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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is about a young man who had a broken leg and had to survive a zombie apocalypse, How will he survive a world that has almost no hope.


I could remember a very vivid experience that changed my life, I was like was it real or not, maybe a stowaway dream, I could hear the voice of the fire fighters and many onlookers, I just kept crying, every one looked at me with pity, I wish I could reverse time. I was rushed into the ambulance by a medic.

I was in the ambulance and I was reflecting on my life and it's activities, I kept on crying, I could feel pain as blood gushed out from my head, the ambulance was speeding, I was feeling cold, I thought I was gonna die, suddenly, I passed out. 

My name is Paul Carroll, I live in California, I have lived as a fantasist, I love fantasy, I would read the stories of Cinderella and aladdin, my mum would ask me why I loved those stories and I would tell them that I loved the stories because when I read it, it seems so real, but it can never be real. Then my mom would laugh and I would laugh too,I can still remember how warm the laugh was before all I know changed,I am not saying my biography but ,A story which can be called a fantasy.

I studied in South Wales University,in which I graduated in 2016,that was my best year of course,I met my best partner,Mary,she was my girlfriend,And I loved her. I grew up a man without his father,when I was little,my dad would come home,he didn't have time for my mum,he would wake up so early and leave and would come so late in the night,when he comes,he and Mom would fight,after 3 years he left mysteriously, my mom told me that my dad was never coming back,that he is doing this to protect me,I was like protect me from what,my mom would only laugh and she would also stroke my hairs and she would give out a warm smile.

I wanted to look for my dad,I went to the last city he was in, Minnesota,I went there to look for him,I went to a house where they claim to see him,I couldn't find him there,after the people living there asked me some questions,which I answered happily without even a second thought because I met a nice couple in the house and they meant no harm,I was so down because I failed to search for my father,then I was about to go home,then as I was walking through a quiet street,I noticed someone was following me secretly,I created a. Distraction,I ran after the spy,we ran till we met a dead end,he ran then I saw him no more,I was like what is happening,I was so scared and also confused,I have never seen such kind of escape in my life,it seems weird,I couldn't book an hotel in Minnesota,I went back to South Carolina immediately without thinking twice,you would be asking the question that don't I think twice,I don't even think I did because my mind was pretty babyish and it wasn't ready to see the realities of life.

I went back home,After the running encounter with the spy,my life hasn't remained the same,I started to have nightmares and finally I saw my dad in my dream,he was frowning and he looked at me angrily ,then I woke up,I wondered why he looked at me like that,I worked for the eclectus technologies and Mary worked with the CDC,I want her to quit the job because it looked quite scary but she refused and I left her alone,the relationship continued and we planned a date,The date that changed my life.

I dressed up for the date,I wore my lucky suit,that was the name I called the suit my mummy bought for me last year,I called it my lucky suit because immediately she bought the suit,I won the competition that I was participating in,that same it was like lick because I had no chance over my opponent who answers the question like the flash,so I climbed up to the upstairs of the restaurant when I received a call that Mary had been kidnapped and I must come and rescue her at the city old golf course ,at the top,I went there without a second thought,when I arrived,some men took me to see their boss ,who wasn't ready to release my wife,he whispered to the men to do something to my wife,out of anger I attacked one of the men and soon I attacked almost all of them,I ran out to look for my wife ,then I saw her ,as I saw her ,I ran towards her,she was at the top,as I ran,the top room exploded,I landed on the concrete floor with blood gushing out of my head,then I passed out,I woke up again to see firefighters and many people who came to watch the scene,then I remembered the ambulance then I landed in the hospital.

Mary came to visit me,of course she would right,all this happened because of her,or was I wrong,she told me about what happened and how it happened to her,she told me she was walking in a street until the street turned into a maze and she walked around for hours trying to find a way out to no avail,then I thought to myself that if I called her phone,then I would have known the kidnap was fake,they actually lured me to kidnap me,I was like if they really kidnapped her they would ask for money and not me.Mary cried when she saw my head bandages and my leg bandages,then I kept on Wondering about what was happening,who are these people creating illusions,before the explosion I really saw .my wife there,tied to the window crying profusely,I was confused,the doctor came in to tell Mary that I won't be able to walk for the next two months ,which I cried at those words,Mary held my hands tight and she told me that all was well.




