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Chapter 42 The horse followed Trance's screeches until they were led out of the fog filled forrest to a cliff overlooking the shore. The pair took a short path down and finally the sea of bones was before them and soon, they hoped, thier freedom. A boat that had been in a place the prince had known of lay waiting for them. Madrigal, the prince, and Skitter and Trance all boarded the ship but not before the Prince turned his horse loose as there was no way to bring him any further for beyond the sea was the cliff that would lead them to thier freedom. Just as Madrigal and the Prince where halfway across the lake, the king and the dispicible witch reached the cliff overlooking the shore. "Hurry and cast thier doom upon them!" Said the king to the witch. The witch waved her hands and said "This will surely bring thier end!" Then she began to cast her spell as dark storm clouds gathered in the sky. "Bolts of lightning, strike the sea! Armies fallen, now fight for me!" Said the dispicible witch. Prince Destin and Madrigal were almost to shore when several lightning bolts hit the water. Then the many skeletons, glowing with electric power, and dressed with swords and armor began to march towards the prince. Madrigal screamed as the prince drew his sword and shield and began to fight them. As the prince warded off many of the skeletons with his sword, the two began to make their way up the cliff through small narrow paths and ledges that could be reached. The prince chopped through skeleton after skeleton with his sword as thier bones fell back into the sea. Soon they were all defeated and the king was furious. "You fool!" The king said to the witch. "Your pitiful army has failed! Raise the ancient dragon that destroyed even them." The witch looked at the king in fear for the sake of her life. " Please my king, I would raise the ancient dragon, but that is beyond my power." The witch said. "To do so would require an offering of flesh and blood!" The king grabbed his bow and arrow and said, "Speak the words to raise him, and I will bring you an offering myself!" Then he went away to hunt as the witch cried out for the dragon to be raised by saying, "Come forth ancient beast. Let all your fury be unleashed. Come and rise. Come say I thrice. Except thee now this sacrifice." Then the dispicible witch yelled to the king, "Hurry and throw into the sea your sacrifice before the spell wears off " She looked around for the king but could not see him through the fog. Then out of nowhere, an arrow came and peirced the witch through the heart. The King grabbed the witch as she fell and said "You will be the sacrifice!" Then he lifted her up in the air and through her into the sea to her doom. Lightning struck the sea many times and the whole sea began to glow. The prince was helping Madrigal climb as she pointed at the sea and yelled "Look!" At that moment a giant dragon skeleton rose from the water. "Climb Madrigal! Hurry!" The prince said. The prince drew his sword and shield and prepared to fight the dragon. Lightning struck the dragon many times as it roared and spewed smoke from its mouth. Then it blew green and blue firey bolts at the prince. The prince knelt behind his sheild and protected himself from the electric flames. The dragon threw his mighty claws at the prince but the prince dodged each deadly blow. The prince then lifted his sword and swong it at the dragons massive claws but they were not broken by the prince's sword. The prince leapt into some thistles and vines that were in a small cave hoping to outwit the dragon. The dragon swiped at him with one paw and got it tangled in the vines. While the dragon tried to pull his paw free, Prince Destin began to climb up to where Madrigal was. He only made it a short way when the dragon grabbed the prince by his cape with his jaw and pulled him back down. Then he freed his paw and swatted it on top of his trapping him as if in a cage. The dragon dragged the prince towards the edge of the cliff towards his doom, but the prince quickly chopped the finger bones until he was able to break free. The dragon roared in pain and held his head towards the sky. Again, lightning struck him and he began to blow fire at the prince. This time in several different places, burning vines and thistles around him. The dragon came at him to bite him, but the prince shoved his shield in his mouth. "His defense if broken!" Said the king, "Kill him!" The dragon spat the shield from his mouth and lunged at the prince. The prince dived out of the way and the dragon crashed his head into the rocky wall putting a small crack into it. While the dragon was pulling back his head, the prince thrust his sword into the dragons boney head. The dragon lunged back and whipped the sword back at the prince. Again the prince dodged, and the sword became stuck in the wall causing a small stream of water to flow out. The prince pulled on his sword but it was too tightly stuck. The dragon tried to swipe at him but the prince dodged. Then the prince had an idea. He grabbed the largest rock he could find, and began to pound on the sword. With each blow more and more water flowed out from the wall. The dragon swiped a few more times but the prince dodged and hit the sword with his rock as often as he could. Madrigal, Trance and Skitter, all did there best to throw rocks at the dragon but to no avail. "Crush them now!" Said the king to the dragon. "Break them into peices!" Then the dragon, full of fury, lunged his head hard at the prince, but the prince dropped to the ground and rolled into the small cave. The dragon rammed his head repeatedly at the cave each time nearly grabbing the prince with his deadly teeth. Unbeknownst to the dragon, was the fact, that with each blow, his skeleton neck cracked a bit, and the sword in the wall was being driven further in causing more and more breakaway. Then the dragon reared back and with one final thrust he hit the cave hard and fast. The wall that had the prince's sword finally gave way and a flood of water and heavy rocks gushed at the dragon with a great force. As the dragon began to crumble, it fell into the sea with such strength, that it created a tidal wave so strong that it reached as high as the king was on the other side. The king tried to flee, but it was too late. With a scream, the king was swept away by the wave into the sea were he met his doom. The prince's fate too was uncertain, as it seemed that the great gushing of rocks and water may have buried him or cast him into the sea. Madrigal climbed down to where he was and when she saw the cave, there was only a pile of rocks and his cape sticking out from them. "Oh no!" Madrigal cried as she saw the prince's cape under the rocks. "No! Oh no! Please don't let it be true!" Madrigal cried as Trance and Skitter comforted her. Then from below where Madrigal was, was the prince clinging to some vines! He climbed up and said "Madrigal!" Madrigal, Trance and Skitter were overjoyed to see that the prince was alive. "Your alive! Oh your alive!" Trance and Skitter began to dance as Madrigal raced to Prince Destin and the two embraced and kissed.

Submitted: August 05, 2020

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