Diary Of A Cereal Killer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...

I have a wicked desire, as I awakened from my slumber

Premeditated plots to express my mayhem

I possess an incredible hunger; my distasteful desire must be relieved 

For one of these tasks, it requires a transparent tool like a mirror, which I need for one of my goals to be achieved 

I hate holes...

Oops! I meant Ho's 

Oops! I meant to say Cheerios

I can feel chills up my spine as I begin to imagine these adulterous scenarios 

People think their actions are not going to catch up with them;  in itself that thought is a miracle 

On a fall afternoon, the temperature was mild, the air dry, and the mist limited my visibility 

I waited and as the day progresses it becomes sunny 

I greatly anticipated this moment of revenge against my neighbor for sleeping with my honey

As I entered the neighbor’s yard, the sound of stepping on his leaves reminded me of Rice Krispies 

Long ago, I warned my neighbor of the dangers of dry weather and having a yard covered in leaves 

I informed him of the possibility of a brush fire, but he did not believe 

His house was surrounded by many trees

With this magnifying glass in hand I heard trickling, crackling, and popping, like Rice Krispies 

The discovery of evidence makes a well thought plot very risky 

As the fire trickles, it spreads, it burns 

The flames of the inferno, caused his remains to have a dark, burnt, charred appearance like Cocoa Crispies

No gasoline...

No leads...

Just bones, and a yard full of burnt weeds

Of course, arson investigators ruled it as a brush fire, even though it was truly an arson 

My cereal thoughts... I meant my serial thoughts, landed my second victim onto the rear of a milk carton



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...

Once again, I have more Trix up my sleeve 

As I dragged my cheating spouse by her braids and beads 

she lands into a garden full of bees

My once "Honey I am home"

becomes Honeycomb

I tied her up and drenched her in honey…

The sweet scent of the honey attracted bees, and wasps as they pierced through her skin, just shy of the bone 

I then departed the garden and entered my house uttering the words "Honey I am home"

but I forgot, I no longer have a spouse; I live alone

My secondary motive for killing my wife is her being deceitful in addition to being unfaithful while I was on deployment in the military

A couple months before spring on the tenth day of January, I came across a letter within a partially opened envelope that was on the bookcase hidden between the pages of a dictionary

It was written by a man who was a former inmate; stating how he loves when they have sex missionary

I was always trying to figure out why bills were unpaid and why we were always in debt; and when I always asked her about it, she could never offer me any justifiable commentary

I found out she was cashing my Chex cashing my checks; in which she used the money to purchase a money order to pay for this former inmate’s commissary

Who is this former inmate…? He is soon going to be in the obituary

As I found out his name is Gary




Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...

I have devised a plan to obliterate Gary, instead of putting him six feet under

I affixed his shoes to concrete bricks 

Tossed him into the depths of the sea...

He becomes a delightful dish to a sea full of carnivorous fish

His skeletal remains were found floating adrift 

All that was left of him was a few bones and his shoes, or should I say his KIX


more like SERIAL... Good Mourning

I am brainstorming...

Plots are forming, as I am contemplating and planning my next heinous act; and as always, I strike without warning 




Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...

I appear innocent, but you can call me a child of the Corn; when I was an adolescent my career started with me killing my Pops

I witnessed him cheating on my mother in the farmhouse with a maid; I thought to myself "If you are going to cheat, what is the purpose of tying the knot?"

Hours later, I lurked in the cornfield and ran him over with the farm tractor while he was harvesting the crops

It was ruled as a farm accident by the cops 

Little that they know it was all a plot

They really thought it was a mechanical failure causing the farm tractor not to stop

I silently laughed in my mind, enjoying the sight of his maimed body, as it was diced, and chopped

I did not feel sorrow

I did not weep

I did not lose sleep

I did not regret leaving his body shredded in the corn field amongst the grains of wheat

I appeared to be an innocent child, but little did people know I am a wolf amongst the sheep



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…

If I ever were asked: “How many people did you kill?” I would not be able to give you a Total

In your right mind, you may try to create logic out of what you would define as insanity and say to yourself: “Why kill? What causes a person to want to commit murder?”

A vulnerable mind can easily be penetrated; these voices create heinous thoughts as they break into my mind like a burglar

These voices dominate my willpower; these voices are persuasive, and convincing comparable to the “One Ring” on the hands of a hobbit named Frodo 

Everyone has a dark personality, but you will never know if you can conquer the power of your dark side if you choose to remain a Han Solo

It is the evil within…everyone has experienced the urge

Is it truly not in your nature to do such an evil…? Or is it the presence of law and the fear of consequences that causes you not purge



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…

I target my victims as I travel from city to city, state to state, country to country, and continent to continent, like a performing artist who is touring

I am a silent rattle snake, I strike without warning

It could be day, or night, and in any weather conditions; it does not matter if it is cold, hot, sunny, raining, snowing, cloudy, or thunder storming