I am a huge fan of zombie fantasy,I was introduced Into the zombie fantasy when I read zombie novels,I was like there I no way it could happen and I believed it to be the most perfect fantasy genre.

Mary and I have what we call complicated relationship ,We live lives that we don't really want to live,she also believes in fantasies and wants to become a detective hoping to find a new adventure but every day seems so long for her.she wants an adventure but it doesn't seem to be happening,after some while she lost track of her adventurous dream and continued her work.

I was home on a wheelchair and with crutches too,it was to help me to heal my leg which the doctor has scheduled for healing in the next 2 months,Home is boring but I can't stop thinking about what happened that night,how did the enemy pull off such a real illusion and it seems like they didn't want my money or anything ,they just want to kill me and infact it was so surprising that Mary was not even there and she was Hale and hearty,I kept thinking maybe I should have followed my mother's instruction not to look for my dad.

My mom has always warned me from a young age that I should not try to look for my dad that it can be dangerous and I wouldn't like it at all,She would always tell me that "Looking for your father is like a farewell adventure" that might never happen,I would always smile at those words as if it's a joke,now I am starting to reflect back at those words,I don't think it is a joke and this time I will have to tune in for danger and this time not the easy type.

After some few weeks,Mary had to travel,she said it was so urgent and she had to employ a nurse to take care of me,she was a old nurse and she is actually to old to carry me to the toilet,I just had to use my crutches all the time,at least she cooks for me and that sounds fine.

After some time,Mary called to know if i am okay,and I responded well,then she started crying,she told me she has the adventure she has finally been waiting for but this adventure is far more dangerous than what she had hoped for and she might not make it this time,i was dumbfounded,I was like what is happening to her,she said all is well,on the phone i could hear some security operatives shouting "I has reanimated",suddenly she laughed and said goodbye to me.i was trying to call her eversince but she will pick the call and she will not speak and I thought maybe she needed some space,so I gave her time.I didn't know something crazier than adventures was about to begin,So I hoped that one day we could settle things and I will finally clear off my head over reanimation.

So it was a brand new morning,when I read it on the news that there have been massive riots in the cities and this riots are so crazy that they have been attacking people and the people are wearing blood stains,I thought it was a joke until a footage leaked on the social media about. Which showed A man in which three people were feasting on his neighbour as if it was a pack of pizza,It was so horrific,then I remembered that maybe what Mary was telling me about is about to get real. I tried to look for more meaning of reanimate and it still can back linking to the same words "zombie",I was like I have always been a fan of zombies but in this case I don't want to ,this is a bad time for something like this to happen.

I continued to watch the news of various sightings of zombie attacks and how the government has initiated martial law,I started to call Mary and the call wasn't going again,I felt maybe something terrible has happened to her,what if there was an outbreak in the CDC office,I kept thinking maybe she is a zombie but I shoke off the thought,knowing that she is brave and she is always ready for anything.

The next day I could see people packing their luggages and trying to go somewhere,I switched on my television only to see videos been shared on the news about mass zombie hordes,I was like this is becoming too big to contain and suddenly I heard screams outside as people bbegan to scramble for safe places as the light went off in the city,I was like seriously why is it that in every zombie movie light must always go off and it is happening in reality too,I went to my window and I saw people driving out and some people strengthen their windows and doors with wood,that was when I began to realise the stuff is already in my area,there were numerous motor crashes and I could see people bumping into each other, people hijacking cars,Gunshots everywhere as I saw the street littered with bodies,I was dumbfounded at what I saw,i never imagined my street could look like that but you can expect more very soon,then the light turned back on but no sounds were playing on the tv,infact the light was dim as there was an info playing on the tv that everyone should remain silent and should follow the info as it is being played,then the government highlighted measures of safety that were not much applicable to me because I lived in an 8 story building and it does not look like any zombie was going to be coming near me,the government listed some safe zones and some places to test for infections and they showed pictures of fenced places and industries and temporarily fenced places to serve as shelter for people checking into safe zones ,then I received a phone call from Mary,I managed to cut the call and chat her up instead,the first question I asked was if she was safe in which she responded with a smile and she told me the infection is spreading so fast and she might not be able to communicate later as the industry is shutting off the telecommunication unit soon as people spread false news and only the tv will serve as a means of communication,then she abruptly stopped chatting,then her chat became offline,so I wanted to cook some food but,I had trouble helping myself,I couldn't find the nurse to help me as she is also caught in the middle of the outbreak and the street is so silent and noone seems to be walking about but I think I saw some army truck driving through our streets and they were really much to show the extent of the infection,I had to place some stuffs beside my bed incase of attack from the zombies,I was like my fantasy is now a new adventure,I don't even know what to think ,I was so confused but I was

