An Attractive Lie (Haiku?)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Another attempt at a Haiku.
A pick me up if you would, haven't published in a while due to personal projects.

An Attractive Lie


Best way you can lie

“Take off your clothes, made a star”

Honesty, naive


A malice filled smile

Abused, screwed, used, left for dead

“A blue carousel”


Dark mechanical

It beats like a metronome 

“It’s quite laughable”


Familiar rage 

“Don’t need your fucking blessing”

Needle to my veins


Might as well be dead

“Entertain me with your thighs”

Now off with your head


Perfect red table 

“To hear and see all colors”

With wobbly legs


All that is seen through

Hazel kaleidoscope eyes

“Pupils that dilute”


To control with strings

“Have you tasted human flesh”

Purely filled with sin


“Gold marionette”

The strings insult, pull to Hell 

Lining your own teeth


“You’ll forget my name”

“But I’m the shot in the dark”

All around, it’s red


I’m the ugly truth

“I’ll be a beautiful lie”

A hand as a noose


To use just for sex

“A mistletoe, dark, sweet flesh”

And your eyes of green


“Love you forever”

“To deceive and feed you pink,”

So called vitamins


A bloody bathroom

“Just to make you smile again”

With my chalky skin


Yellow and hollow

“Black, white, and pink, you adored”

Stabbed by my own words


Shadows surround me

“I’ll take your fears and laughter”



“You’re trampled and dumped”

Happiest I’ve ever been

“When the screams surround”


Orange and hated

Into the mirror, a sloth

“You can’t love yourself”


“All these lies we tell”

Love you forever, always

You’re the only one


Truly my soulmate

“Will you marry this old soul”

Let’s have a daughter


It feels good to laugh

To cry, to wonder, to die

“To live your next life”


White walls surround me

“I want nothing more than you”

Hands forever red.


Submitted: July 31, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Raven Leal. All rights reserved.

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I clicked 'like' although that's not really the word... shocking in places, but the way you wrote this made for pretty compulsive reading.

Fri, July 31st, 2020 6:01pm

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