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Chapter 38 A steak pile was being prepared to burn Madrigal upon and the time of her execution was very near. Trance and Skitter knew they had to hurry if they were to save their dear friend. As fast as they possibly could, the two found the guard standing by the main dungeon door. Trance flapped his wings as if he were pointing at the guards and hooting as if he were making a plan. Skitter squeeked in response as if he understood. Then the two put their plan into motion. Skitter first ran up the leg of the guard. The guard tried to frantically shake Skitter off dancing side to side as skitter, hung on tight, and never let go. While Skitter kept the guard dancing and hoping, Trance flew behind him unaware and tied his cape to a torch on the wall. Then Skitter, ran down the guards leg and off onto the floor. The guard was furious as he drew his sword and said to Skitter, "Come and face me man to vermin you little rat!" The guard lunged after Skitter with his sword but Skitter was too quick. He stepped forward to give chase, and when he did his cape pulled the torch off the wall. The torch came down with his cape still attached and burnt the guard's bottom. He let out a deafening scream and jump up hitting his head and knocking himself out cold. Trance and Skitter seized the moment and loosened the belt from the guard. The two grabbed his key and returned as fast as they could move to the prince. "Hurry my friends hurry!" Said the prince. He unlocked the door and the three hurried past the guard. The guard woke up and saw them escaping. He jumped up and yelled "Halt you traitors!" The guard drew his sword and started to run but as he did his pants fell as his belt was loosened causing him to trip and fall. The prince returned to the guard and took his sword, and the three continued with their escape.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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