Just hoping that there would be a cure or vaccine very soon but I was planning on getting to the safe zone. 



3. My guide in an apocalyptic world

Apocalypse can be really crazy like you can just wake up to know you will soon die from being killed by zombies or apocalyptic demons but sleeping is even the main problem, what if I wake up to the pain of zombies eating my leg or I wake up to see them around me looking at how delicious I am, that was my thought until I started to look at how I can try to survive if they eventually broke In, I checked my leg and I discovered it was getting better, my head was feeling fine so I was able to removw the bandage but I was having some hallucinations when I am lying down, like some hallucinations of my dad seeing me or when I saw some group of weird looking cults in my room and I would think maybe it is just a side effects of the fall, in the normal sense I wouldn't have survived the fall but let's just say it was a miracle and it really was impossible but was made possible, I kept having a particular dream but I don't know what it means, I would walk as a young boy into a building and I would see my father killing some people, he would see me and tell me to stay away from him and I should know he Is doing this to protect me , whenever I have this dreams, the buildings look so real and they are really scary and the funniest part is that , I am always seeing those people looking at me as if I was their enemy and I would always see my dad's , using some kind of invisible force to defeat them , then I would wake up.

My day started not quite eventful as I have hoped for, I could see soldiers clearing dead bodies off the street while also, shooting some blood stained people, then this continued until the afternoon, then I saw People packing their bags, some people were walking but most are using cars and police are on every Lane and road to guide them to safety,I could have followed them but why did I take a different turn.

I thought to myself that what if we were attacked by a zombie hordes on the evacuation way, that was what I thought to myself, then as my corrections were about to pickup, A man suddenly collapsed due to the infection, everyone spaced out and he reanimated all of a sudden , two people also did the same instantly and the police had a high time of seperating people, they halted the evacuation process and had to kill the reanimated poeple who are already feasting on a person each, poeple watched with fear as the police gave each zombie and head shot and the most terrifying part was when the people they feasted on reanimated and wanted to attack other poeple, those zombies were also given a brutal headshot and they were packed by military doctors into a specialized van as the van sped away instantly.

Cars were allowed to move on a special lane while some are not, on the way ,people would be asked to stay while the soldiers do a Frontline zombie shooting in front of them, there was even a time , there was a zombie horde coming ,people were about to run out of fear while some were holding some equipments to attack the zombies but suddenly a military man called his men to bring out a machine called "savoury",the Machine was crazily big and it was so bad like really bad, it had a very big machine gun with auto shooting and it has stakes with bombs, like this machine brought me back to my game called six guns, the machine was so cool that i was just staring at it, then the man shouted "fire" then as the zombies were coming , the gun cleared like almost all of them and the stakes ripped all of the zombies apart and very soon everything was settled but people had to wait for the military medical personnel to clean the body parts of the zombies, infact they had to reshoot a head which was about to bite a military man, then they cleared the blood stains too, supplies were limited as supermarkets had been looted and big malls wre looted, hospitals were.closed and fenced to prevent outbreaks, some hospitals were opened to treat patients as usual but with a security check that even involves nudity, so as to check for bite marks, The whole city was quiet that only the sound of moving people could be heard.

