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Chapter 40 The King knew that his kingdom had turned against him and they would now come to destroy him. He knew he had to destroy Madrigal and his son the prince if there was any chance of regaining his kingdom for if they escaped, they may rally neighboring lands against him. Quietly the king slipped away and sought help from the dispicible witch. "My kingdom has turned against me and when they discover what we had conspired together to do, they will kill us both!" Said the king. "Find me the maiden and my son so we may kill them both." The witch looked in the water of her cauldron and saw them riding towards a place called the sea of bones, a lake that had once been dry where a great army had fought against a great beast in ancient times. "If they cross the lake, and climb over the cliff that touhes it, they'll escape for sure!" Said the king. "With this spell, I shall send them a heavy fog. That will slow them as they ride through the forrest." Said the dispicible witch. "Let us ride to where they are , and I will give us sight beyond the fog!" Then the king and the witch took to the King's horse and set after Prince Destin and Madrigal at a great speed.

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