I am coldhearted, I look forward to the summer my heart could benefit from the warmth as it is indeed in need of some warming

I need a gimmick…I sit on the floor resting in a vacant abandoned home brainstorming

I need a trademark; traditional murder is becoming quite boring

My next victims, I crept in on them during the dawn of a British summer while it was raining and pouring

They lie next to one another snoring

On the dresser was traces of a white powdery substance, apparently it was cocaine they were snorting

A camcorder was resting on the tripod, I discovered it was a sex-tape after I viewed the recording

The video revealed they were in a deep conversation about their spouses they planned on divorcing

They also mentioned a baby they planned on having as he intended to impregnate her; after she discovered she was not pregnant they both found the news unrewarding

She goes into detail stating she feels unloved and unsupported

She wanted to have a baby, but her husband wanted her to stay on birth control; he even used protection during intercourse as he tried every action to thwart it

He constantly used the excuse; he does not want to have a baby because they could not afford it

She wanted to have a son and wanted to name him Brandon giving him the nickname BRAN

But she never was provided an opportunity to engage in RAISIN a son, raising a son due to her husband constantly rejecting the idea; he even lied telling her years before he met her he had a vasectomy and cannot have kids when in actuality he can

They both were adulterers, and deceivers; my mind started to develop thoughts that were heinous, and morbid

He was a retired pilot, she was a flight attendant, and they met several years ago on an airplane they were boarding

They further discussed the dissatisfaction with their marriages as the chief complaints were lack of adventure, and lack of quality time; over the course of several affairs they became infatuated with one another and planned on courting

I also discovered, he was the husband of a woman who is a news reporter, she was the wife of a man who owned a construction company that was also in the business of cleaning carpet, tiling, and flooring

In summary, they also talked about conspiring a plan to put their spouses in a cemetery

so, they can never work again once they get a huge payout from life insurance policies by being named the beneficiary

Before they awakened, I mercilessly strangled them both until they perished with 128 cubic feet of cording

As I glared into the still eyes of one of my victims, my mind started warping

The glimmer from the splendid stones in her ring distracted me from deep thought, it was so glamorous and alluring

I cut off her ring finger and kept it as a souvenir hanging it from my necklace; I call it my Lucky Charm

To create notoriety, I will also cut the ring fingers off my next victims and depending on the circumstances I may detach their entire left hand from their arm



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers,

While sitting by my lonesome at a dining table in a nearby diner I observed a man and woman

She was sleek, slim, sexy, with a Cinnamon skin complexion; they both grab their wine glasses and Toast

From a distance, I overheard them both talk about the adventure in sneaking around; as they talked, they continued to boast

He asks: “Are you divorced?” when his teeth forcibly clenched onto the shell of the taco, I became annoyed by the sound of the loud ear-piercing Crunch

Little that they know, they both are doomed after lunch

I busted into the bedroom door, and interrupted them during the time they were hunching

I could have used my gun to shoot this flight attendant, and pilot who held the title of Cap’n,

but I wanted to torture them while I killed them  choosing to murder them in another fashion

I elected to use a chainsaw instead and when the blades sawed into their bones, I enjoyed the sound of the Crunch

Amongst the collection of photos of people I have murdered, they are the newest faces to join the bunch


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers,

At this point in my career, I have murdered and severed the limbs off several

I adopted an additional trademark, carving the initial K on the ring fingers of my victims, making the way I murder incredibly unique and special

I can be described as even tempered and mellow

I am not such a talkative fellow

but I do greet my neighbors when they tell me “Hello”

A pleasant aroma awakens me on a sunny Friday morning; I walked through the pastures and pricked one of the blossoming flowers pedals

The smell was the fruity scent of a strawberry scented geranium flower; I enjoyed the scent of the flowers as I bought them nose-level

I caught the pool maintenance guy having sex with the neighbor’s wife as I lurked in the tall grass hiding in meadows

She does this daily Monday through Friday due to her husband having a consistent, and predictable schedule

I entered the house through the patio door and smashed their skulls with a stone; I used so much force that while I was bashing their skulls, pieces of the stone fragmented into pebbles

They profusely bled; they died due to the blunt force trauma

I sat, watched, and smirked watching the blood trickle from their vessels



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers,

I have just strangled a man to death in an alley and like Rice Krispies I enjoyed the sound when his neck snapped, crackled, and popped

I am now in New York City, the big Apple

Another adulterer who was on a dinner date with his mistress exits a restaurant

He gets a spare tire and two butterfly Jacks, after he realizes someone slashed his tires causing him to have four flats

On a wintery evening, I crept out of a smoky alley caused by the steam coming from a manhole and I bludgeoned him with an axe

I heard an oncoming train, I then dragged his body and left it on the railroad tracks