The packing and evacuation continued for over a week after watching all. The filmshow, I finally heard a knock on the door and I went to open the door, I have forgotten zombies can knock, seriously, what a bad mistake, and to my greatest surprise as I opened the door I saw my nurse covered in blood and stretching her hands to drag me so she could feast on me, I had to drop my crutches and hop with one leg, hopefully the leg that is still better, then I had to divert her towards the back door then I locked the front door back but the back door was opened so I diverted her outside then while looking for a way to enter back as the stairs was horrific , it was covered with blood stains that i had to wonder whose blood was on the wall, then my zombified nurse came to my view again as I couldn't run well then I found a base ball bat, which I was planning to use to attack her, then as I came close to her I tried to knock her head off with my eyes closed but I missed and my zombified nurse was caught within some obstacles so I managed to push her down with the base ball bat and even managed to place a luggage on her head, I found a lot near my back door , then I went back in and locked all the doors tightly and I placed some heavy stuffs on my door to stop any kind of entry by zombies , then I locked the door to my room tightly as I was trying to recover form the horror I saw in the stairs, then I slept again but I could hear screams I the night and soldiers moving as usual and zombie growlings, it was not that dark since most city light were on and it showed us what outside would look like without people at night, it was terrifying but I just had to believe that wherever Mary was, she will be safe and sound as I slept off in a bathtub in my toilet as. That was the safest place I could think of, then I locked my toilet door tightly.




I kept having this dream about me becoming leaders of some people and when I see those people close enough,they have horrific looking faces, I use to ask myself that is it about to happen now or is my Imaginations going wild because it is surprising me how my adventures are happening so fast and they are baffling, even though I prayed for adventures, I didn't pray for a real horror phenomenon like zombies, I know I wished for it, I love to cut their heads and I would love to do it but I just can't, but not because of my leg but because of my empathy, then I started to plan how I will leave my room and go down the stairs and escape from the buildings.

I thought about making sounds, to the nearby soldiers but I remembered they weren't coming until 5pm,I waited patiently for them, only for me to see a lot of jets that left instantly, then I saw a shadow looking at me from the window, then as I blinked I didn't see it, I saw some thieves trying to steal from a nearby supermarket, then they entered and as they entered, the light went out in the city and as it entered, I saw people running from fear of attacks and as usual it was filled with more growlings and screams

Then I saw zombie coming in hordes in reactions to sounds, and opposite my apartment building, I could see 5 zombies feasting on my neighbours and they tore his flesh easily like wool and he was screaming horrifically as they ate his leg, then after the zombies left him, he woke up and was crawling towards a section of the street having become a zombie, he was crawling in respect to the sound he heard on the street, then all of a sudden I saw a bright light that lasted for some minutes, then I blacked out.

When I woke up, I saw a woman beside me and with a child, the question I asked was how they got inside my house, they told me, they had to seek shelter immediately as her husband sent her out because it was a complex story,she explained that she was outside during the panic time and he can't be sure she wasn't Infected and in the process a zombie,managed to came in and attacked her husband, he was bitten and he had to send her out immediately before he was about to drop dead before reanimation, then he was about to turn, then they left immediately and they said since they saw a bright light, they saw me from afar and they tried to enter , they had to squeeze themselves through the dog hole in my door to get in.

I had no choice than to believe them, her daughter resembles Mary and she also resembles Mary too but I don't even have time to think about resemblance but I was worried about zombies getting in the way they got in, she packed some heavy stuffs and placed them lightly over the door and the dog's door to block the door, she wanted to open the black door but I immediately warned her not to, that there is a zombie there and she didn't even try to move instead she went to find more heavy stuffs to place there to block the door.

The next morning wasn't much eventful as I have been surviving on fruits and now that I have new visitors we will have to survive on what we have presently, she had an idea that we should go out and find more supplies that maybe there aren't much zombies in my apartment buildings anyway, which I objected, but she tried to go out which I pleaded with her not to go.

