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Chapter 41 Prince Destin and Madrigal rode through the great forrest, a place that the prince had rode many times before, when a thick fog rolled in. "It's too hard to see!" Said the prince. "What do we do now?" Madrigal asked. "We'll have to go forward with care." The prince said to Madrigal. They rode slowly through the woods while some distance behind, was the king and the dispicible witch who where coming up fast as they were being guided by a magical floating laturn that the witch had summoned. Meanwhile, the prince had to stop because the fog was so thick, it made every direction seem the same. "I can't tell if we are going here or there!" Said the prince. "If only I could see above the fog." It seemed as if the prince would be lost in the fogy woods for good, but then Madrigal had an idea. "Trance!" She said to her owl friend. "You could fly above the fog and lead us!" Trance hooted as if he was willing to help. Then Prince Destin looked at Trance and said. "Will you do my friend? Just screech as you fly, and we'll follow the sound." Trance was happy to help as he flew above the fog and began to guide them. "Alright," the prince said to his horse, "Follow the sound of that owl!" The horse neighed as if to say "yes sir" and took off in the direction of Trance's screeches.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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