Jägers and Demons V2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A modern world were magic has integrated itself into everyday life. Allowing common people to use magic although only a small percent of the Earths population can use Magic, and in past history this magic has been used to fight the evils of this world from your simple goblin to the great Demons of Hell. Life as we humans know it, is peaceful and docile within our modern cities defended by magic users. But as the an old saying goes "Peace is only borrowed time to prepare for war..."
A Dark Shadow is looming over the horizon and it is quickly approaching whether humanity is ready for it or not. No one knows. Only a few know of it's slow deadly approach and even fewer remember it's dark claws from the last war. Will Humanity find a way to survive? Will those who know of it's approach warn everyone, or just simply wait for it's arrival to join it in it's slow murderous ways. No one truly knows. All they do know is, if they want to survive they must find a weapon lost in time. A weapon with a soul, a weapon that would rather not be found, but left to lie in the old books of legends and lore.

Table of Contents

The Reawakening

This is an edited and revised version of the Original. It has been a while since I first uploaded the original work as it has been shelved for a while. I will try my best to get out the next
chapter. Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. There is a slight format problem in the beginning I am not sure how to fix. It will be fixed asap.
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