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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Minnie is a mischeivous dog living in a nice surbaban. She likes to bluff to protect her own self-esteem and it's become a leverage where she uses the talent to humiliate other people. Getting herself in trouble once for running into an incident, Minnie gets caught in the turmoil taking place in the basement below. She embarks on a journey to find a way out but things aren't as easy as it seems.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Minnie was a female dog whose breed consisted of a mixture between a Shiba and another mysterious type that had an enormo... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Fast forward two weeks later, when Minnie stood on two feet and the front feet stationed on the window to catch up with the latest news... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Minnie was a few steps down from reaching the disheveled basement before a stream of loud snore startled her and made her skip a step, rolling down onto the concrete floor. Her face tumbled at the
feet of an enormous monster covered with fur but she was quick to resume her pose and back away from what resembled the size of a lion. The obscured source of light from the fireflies above was of
no help to fully identify what species it belonged to. Despite its idle status, the terrifying form of the animal made her retreat to a corner of the room by walking backwards. Without regard for
the surrounding environment, Minnie tumbled backwards into sticky, white strands that entwined together in a sophisticated pattern behind her. Lacking the training to handle the situation, she
began to paddle tirelessly but that only worsened the struggle.

A spider, as big as a human palm, lowering down from the ceiling made her shudder and skipped a few heartbeats. It approached her as her trepidation rose sharply. She tried to make her barking
heard but the spider web enveloped her mouth, smothered her neck and made her voice muffled, however, she was positive that somehow, her plea for help would wake nearby creature in the middle of
the room to pull her out of this trouble,

“Help! Please help!” hollered Minnie, with a touch of agony buried deep in her voice.

Her nonsensical shrieking annoyed the huge animal and definitely helped kick it out of the deep nap. Its responsive eye movement became known to Minnie when the eyelids lifted up like rolled-up
blinds. It gazed at Minnie’s glowing marbles; the beast's ability to see in the dark astonished her but that was normal for any species to have stayed in the dark for too long. It opened its mouth
and spoke in an exotic accent that was discernible by dogs.

“Hey spidey, leave her alone.” yelled the animal, it stood up and the ground started rumbling with every step. Only then, the spider returned to its original position in the top corner of the room.

The monster came closer to Minnie to rip apart the web that had been paralyzing her body. When it finished unraveling the problematic threads, Minnie recognized her fellow dog and she couldn’t stop
dancing in her head about the possibility of getting out of this troublesome place. “Hello sir, my name is Minnie. I live in the comforting room above this frosted basement with my beloved owner,

“I recognize your kind, you must be a Shiba mixed with a wiener. What an abominable combination, but you turned out just fine. I have the blood running in me that belongs to a Maremmas, big-boned
and creamy in color. I’m sorry, where’s my manner? My name is Chuck, I used to roam the earth before Daniel, your ‘beloved’ owner, threw me into this pit of hell.” said Chuck, he seemed to talk
more than he should be. Spending here for way too long by himself could have inflated his desire for social interaction.

“What was your crime?”

“I provoked his short temper by eating a bar of chocolate he dropped by accident. That was around five years ago—but I can’t know for sure. You?”

“I tried to pick up a cheese burger off the ground for a kid, but apparently that was too kind of an act and could be deemed as nosy.”

“That’s too bad, I don’t think we’ll ever see the sunrise again in our lifetime, Getting locked up here is really our fate to endure, I’m getting weaker, my knees can no longer uphold my body
because I lack the sufficient workout to fortify my strength. If I were smaller and stronger, I’d crawl through the plumbing tube that leads to the sewer, then make myself known by barking at one
of the small leeways. I had the map inside my head but there’s no way to pull it off. Maybe..” ruminated Chuck as he shifted his stare from the tube towards Minnie, his face bloomed brightly
storing a certain implication.

“You mean me? I’ve never done this kind of thing, and I’m not talented nor am I fit for this impossible mission. Thanks, but I’ll have to pass.”

“You’re our only chance of getting out of here. Make it through the tunnel then come back for me if you have the decency. Or else we'll get stuck here together and die of starvation. Either that or
we’ll become the victims of our own insanity. You won’t like either scenarios, trust me. Staying here for more than five years, I’d begun to hear unwanted whispers and voices telling me to bang my
head till I die. It’s not pleasant to say the least.”

