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Chapter 32 That evening as the kingdom slept, the king who was disguised as a servant by wearing a hooded robe, was carrying a blanket. When he approached the guard that watched Madrigal's cell he said, "The king has ordered the maiden be given another measure of warmth because the air is too cold for one as thin as she." The guard opened the cell and let the king in. Madrigal lay fast asleep as the king came to her and whispered "The morning will bring an abomanol curse. The men will be spared but grieved the worst. As for the children and women they love; they shall be trees till moonlights first touch." Madrigal spoke the King's words in her sleep as he spoke to her, and as he was leaving, Trance and Skitter who where awaken from their bed in the hay saw the king in disguise. Thinking it to be a dream, and not wanting to wake Madrigal, the two just fell asleep.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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