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Chapter 4 After Madrigal would finish her chores, she would return home to make a cozy fire and prepare something good to eat while her mother, Greselda, would rest. Trance and skitter had to wait outside because Griselda never allowed vermin in the house. One day the temptation to eat early was too great to bear. Using a thin board and some cleaver teamwork, Trance and Skitter were able to pry open the window ever so much. As the duo snuck quietly in, Madrigal was preparing a sandwich. Skitter, the quieter of the two, creeped along the counter to steal a slice of bread. All was well until Griselda who was half asleep in her chair said to Madrigal, "Dear, would you slice me some more bread?" to which Madrigal said "Yes Ma-ma." Madrigal put a halt to the butter she was churning and turned towards the cutting table. In a panic, Skitter ran at the loaf of bread and stood up against it as a fugitive against a shadowy wall. Certain Skitter would be found out, Trance flew every so softly as not to be heard behind Madrigal and hovered just above her apron. Madrigal cut a thick slice of bread just missing poor Skitter. The slice fell down upon him covering him up completely. Now was the moment Trance waited for. As fast and easy as possible, he positioned his right talon over Madrigal's apron strap, and with one pince, he cut it. The apron fell to floor. "Oh my!" Madrigal said. She bent down to pick up her fallen apron as Trance hid himself and Skitter scurried away with his bread. "Oh dear!" Madrigal said. "I'll have to sew my strap again!" She looked up to see the slice of bread that she had cut was now missing. "What's this?" She said with surprise. "I thought I had just cut a piece of bread! I'm sure of it!" Madrigal was confused though she had her suspensions. "Have you my bread ready dear?" Griselda asked kindly. "I'm coming with it right now Ma-ma." Madrigal said as she sliced another peice.

Submitted: July 31, 2020

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