The next morning she went out silently , when I woke up, I couldn't find her near my room ,I went to the child,her name is Dalia ,then I told her to lock herself in the toilet,then.i told her that the password is David,that she should never try to open the door,which she agreed to then I went out only to find an apartment door open, I saw her carefully taking some food stuff and I joined her quietly after making some gestures, we raided almost all the apartments, then it was time to enter the last apartment filled with blood all over, I was pretty scared and we entered through the door, the zombie we found was an easy kill and we continued through the kitchen door to the room when we heard a sound, we didn't see anything, then as we entered the room, something suddenly gripped her leg and tried to drag it, I looked down and it was a crawling zombie whose leg has been eaten , it was horrifying and without a second thought, I managed to pull her from the hand of the zombie then I threw her out and closed the door on the zombie, j was like I must make my first zombie kill or I won't survive, then I watched in horror as the zombie crawled towards me




I Actually have never cared about home that much, my mom went missing a week after I had the accident and it felt like I know she was safe but my main question is why do I feel like all this things are happening to this world because of me but I still feel my dad and mom are safe and the worst part is that I feel like someone is watching me and these people seem to mean business and they might actually be dangerous than I have thought because I actually think they created the illusion of  Mary screaming that lead to my accident.

I had a dream and in this dream, I saw my dad, crying and my mum smiling and some group  of people smiling as if they knew me and I continued to wonder what was going on, my dad told me some words," I know I can't protect you forever, I have always been that father you hated, you feel like hitting me", then he took my hands and he started to hit his head with my hand, I just couldn't stop wandering what was happening and he started to cry profusely and he hugged me tightly, then he held out his hands and I saw a bright light and he told me to take it from his hand and that it will help me complete my mission. 

I satrted to cry because I just have this kind of sad feeling in me, I didn't take the light but instead I turned away and I woke up, and  I am working hard to try and avoid been eaten by a zombie and I am in danger.

So back to danger, the zombie continued crawling towards me and every bit of it was horrifying as I watched a live action horror movie in bloody 3d,the woman tried to open the door as she was locked in the room and I was in the passage with a crawling zombie and I watched in horror as it crawled towards me, I tried to use my crutches to break its head to no success, I thought all zombies head were soft and easily breakable and perhaps I was wrong,so I fell down after the zombie grabbed my crutches and pulled it away as it tried to grab my legs, then suddenly it started to crawl after me and I also started to crawl, though mine was faster as I crawled it tried to reach me, then I saw a coat hanger and I led it to it and I pulled the coat and the hanger fell and impaled the zombie in it's head which was horrifying and successful.

The woman has not told me her name but I think now we need a formal intro , so I crawled back to the door and opened the door I purposely locked and she was angry that she hugged me that I was alive with no bite after seeing how successful I killed the zombie, but she said she will have to verify later, then we remembered the hanger made a kid sound which is likely to attract near by zombies , which can cause an horde to come towards us.

She took my crutches and she helped me get to the door, as we entered and she shut it silently then after some hours later we had some groanings at the back of the door they were loud and enough for us to know they heard us. They are moving in the apartment passage and that was scary , until we had a loud sound and we went outside to see the sound through my balcony and we saw  bombs being detonated at various spots of my city.

I remembered the dream that I had and I went back to my old luggage and I tried to go over some old photo albums,then I saw how my father cared for me in those photos,then I continued to look at the photo.

I could hear how the zombies were moving towards the sound and they left the apartment passage, then I told her to shut the window as we are sleeping in the bath tub that night, then we slept together In the bathtub caressing Dalia , that was how the night ended,then I went back to sleep,then I saw my dad calling me and holding the blue light as he stretched out his hand towards me and I asked him what it means and he told me,it will protect me and that it was mine before , I reluctantly collected it,then he smiled and he went away with my mum and the other people too,then I woke up and it is a brand new day with much supplies . 

I woke up and I saw her bathing for Dalia,then I asked for her name and she told me Kristen,I gladly saved her name in my mind,she wanted to pack her bags and leave since she said she is staying with me temporarily until she is stable with supplies to take the journey towards the safe zone,as she was planning to leave,I held her hand and I urged her to stay for some while ,which she agreed to,so she stopped packing her stuffs and she decided to stay with me for some while,Her daughter was also happy too.

I tried Mary 's number but all telecommunication was down so no network ,then I slept off.





We would wake up everyday and look at the city from my balcony,we would see some people running ,some people walking confidently,it was a piece of relieve as we saw cars moving at a great speed and those cars look upgraded ,they had metallic burglars on the windows and screen and I actually saw something funny,I saw some people with loads of guns in their trailer and they also had upgraded stuffs too,

The city looked quite eventful until we saw some people running away as a very large zombie horde arrived,Dalia was about to cough,I was like what is about to make her cough at this time ,I took my pillow and placed it on her mouth as she coughed but the zombies heard a sound and looked towards my apartment building,then I saw some people running inside the apartment building from some zombies.

