" Madrigal said with tears. "Oh Ma-ma! Trance! Skitter! I'm so afraid!" Trance and Skitter squeezed through the bars that were on Madrigal's dungeon window and cuddled up to her. Griselda held Madrigal's hands through the dungeon bars and said "Have faith love. All's not lost. I promise things will be turn out OK." As Madrigal and Griselda comforted one another, the captain of the guards came to Griselda and said "You'll have to come with me Madam. The king has said there are to be no further visitors." "But she is my daughter! Please I beg of you!" Griselda said. "Sorry." Said the captain of the guards. "King's orders. I'm to take you to your farm house beyond the village." Griselda turned and looked at Madrigal with tears and said "Be brave my little Madrigal. I'm sorry I cannot stay with you." Madrigal held back her tears and said "Don't be sorry Ma-ma, and I will be brave for you." The captain of the guards grabbed Griselda by the arm gently as he said, "Come Madam, it's time to leave." Madrigal, Trance and Skitter, all looked on helplessly as Griselda was taken away by the guard.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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