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Chapter 33 Morning came to the village as expected. All the townsfolk began there chores just as they always had. All was quite until the unthinkable happened. All of the children and women in the village, including Griselda, began to transform into trees just as Madrigal's nightmare had dictated. Now the men where furious as they marched to the castle to see the king once more. "Bring us the Madrigal!" They demanded of the king. The king fearing a riot, brought Madrigal before the people and the court so that proper judgment would prevail . After the king had heard of what happened he said to Madrigal, "The people say you have used your gift against them and turned there women and children into wood. What have you to say?" Madrigal was in tears and pleaded as she said "It's true I dreamt of what you have spoken of but I do not wish or even think evil against anyone! Won't anyone here believe me! Please!" Then prince Destin stepped forward and said, "I believe the words if this woman. She has only done good unto us all! You know very well a dream is something you cannot control. You have no proof that anything that has become as of late is from this woman." Then Madrigal spoke once more saying "And in my dream the ones who have turned to wood will be restored at the moon's first light." Some of the crowd was beginning to calm down and listen to the prince and maiden, but the king wasn't having it. He took out the vail of magic that was given to him by the dispicible witch and opened it. Then several invisible spirits came out and went through the crowd yelling protests against the maiden. Each person in the crowd assumed it was someone near them, and not a spirit. The crowd began to rail against Madrigal again as the king said "Enough!" Then wanting to know if the maiden was hiding anymore concerning the source of the gift he said "This is a very serious matter my dear. Tell us how you are able to transform your dreams into reality! What is the secret of your power?" Hoping the truth would show her to be innocent, Madrigal said "Through the visit of a fairy have I been gifted this ability. But only for seven days, six of which have now come, and one that is yet to be." The king pointed his finger at Madrigal and grew angry. "Incredible lies!" Said the king. "This fairy is nothing more than a dark spirit, and Madrigal is in league with this darkness so she can rule us all! Whoever can't be ruled will be destroyed!" "No!" Madrigal said "That's not the truth!" By now the crowd would not listen and we're demanding that she should be put to death. The moment the king waited for had arrived. "I hearby order, that when the sun reaches the top of the sky this day, this woman shall be put to death!" Then the guards took Madrigal away to her cell to await her execution.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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