I had to pack my bags and I started to pack supplies too,so I threw an anchor to a building nearby and tied the rope to a pole in my balcony,then I told Dalia and Kristen to get ready and should jump from the balcony while hanging to the rope,when they hear any bang on the door,As I was discussing with the Kristen,I saw the zombies entering the apartment instantly,I managed to throw some rocks which I used to use to chase the birds from my balcony but it was no use.

The zombie entered the building ,then as I heard the people banging on the door,I told Kristen and Dalia to jump ,they were scared but I pushed them and I went to open the door for the people and they entered,so I saw that they were a couple,I gave them a few metallic rod to climb to the rope,they escaped successfully ,then it remains me,so I wanted to jump but my rod fell down from my hand to the streets below,then the zombies came 

,As they came nearer I had a feeling like I know their mind,I said Stop and they seem to look at themselves before they started to attack all together again,As a last resort I held the rope and jumped but I used my hand to climb the rope bit by bit,my hand was under pain from friction,some zombies also tried climbing,some kept falling while some still managed,so I had to use my hand while I was enduring the excruciating pain from gravity dragging my leg,then I managed to climb on ,then I cut off the rope and the zombies on the rope fell to the streets below and I felt relieved,

so I saw a zombie behind the couple and we had to run around the last floor of the building which was an open space and it was very high,and it was below my apartment which is pretty high with 43 floors,so it was easy for me to throw the rope but it was not easy to control the force you are going with,if you hang on at that speed if you didn't fall before you meet the end,it would be splat so I had take time In telling Kristen and the couple,so the zombie was moving slowly towards us then I diverted the zombies attention by coming close to it and I tried to lure it towards the edge,then as it tried to reach out ,

I passed between the leg of the zombie as the couple's and Kristen watched with their mouth opened and I kicked the zombie through his butt down the building,Kristen and the couples continued to look at me,I asked them what happened and they stared at my leg,then I remembered I used my bandaged leg to kick the zombie ,then I tried to shake the leg but I felt no pain,it was so amazing that I jumped and almost shouted so loud but I quickly went to the door leading into the building then I shut the door leading to the last floor,then I looked around to ensure no zombies were around and as usual more zombies were falling though my apartment windows,they were so dumb that they kept falling like fountains andsome were able to crawl after such huge fall and I actually was looking for a way to escape 

but it seemed impossible from a height of 42 floors,so we had to take shelter in a roof building ,the building looked neat and it was filled with supplies that could last us for the night,then in the morning,we saw that the zombies were not falling but we had attracted zombies in the building and they are trying to enter through the roof door,so we had to make an escape but from the 42nd floor I was running out of option,the couples came to me and told me they had a car on the next street. And if we escape we could ride together,so I had to think of a plan and I had to think of it really fast,so I thought of a rope in my bag and I quickly took the anchor and attached it to it,then I allowed the couple to go down first and find their car,they were taking long as the door leading to us is about to break due to the impact of the zombies ,as I was feeling hopeless,suddenly,I saw the car coming from ahead,then i asked Kristen and Dalia to climb down as I also climbed down,then as we are climbing the zombies started to fall and they were almost falling on us but we climbed down then I pulled the anchor after shaking it multiple times it fell on a zombie and crushed it's head and I entered the car with Kristen and Dalia ,then the couple drove us,in the car ,it is heavily guarded ,the glass was given burglar proof function even the windscreen has like two glasses with burglar proof too and there was a clear path of the road,we passed the place and continued through the fenced road at great speed and there was a lot of fun in the car.

Traveling with a couple can be fun as we finally left California,the road was fenced and had some space to allow people to go out,so we had to move from the fenced road into the main road which was filled with dead bodies,burnt cars and some zombies feasting on someone,so we continued on our journey and finally we got on the right track to the nearest safe zone,we saw some walled buildings with massive zombies at their entrance,as we struggled to avoid hitting any zombies as we continued the journey,in my mind I actually don't know where to go and so is Kristen and Dalia who think safe zones will be safe, but that might not be the case as infections might occur slowly.