Another adulterer becomes a victim of one of my heinous acts


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…

I took a nap, my last heinous act left me extremely exhausted

Later, during that wintery night the falling temperatures caused the windows to my hotel suite to become Frosted

Flakes fell from the cloudy skies

The snow was beautiful to my waking eyes

I exited into the hallway and while making my way to the cafeteria I came across a woman who I later identified as a mistress; the mistress of a man who was the district manager of a major retail store chain who cheats the books, embezzling money from the store’s safes

She goes into a room adjacent to my room, while I was in the hallway, I can hear them conversing about how his wife do not give him enough sex

But that does not justify a reason for you to have sex with a prostitute

The voices from beyond the door stop, the bed then violently shakes

You can tell the sex was not pleasurable; her moans and groans sounded fake

The door was partially open, I briefly peeped into the dim lit room, and I see her on top of him maneuvering her hips in a loop as if she had her waist through a hula-hoop

She was not attractive at all, the only enjoyable memory I can recall of her was the scent of her perfume, it smelled like fruit

I went back to my suite attempting to sleep, praying: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee lord my soul to keep, If I shall die before I wake, I pray thee lord my soul to take

The bed stopped rocking I assume they took a break

It only has been two minutes and I heard him hyperventilating as he huffs and puffs saying: “Oh Cocoa! That was good girl. We can go for round number two after I recoup”

I can see why his wife was not having sex with him

He was the problem; he did not even last a minute when he penetrated her chute

And this prostitute named cocoa obviously did not do it because it was enjoyable, she did it because he was paying her a large amount loot

I reached into my duffel bag and grabbed an item in which I intend to use to murder them both

Their unconsciousness allowed me to enter the room undetected

I crept into the room as they both were sleep after having sex unprotected

They instantly perished from the force I used which was brute

When I was finished, both of their faces were battered and submerged in blood; especially Cocoa’s face, even while alive she was not so cute

I relentlessly, mercilessly, and repeatedly beat them with the edge of an ice skate

Rest in peace to Benjamin and Cocoa, in which her real name was Kate

Once again, I have sealed another adulterer’s fate

I then depart the next day, traveling to another state in a foreign car; unknown model and make



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…

During a rest stop on my road trip, I murdered an adulterous sailor who has been promoted to the rank of Cap’n

As he enters the service station, my wretched eyes stalked him as he entered an aisle and picked up a bag of chips

Prior to purchase he picks up the bag of chips, opens it, and starts to munch

I was insanely annoyed by the loud ear-piercing Crunch

He waits in a long line, and after impatiently waiting he exits the line entering the restroom

I trailed him to the restroom sitting in the stall right next to him

While exiting the restroom, I cinched my arm around his neck snugly, he did not have any neck room

I drug him to the stall; drowning him, submerging his face in a toilet I just crapped in…

As his face remains afloat in the murky toilet waters, I flushed the toilet; my brown berries began kayaking and rafting…

clashing with his face prior to going down the toilet’s drain alongside of the soiled napkins

My motive…?

Well, he cheated on his wife while meeting an upcoming model at a cheap nearby motel after her late-night casting

I also hunted her down and struck her with an axe; it is my twisted version of a director’s cut, since she loves action, or would it be more appropriate if I say axe-tion

I decapitated her, breaking her down while separating her head from the rest of her body like a divisible numerator and denominator in a fraction



Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...

How many victims have I killed...? I used to keep up with the amount

but over the course of several years I have lost count

I have more tricks... not Trix, but schemes up my sleeve 


What am I going to use to take another LIFE…?

Gun, axe, chainsaw, rope, pipe bomb, matches, power drill, ice skate, fire poker, leaf blower, stone boulder, lawnmower, knife...?

While in the state of Virginia in a populous city called Newsport,

I sit alongside a lake viewing the epic landscape smoking a Newport...

I am enjoying the lakeside breeze, plotting to serve swift justice upon future victims of adulterous deeds

Waddling my fishing rod into the lake…

using the left hands and ring fingers of my adulterous victims as fishing bait

Who Am I...?

My name is not important, but you can say I am Honey Bunches of Oats… I AM A TOTAL NUTCASE!

But I am a very smart man because my murderous acts always result in a cold case 


Submitted: August 01, 2020

© Copyright 2020 K. Wisendanger. All rights reserved.

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Raven Leal

Was passing by and saw the title, I love so much of what you did here; I'm unable to describe just how amazing this piece is.

Sat, August 1st, 2020 6:27am


Clever! It's a great twist!

Sat, August 1st, 2020 1:41pm

K. Wisendanger

Thank you

Sat, August 1st, 2020 1:45pm

Criss Sole

I kinda want some cereal now! Hehehe. Very creative. Great poem.

Mon, August 17th, 2020 10:59am

Shayne Harnden

I will never go down the cereal section the same way again.

Wed, September 30th, 2020 1:52am

K. Wisendanger

Ha ha

Wed, September 30th, 2020 5:33am

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