Minnie trusted him but she didn't know how to begin to accept the offer. In her scrawny head, Daniel would come to get her because at the end of the day, she remained his favorite dog. There was no
reason for him to lock her up for eternity. So, Minnie left Chuck standing in silence and dragged herself back to the stairs where she’d be visible and ready for pick-up when her owner had a change
of heart. A few hours of what seemed like a couple days had passed, Minnie’s groaning tummy curtailed her stubbornness which gave her the motivation to stand up and search for foods; she felt like
a nest of crawling ants inhibited her vision which almost sent her stumbling on the stairs but she saved herself from the free fall by taking a seat to return her blood flow to default. Once Minnie
could see clearly again, she zipped down the steps towards the direction where Chuck was dissecting his meal. Minnie disrupted his grub but he ignored the rudeness and focused on filling his empty

“Hold on, where did you get the blue cheese? I can detect the gourmet smell the second I breathe it in.” said Minnie

“Over there, there’s plenty of it but I don’t think you’ll be fond of what you’re about to see.” said Chuck calmly, who continued to enjoy his dish.

Minnie walked over to see scattering mice on the floor who must have flowed down the drain due to drowning. The dead animals misled her olfactory sense, in fact, there was no blue cheese but the
repulsive odor that inundated the room came from the freshly demised rats. She glanced at her stomach and back at the buffet of uncooked beasts, her jaw turned into stone for a second, then she
waddled a short distance towards the corner of the room where the mice presented themselves. She grabbed one by its tail then staggering to the middle of the room where she delved into the flesh by
Chuck’s side. An abundance of lices on his fur slightly outmatched the numbers of cocky lies that Minnie had told in her lifetime. She had accepted her fate that by eating these creatures, she’d
end up in the same condition as Chuck's. However, his long-term survival really proved the sustainable nutrition packed in these rats.

Although Minnie was all for trying new things, the taste was too horrendous to not bite her tongue off and swallow it instead. It kept getting worse and it’d never get better but it was the only
way to alleviate the hunger; feeding on spiders or centipedes was unassumingly a more risky move for they possessed lethal doses of venom that’d torture a human being before sending their body down
the splaying coffin. She learned from the animal channel that within a few hours, after the victim had not treated the wound, the blood would turn into a crimson ooze, as opposed to a smooth fluid,
and kill them painfully.

Minnie had let the thought of consuming poison break free from the prison of thoughts. After pushing herself to devour the mice with disgust, she crawled back across the room and found a safe
distance away from the intense gazes surrounding the basement. These animaIs couldn’t wait to escalate the situation but Minnie spoke with certainty that Chuck and she would be the last standing
competitors to declare defeat if a fight were to take place. Minnie’s convincingly positive prediction for the following days failed to sway Chuck’s ruminative look where he enunciated his worries
for the dubious future.

Daily cycle of feeding went by rather fast. It was difficult to distinguish the period of time because morning and noon looked exactly identical in a room that only darkness conquered. Therefore,
Minnie just assumed that it was the afternoon when Chuck turned to her and explained why and how she could escape this hellhole but she had to cooperate with him soon. The time was running out for
them, by lending Minnie a helping paw, it paved the way for Chuck to elude the hungry mobs. Due to the restricted menu, her appetite had curbed substantially which precipitated weight loss and
opened door to a perfect opportunity for her to fit the long tube. The end of it could be an exit to a graveyard of trash and dead animals for all they knew.

Heeding Chuck’s map with her eyes and engaging mind would guarantee Minnie a sixty-four-percent of success according to the plan he’d devised in his brain. So, after nights of practice, Minnie
began to grasp the muscle memory required to make quick and decisive move through the cylinder but she needed an initial boost to minimize her body inside the cylinder, then she’d have to scurry
past the empty tunnel filled with erratic influxes of sewer water, that should take place after the impending encounter with a nest of mice. Afterwards, Minnie should yell for help in the small
window at the ground level where the rain poured in. A kind stranger would often peer into the hole in search of a lost animal where they’d find her roaring with innocent eyes widened. Although the
plan was immaculate, it involved a commensurate execution to make it work. Giving hope and trust to his newfound friend, Chuck conveyed a farewell before pushing Minnie up the hose. The last thing
that he witnessed diving past the edge of her eyes was Minnie started paddling diligently which propelled her up further the tube. She then disappeared behind the concrete structure of the basement
where there existed no return.

Chuck turned around to brace for the imminent clash within the rodents: centipedes, spiders, ants and the alike. The lone dog in the room suddenly received unwanted attention from multiple sources.
His enemies picked the fight at the right time where Minnie had abandoned the room and was on the way to risk her life for an escape. There was no ally that’d come to his aid, Chuck had foreseen
the turmoil, days before the demand for power started to take shape. So, Minnie’s training must keep on going and move very quickly to meet the deadline, fortunately, everything went as planned.
Chuck sent Minnie out of there in the most opportune hour as possible, he, on the other hand, recuperated his strength by taking plenty of rest the night before. Chuck posed in an offensive stance
and his huge size frightened his enemies and made them tremble but the battle’s result remained unknown for the insects greatly outnumbered him
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