We continued on our journey and we got to the mouth of a military base which the couple said they work with and that they are actually here to bring me,which I was surprised at what could be happening,then we left the car and continued to walk towards the entrance as it was surrounded with destroyed buildings and partially destroyed buildings,as I was astonished with what the couple said,we continued until,we go to a point when we started to hear sounds,then we looked up and we saw a lot of zombies as they jumped down,we satrted to run towards the entrance ,the couples fought through the zombies and I was struggling to battle my second zombie ,then a zombie grabbed Dalia and was about to scratch her,immediately I stretched out my hand to protect her and I was scratched,then I crushed the zombie head with my foot as I try to sit down as I was scared about the scratch,then we got to the entrance as the soldiers took us in but isolated me from the rest,they took me to their laboratory incase I turned into a zombie ,so they can use me for research to see how the infection works so as to find the cure or make a vaccine.




I stood for some minutes looking towards the dim screen as I can't see who was on the other side,I was tied to an operating table as Mary walked in with Dalia and they smiled while crying ,they looked at me and told me they would love to amputate the infected part but it is too late and they might find the cure soon,so she has hope,I wasn't allowed to touch her,after the bite I felt energized which was pretty scary and after a while, the doctors wanted to check my wounds,it has almost disappeared and they tied me to the table to find out if I was the patient zero or maybe a cure to the microbe,they even said the microbe does not even have a name or category,they don't know if it is a bacteria,virus or anything,it has structures not similar to any of it,that's why they are yet to find even.a Treatment or even a way to test people,they watched me for days as they watched to see if I would transform but they saw nothing,then they released me as I was fully healed from the bite and every bit of the moment was hopeful as they rejoiced that maybe they have found the cure,then their general came to meet me and he told me I am going to one of their labs in Atlanta that has been overrun with zombies that I have . to find a specific formulae that a scientist has discovered to help them synthesize the cure.

When the general told me,I thought of the reason why I have to think I have offended some people for the general to be telling me to leave my loved ones and go on an impossible mission,so I wanted to object but I thought about a future where the world could return back to normal,so I kind of accepted it and the general told me we were leaving early in the morning to which I agreed to ,then I left the room,I went to meet Mary and she was crying because she knew already,she said she loved adventures and she had been on the lookout for the cure and she has left me all this months looking for something right in front of her and she wouldn't know if she didn't try to get me back,then I saw Kristen walked in and she called Mary her sister and I looked at her in surprise,then Mary told me ,she was her sister, Actually I didn't expect such a twist,but after she acknowledge herself as her sister And explained that when they heard I was not in any safe zone they had to find the perfect plan to get me to leave the apartment,She told me her sister could have left for the safe zone but she thought about using her to try and persuade me to come to the military base And when they saw I didn't want to leave,they had to send the couples too,now I started to wonder that how did they even know my apartment,which means someone told them,how could I not know,I hugged Mary immediately and I went to the military cafeteria with them,I chatted with some soldiers who seem to be interested in my case and mission,then the night was somehow boring,then I went to sleep hoping tomorrow would be a good day.

I woke up the next morning,in front of the general,I don't even know how they carried me to his place but he seems to be happy with me,so he welcomed me with some delightful food as they were preparing me for an impossible mission,so by 9am,I was ready,I didn't have much shooting equipment but I was ready to use my skills for survival.

So the chopper got launched and I boarded the chopper ,then I saw Mary waving and that was my inspiration,then after some few kilometers,I saw the lab,it was a CDC lab ,it had zombies like a 4 corner wall waiting to tear it down,so the helicopter landed on one of the buildings,then we alighted as some soldiers leave the base. In the helicopter,they rushed me into the lab and I saw how the soldiers were trying to kill the zombies in the lab,some of them got bitten and was shot dead too but the soldiers seems to be winning until the fence suddenly broke,The zombies started to overwhelm some soldiers,I had to tell the soldiers to leave in the chopper,when they asked me to leave with them,I didn't agree but I told them to leave a drone on the last floor inorder to send the formulae which they said it might not be possible since the lab is overrun but I smiled and I went in with a baseball and some guns,Everything seems fun at first until I was cornered in the two doors by zombies and the glass window in from of me has zombies waiting below too,I had to try my gun,then the zombies were almost overwhelming ,as I ran out of ammunition's,I started to use the baseball bat,when I was tired I stopped and started using the room furniture,the room was large and filled with furniture,then I saw a door,I opened the door to see more zombified soldiers which was horrifying and terrible I had to close the door but the soldiers pressed hard against the door that it was about to break,I continued fighting until ,A zombie touched me and I felt like we were connected,So after killing the zombie,I wanted to see if I can try to communicate with them which seemed impossible but looking at the movie "Patient zero",it looks so possible,so I calmed down and started to meditate ,the zombies continued to draw nearer and nearer ,until I said stop in my mind then they freezed and they were just looking like mindless machines,then I said leave and they started to go back too,I was like am I dead already why are they going back that how can I do something like that,it baffles me,I was like am I the patient zero because I think it seems so and for me to have telepathic control over them ,it can be so,I stopped thinking and I entered the lab,I saw the zombified doctor who was still human and partially zombified because he understands but can't speak human words,then I communicated to him and he took a blood sample from me after hours,the helicopter came back thinking they would have devoured me,they didn't see any zombie which they thought they had finished me,then they entered the lab and they saw me and the doctor,then the paused and wait when I told the doctor to try the cure which he did and he pronounced and said a word "Thank you",then we knew the cure was successful,then he hugged me tightly ,then a zombie came out from no where and try to attack a soldier,then I looked at the zombie and it just suddenly turned and went back,the soldiers looked at me with fear,they now know I had telepathic ability but they don't understand how,the doctor and I were extracted from the lab through the chopper they bought,then we landed safely at the military base,then the general told me,that I have a lot of work to do,then I agreed,the cure was manufactured in a lab in the base and they sent the formulae to some places around the world with outbreaks and the cure was manufactured multiple times,I was called to come to some states to help control the outbreak by telling the zombies to come to a meeting point for the cure,some zombies would take the cure and die ,since they don't have organs or body part for full human function again,then this continued for about A year and some months,but Mary had always been by my side and she always encourage me to give out my best,so I actually continued and finally the world was almost back to normal,after a whole year,everyone returned to their homes,and Everything seems normal ,then I went to my apartment which is now almost battered due to the zombies,then I cleaned it and repainted the walls and I moved back in,Kristen's husband was cured and he survived because he locked himself in a room after being bitten and turned in the room,so when the zombies broke down the door and found him,they. Couldn't feast on him and that's how he was saved.Those who were zombies before were given a barcode on their hand to always know them in order for safety,because people still believe that the cure might not last

After a whole year,the whole world was back to normal as businesses have returned people don't even want to remember that we were once close to our end with the zombie apocalypse,then I was walking across a street and I saw some guys who were about to shoot a young man,then I came in and I tried to stop them ,then the shot me in the hand which repaired ,then they shot me in the head and I fell straight down to the floor,they thought they had successfully killed me,then I just suddenly woke up and my wound repaired,the guys wanted to shoot then I said stop,then two of them stopped and couldn't shoot,they were almost mindless,then I told them to point gun at the other guy and they did then I called the police and we had that sorted out,then I went back home and I saw Mary, then I hugged her tight and we went to the balcony of my room and we stared at the Stars.

In my sleep I had a dream that my dad and mum came to me laughing,then I asked him what the blue light was about and he told me,he has been protecting me from a lot of stuffs ,ever since I have been born and it multiplied when I went to find him which I wasn't supposed to do,then that's why he took my mom away after I broke my leg and that's why the people gained the advantage of my blood and used it for an evil purpose and now they are coming for me,then they told me the next attack might not be easy and I should be ready,then I asked where they were and they said the infiniverse and I was like how did they get there and they smiled and went away ,then I woke up and held Mary's hand and I smiled and I slept off.




In a dark corner,it shows some guys who beared a similar tatoo to the boys I defeated earlier and they injected something into a zombie and released it and the zombie started to move fast and could run,then they locked someone in the room and In just 5 seconds after the person has been bitten,he turns immediately into a zombie that is even more violent and faster then the guys laughed hysterically and the screen blacked out.








Submitted: July 31, 2020

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